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  1. dragoneye776

    Interview the person below you

    When I imagined that I got a new car. Who mattered most in your life so far?
  2. dragoneye776

    What's your IB School's Diploma Rate?

    Palm Harbor has a 98% diploma rate
  3. dragoneye776

    Share your SAT I and SAT II scores

    SAT: 2310 math 800 reading 740 writing 770
  4. dragoneye776

    Best class moments

    lolwut... and entire class filled with girls? That's some placement going on there...
  5. You could probably search for some letters written during that time period from people whom the Civil War effected. However there was quite a bit of censorship during that time so sources may be difficult.
  6. dragoneye776

    Can use some suggestions for my EE on game theory

    I wrote my practice EE on Game Theory. If you need some ideas just PM me. I was at a loss of what to do here as well. I think I went into a bit of history, introduction, breast for tat, a slightly deeper model, but then the majority was discussing its real world applications in politics and war and etc.
  7. dragoneye776

    Comp Sci

    My course provides me with an online textbook at http://www.eimacs.com You will have to sign up though.
  8. dragoneye776

    Type I -- Logarithm Bases

    I would like to suggest that this board add a Latex feature, if it hasn't so already. Instead of writing log(base8)(8) you would have a much easier image to view. Here is an example of a IPBoard that uses Latex (of which I am a moderator so I know its possible) http://www.playworkz.com/swingset/maoforum...opic=1153765812
  9. dragoneye776

    What is Math HL like?

    My teacher makes homework optional. But after the first test, everyone does their homework. O.o
  10. dragoneye776

    Compulsory voting or not

    People who are against a certain issues tend to respond more strongly or actively. In order to get a good representation of the entire population you must give all people a representation. This is also why that in Statistics you're not allowed to covenience sample. Therefore, everyone must be required to vote. Then it is the school president candidates to make good impressions upon their school. I've had this worked against me but nevertheless consequences would gradually become worse. Less people would vote each year or bother to vote and sooner or later it will be which candidate can bring the largest group of friends to the voting booths.
  11. dragoneye776

    Intelligent People tend to be Unhappy

    One point the article makes is that intelligent people do not fit into a society because of their lack of social skills. However, if a person is intelligent enough, they should be able to understand the psychology necessary for good social skills.

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