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  1. hey guys! I got my IB score, and I was oh so shocked (in a good way) Chem HL - 76% = 6 Bio HL - 83% = 7 Geo HL - 78% = 7 Math SL - 82% = 6 English A SL - 79% = 6 Thai A SL - 78% = 6 (biggest surprise since i got a 4 for paper 1, and 3 for paper 2 in my mock exams just 2 months before finals!) EE 35/36 = A (trust me, i was expecting 25ish) TOK 45/60 = B total 41 (+3 for ee/tok) I just want to say that you guys should all be proud of yourselves. These grades matter for nothing - I'm just happy to have got through IB and have learnt so much in so short a time.. i got way beyond i expected and i was lucky to have great teachers.. also thanks to ib survival good luck to everyone else!
  2. Option A: be able to understand different things that go on in EM spectrum (e.g. infrared = molecular vibrations) be able to analyze all of infrared, mass, and NMR (including chemical shifts, and relative areas through integrator traces) graphs to deduce a structure when given the molecular formula be able to describe chromatography methods (especially paper) using proper words like partition and adsorption and calcualte Rf values be able to describe the roles of the components of a AA spectrometer and IR spectrometer (and sketch a calibration curve which is easy because they give you data) Option B: sketch straight chain of glucose and fructose (as well as both alpha and beta ring structures of both glucose and fructose) - 6 diagrams in total be able to calcualte/define iodine number (its quite simple because they ask you to do it for acids of which are in the back of the data booklet so you know how many double bonds teh specific acid has) roles of proteins/carbs/lipids be able to compare vitamin A C and D (C is water soluble due to ever presence of -OH groups allowing H-bonding) micro/macro nutrient deficiences (iron = anemia, iodine = goitre, B1 = beriberi, B3 = pellagra, C = scurvy, A = night blindness/xerophthalmia, D = rickets, proteins = kwashiorkor, marasmus) electrophoresis (and analysis of amino acids) and be able to identify where amino acids migrate (to which electrode in a gel) describe/draw triglycerides, peptide linkages good luck..!!!!!!
  3. my friend had a really good one in English: To what extent do the lyrics of popular tap/hip-hop music reinforce misogynistic views?
  4. the single most important thing for data based questions is to understand the COMMAND term in the question (from state and describe (which requires to just look off the data and make simple deductions) to evaluate and discuss (which requires interpretive thinking and drawing conclusions based on that)... also, when answering questions, define key terms and then go about answering the question. i would suggest to go through the Allott Textbook on IB BIO - allott provides sample data based questions which can give valuable practice (for example, my teacher gives us quizzes on every single subunit around once-twice a week, and uses data based questions as 1/3rd the marks, really good practice). I have a link to the answers for you: http://ib-biology2010-12.wikispaces.com/file/view/Tiger+book+DBQ+answers.pdf/191732250/Tiger%20book%20DBQ%20answers.pdf good luck!!! AND KNOW YOUR COMMAND TERMS!
  5. So i am doing an extended essay in biology (for sure) - i have narrowed down my options and think I will be doing the effects of submerging a certain type of unicellular algae into different concentrated iron solutions - since this can in fact affect algal growth. My question is what algae are most accesible and useful - dont know if seawater or freshwater algae is better - looking at green algae probably, but still not sure - and am looking for algae with generally bigger cell size so measuring growth will be easy or the cells just will not be visible even with a microscope, im thinking... Anybody could help me with this or even give some tips? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, A random indian boy living in thailand
  6. thanks, its a good starting point to research teh relationship and see what i can do. and yea, my exams are in may so i have lots of time, and I have access to a lot of fun things I could look at anyways..
  7. 3 in thai. but i wasnt that sad. because thai is hard, and im on a 5, luckily! otherwise, i got a 54% on my math test, felt like crying as soon as i found out that i failed my non calc paper o.O
  8. Hi I am still choosing my extended essay topic. I have narrowed down my subject options down to biology, simply because i am extremely passionate about biology/chemistry and realize that biology is one harder subject to get an A for EE in, but I am willing to put time and dedication in achieving a highest possible grade. So far, I have done human physiology, cells, stats, chemistry of life (all SL and HL units), and am still looking at possible topics/research questions and how i might approach my topics (how to collect data - i want to do it IN A LAB (school offers facilities and apparatus) and i want to collect sufficient data - but in my range of understanding - which at the moment is not really BEYOND the syllabus, unfortunately. I was looking for example possibly at how the presence of algae affects its symbiotic rate with hydra - how the hydra supposedly lives with the algae and 'nourishes' it. Other possibilities/ideas? I have been stuck for a long, long time, and just do not know what exactly to do, and how to start. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks
  9. hi my class has read the novel 'a scanner darkly' and now must write a commentary on a chosen 40 line passage in the book. if anyone has ever read the book, what would you suggest as being an appropriate passage that effectively conveys the use of language and effect (in terms of language issues such as register, perspective, meaning rather than what my teacher calls 'lame' i.e. alliteration, metaphor etc.). Thanks a lot
  10. take chem HL! its super worth it, so fascinating, and if you are doing teh human biochemistry option, it overlaps with biology topic 3/7 completely! i got B's for science last year (myp) and just got a 6/7 for chemistry and 7/7 for biology. its all about your notes as i see it, especially with the fact that 76% of the grade is test based (and therefore objective based) and 24% is for lab reports/IA's - which is compulsory on the same levels in SL and HL. plus, with sl, there are some things you wil never understand because the explanations adn extensions are in hl. if ud like, i could help you with your notes, feel free to contact me
  11. UK = math HL from the best universities that i have visited. getting a 7 in bio is very important, chem is very much tougher, but time management = social life sustained. its not as bad as you think, if you manage your self properly, 3 hours of work a day could be as far as you go. dont procrastinate like i do, or you'll constnatly have sleepy mornings, which sucks becuase you really need to concentrate in class, you learn something new basically everyday in the IB. take good notes - i just use one note journals, but everything and anything as fine, as long as you can refer back to your notes afterschool everyday so it sticks in your heads. try to limit the number of classes you miss, because you pretty much have to make up the time during a free/lunch/afterschool. a 40 is highly possible, but ideally aim for a 6 and 6 for bio and chem at the least if you want to get in a good uni. 7 in bio is what many uni's in the uk seem enthusiastic about
  12. its all about time management. Im in my first year, and for me, balancing a considerably social well being is very possible. It also depends on the subjects you choose, but the work is certainly quite hard. physics math and chemistry is what i consider as the most intellectualy challenging subjects, and extra time must be taken for extended essay (choose wisely when you do it) and cas. workload is heavy, but i think that overall, managing your time will ensure that you can limit any stress that you succumb to. its a big step from previous education, but because most work is test based rather than essays (besides languages of course), its less time consuming if you take good notes, and ALWAYS go to your teachers when you need ANY assistance. the IB are very particular about the answers you give in exams, and always make sure your notes are up to scratch for your objectives for each subject because come final exams, that can be the difference between stress and relax.
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