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  1. beli16

    Chemistry Papers 1-3 (MAY08)

    i think i got most of pp2 section a wrong =(
  2. beli16

    Graphing software

    if you have a mac..use "grapher" (search it with spotlight) it's pre-installed and really good!
  3. beli16

    Interview the person below you

    NO and im starting to panic... do u think pandas are cute?!
  4. beli16

    IB survey for school

    yes yes i hope so..yes
  5. beli16

    Help on topic for Bio EE

    i just finished my ee..on the effectiveness of cleaning products in removing bacteria from computer keyboards..and our lab isn't that well equipped either..try narrowing it down..and i can help u from there
  6. beli16

    How depressing are your A1 texts?

    try "A Fine Balance" by Rohinton Mistry.. then come back and tell me =P
  7. beli16

    What Should You Be Doing Right Now?

    my EE...
  8. questionnnnn..do u think i can write the procedure of my ee as point form?!
  9. beli16

    Interview the person below you

    omg i should have studied yesterday=P what hair color do you have?
  10. beli16

    Interview the person below you

    haha the second one is totally true... ummm three+1 english, italian, french..and a bit of spanish.. if u would run away..where would u go?!
  11. beli16

    Interview the person below you

    haha since everyone posts at my same timeeee deaf..i have to see!! (haha LC...where did u get that carriage thing from) what would you say is a canadian stereotype?!
  12. beli16

    Interview the person below you

    a bit to dust....but not really.... what would u say a stereotype of italy is?
  13. beli16


    i like this one better
  14. beli16

    New Year's Resolutions

    hahaha same...stop procrastinating:) but i dont think ill be able to:(
  15. beli16

    Canadian Universities

    whatever, on the OUAC application...did you just fill everything in and then your teachers sent in your transcripts? didn't you have to wait for your semester grades?

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