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  1. Okay I have done my IB and I managed to get 32 points, however I am totally unsatisfied with my grade in Physics and Math. Now I am looking for help! I would like to retake those 2 exams in November. First of all is that possible? I had a friend retake one exam but I dont know under which conditions he was able to retake them. My other question was, whether I need to write the exam in the same school, because at my school there is no November session. I am pretty much lost, would be nice if you could help me out a bit. Thanks in advance
  2. Thx god not everyone is as lazy as me! Thank you very much, appreciate the upload and the work. There aren't many people that support lazy student but prolly one day it will hit me. Thanks again!
  3. Hello, do you guys know when the deadlines of the IBDP are, for TOK and the other internal assessments? Thanks in Advance
  4. The windmill Idea sounds great but "number of blades" is really simplistic and makes it hard to control your other variables. You should think of another variable to investigate, in my opinion
  5. I would take Relativity and Astrophysics, those are the most interesting ones in my opinion and are really good ones to score high points.
  6. There is no such thing as greatest genre, music is beautiful in all his shades. The genre defines itself based upon the mood and feelings each individual has and fulfills its criteria through that. 1967 Chevrolet Impala or Pontiac Fiero
  7. so she had to interbreed a three-fifth with a octopus in order to get rid of the cotton plague before it would give her diabetes
  8. Csaba Goeroeg

    Maths IA

    There is a great checklist our teacher has given us Communication -Expressing Ideas clearly -Identifying a clear aim for the exploration -Focusing on the aim and avoiding irrelevance -Structuring ideas in a logic manner -Including graphs, tables and diagrams at appropriate places -Editing the exploration so that it is easy to follow -Citing references where appropriate Mathematical Presentation -Using appropriate mathamatical language and representation -defining key terms, where required -Selecting appropriate mathematical tools (including information and communication technology -Expressing results to an appropriate degree of accuracy Personal engagement -Working independently -Asking questions, making conjectures and investigating mathematical ideas -Reading about mathematics and researching areas of interest -looking for and creating mathematical models for real- world situtations -considering historical and global perspective -exploring unfamiliar mathematics Reflection -discussing the implication of results -considering the significance of the expolration -looking at possible limitations and/or extensions -making links to different fields and/or areas of mathematics Use of mathematics -demonstrating knowledge and understanding -applying mathematics in different contexts -applying problem-solving techniques -recognizing and explaining patters, where appropriate -generalizing and justifying conclusions Sorry for mistakes
  9. I think it depends on the type of engineering as well. I think electrical and mechanical engineering need Math HL a lot more than physics. Although Material, Environmental or Geotechnical engineering is something which would benefit more from physics HL. So I guess it really just depends what type of engineer you want to become.
  10. Group 1 > your native language as Language and Literature HL (german) Group 2 > your second best Language as B HL (english) Group 3 > Business and Management HL Group 4 > Design Technology or Biology as SL Group 5 > Math Studies SL Group 6 > Take a ab initio language like Spanish SL (its really easy) Your extended essay should be in Group 1 or 2. Analyze an aspect of a book (language and lit) or look at the modernization of language (B HL) You'll come across various other things like an IA in math. I have no clue what its like in Studies but if its like Math SL do something on probability or graph analysis (statistics) For your Group one and Group two talk right away to your teacher as a class on what books you gonna read and try to make them as less ****ty as possible. I have no clue what Business and Management is like; all I know is that its easy as hell. Don't fall into the trap of Geography or Psychology cause they are ****ty non relevant subjects that are a lot harder than you think and less useful than B&M. You can also do economics but B&M is easier. Design and Technology is just the same henry ford did in 1914 some basic BS and Biology SL is okay just a lot of memorizing. (I'd go with Bio) Group 6 don't fall into the trap of doing Art; Film Study or Drama cause those are really boring make no sense and you're forced to watch woody allen movies non stop. Just take a language, I don't know how many you speak currently but I'd go with Spanish ab initio. The content of the syllabus is straight forward; if you do some sort of Spanish exchange over the summer you won't just be in a hot country drinking margarita and sangria next to topless girls/boys you´ll be actually learning the language and making it 10 times easier. Trust me on those and you'll get like 35 points and more for the least afford.
  11. Csaba Goeroeg

    Designing Lab

    - You could look at the air resistance by letting coffee filters drop from a certain height. - You could look at the photoelectric effect if you want to do a less practical lab, there are online simulations to that. My personal favorite tho, is you could investigate the emission spectrum of different elements like krypton or hydrogen. Its a really nice lab where you can, if you design it by yourself, get a lot of points in each criteria for the IA. There is a lot to analyze and its straight forward.
  12. As long as I get a 6/7 in physics,math and economics I am fine. In my opinion, it doesn't really matter how many points I get in the other subjects because I know where I am heading, so I don't have to care much other than passing.
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