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  1. Daisies in the Meadow

    Varying IB grade boundaries?

    Hey guys, I'm going to be doing my SL Anticipated Business Exams in the following week and want to know by how much do the grade boundaries vary for each exam session? And what influences the varying boundaries? I'm really freaked out as the boundary for a 7 in May 2013 was 74% but my teacher says they are likely to raise it for november 2013? Thanks
  2. Daisies in the Meadow

    Pen pals?

    Sure! Having a pen pal will be great, I speak english but am taking abinitio french as an IB language however I am doing quite badly in the subject I would love to write to someone in french and maybe assist anyone with their english over email correspondence?
  3. Daisies in the Meadow

    Had a change of topic - History EE

  4. Daisies in the Meadow

    Is this a good history EE topic?

    Thank you for your advice ~
  5. Daisies in the Meadow

    Is this a good history EE topic?

    To what extent did China's defeat in the second opium war lead to the fall of the qing dynasty in 1911? - I guess my main focus of the essay would be china's rising sense of nationalism and the effects of western empires' (eg. british, french, dutch) increased trade in Chinese ports - Is my topic too broad ? - Does it make sense? - I don't do history as a subject but I love history especially battles, uprising, nations' imperialistic tendencies. Any feedback is appreciated
  6. Daisies in the Meadow

    General Math Examination Tips

    - Check to see if you have completed all pages, yeah I lost 10 marks on paper 1 last semester because accidentally skipped a page
  7. Daisies in the Meadow

    History EE Topic/RQ help?

    So, would a better RQ be: To what extent did the Industrial revolution in the 19th century affect the modernisation of Victorian England?
  8. Daisies in the Meadow

    History EE Topic/RQ help?

    I came up with another possible topic for ee: "To what extent did the Industrial Revolution (1760 - 1840) affect British society?" What do you think: - too broad? - too overdone?
  9. Daisies in the Meadow

    History EE - Opium Wars

    Hi, I came up with a topic (I still need to do more research for my outline) for EE and the topic question is: To what extent did the Opium Wars influence the modernisation of China? I don't do History as a subject but I really like the topic but I wanted to make sure if it was correct?
  10. Daisies in the Meadow

    English EE - Frankenstein?

    Sorry but what do you mean by their effectiveness in the book? Do you mean how it is constructed and/or portrayed in the book?
  11. Daisies in the Meadow

    English EE - Frankenstein?

    Hello, I am doing my ee on Frankenstein, my thesis statement is: "How does the portrayal of romanticism and enlightenment in Frankenstein, reflect on Mary Shelley's perceptions on these movements?" I was wondering whether my topic is too narrow or if it even makes sense, I'm mainly worried about how I am going to write 4000 words for this particular topic
  12. Daisies in the Meadow

    Math SL homework help please?

    Here's the working out I did just now (as I am procrastinating from doing my English Btw just so you know K is just any integer you can put in so you will have multiple answers, as long as those answers are in the range specified...

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