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  1. Blueskynin

    Setting and Satire + English EE

    I managed to work out what I needed to say and I completely finished my EE a few days ago, but still I appreciate you taking the effort to offer some guidance/help
  2. Blueskynin

    Setting and Satire + English EE

    Hey everyone, my EE title is "A comparison of the use of satire in Jonathon Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels and T.H White’s The Sword in the Stone". I'm currently doing a paragraph on the setting and how it contributes to the satire in both novels. I've identified that they both "Distort" the worlds and things they write about to make them unfamiliar to readers and mask their satire. E.g. Gulliver - different countries etc and in The Sword in the Stone - animal "realm". Do you guys think its a reasonable point? And how else does setting contribute to satiric messages etc Anything important I should mention that I've missed? Any help would be appreciated!
  3. Not offended at all! It's just that i've gone over the passage again and again looking for stuff, i guess the best way to explain is it that i've seen most of what i can interpret to be important, i was just hoping someone would have a "different take" or notice something i might have missed. Helpful! I guess I could go into more detail about why my passage is key (brings together all of Camus's ideas etc) Good "take" on it, i'll look into that. Some new things for me to consider and some stuff i already have i can consolidate with what you've mentioned. Thanks for taking the time to reply with such detail Sandwich! Very much appreciated
  4. Hey everyone, I'm doing my World Lit 2 right now, its a Detailed Study: Key Passage on Albert Camus's The Outsider. My passage is chosen from the final two pages where Meursault gets angry and shouts at the priest until the final line. So far i've identified three main aspects i was going to deal with. 1) Meursaults development as a character, from detached and passive early in the novel to one that expresses anger, hope etc -Meursaults role as a metaphorical character (teacher mentioned talking about this, not sure what to say!) 2) Camus's use of Death at pivotal points in the novel, (Mamans death, the Arabs death and Meursaults execution) to express his ideas (Absurdity of life, death is inevitable - cant escape it) 3) Camus's change in writing style e.g. change in symbols (Sky,hot - destructive to Night sky,moon,cool air - calm soothing, he comes to feel it is like a "brother") I'd really appreciate it if you guys could help me "flesh" it out, what you think is important to mention or good examples of the above (quotes etc) -I really need to expand on (3), right now i can only think of a change in symbol, what else about Camus's writing style changes (that i haven't noticed)? Again any help/advice would be really helpful, my teacher's given me some advice but its been kinda... vague. Thanks in advance
  5. Blueskynin

    EE World of Warcraft

    I think that's a pretty interesting topic And its definitely do-able, you just gotta be careful how you write it. About the ITGS, its a good idea if you're taking the subject as you'll already be familiar with terminology, theory etc. If you aren't... you might wanna re think or find a really nice ITGS teacher that will help you. Other than that, Good Luck
  6. Blueskynin

    Do you like CAS?

    Personally i like CAS, it encourages you to do new things and not just spend all your time studying. If you hate it so much maybe start doing stuff with your friends for CAS hours. But yeah like the others said, Reflections are no fun
  7. Blueskynin

    Suicide in Korea

    That's really sad... so many people taking their own lives. I can't even imagine what they must go through before deciding to kill themselves... makes me grateful i got family and friends to support me. I guess like everyone else was saying there's so much pressure to "succeed" and so many expectations placed on people nowadays that causes them to take the "easy" way out.
  8. Blueskynin

    What time do you go to bed on average day?

    My schedule: 9AM -3PM School Come home do some reading, make myself a snack. 6PM Dinner 7PM - 11:00 Homework (and procrastinating about homework) 11:30 Bed time
  9. Blueskynin

    Public Speaking

    Practice your material a lot, really know what your talking about. I've also been told not to directly look at anyone, when you look up at the audience stare past them or the opposite wall. Its always nice to have your friends in the audience for some re assurance as well. Zhu ni hao yun (I wish you Good luck)
  10. Blueskynin

    World Cyber Games

    Don't keep up with it but i'd be interested in the results for War3 & DotA seeing as i play both. Guitar Hero and Halo 3 would be fun to watch i reckon.
  11. Blueskynin

    The Music Thread

    Always need to have music on when i do work!My tastes in music vary hugely! My music list by category + some good songs to check out: ROCK: Linkin Park (Numb) All That Remains (Six) 3 Doors Down Disturbed (Down with the Sickness) Breaking Benjamin (Diary of Jane) All American Rejects (Move Along or Night Drive) Bullet for my Valentine Trivium Foo Fighters Fall Out Boy Dragonforce (Through the Fire and Flames) Say Anything Sum 41 RNB/HIP HOP/RAP: Fort Minor Gym Class Heroes (Viva La White Girl or Live a Little) T Pain Kanye West Ja Rule Teriyaki Boyz Jay Z Usher (This Aint Sex) Gritz (My Life be Like) ASIAN: Asian Kung Fu Generation (Favourite band! Check out Kimi to Iu Hana or Haruka Kanata or N.G.S) Namie Amuro Utada Hikaru (Simple and Clean Remix) UVERworld YUI Big Bang (Haru Haru) Aqua Timez (Velonica) Kelun
  12. Blueskynin

    Childhood TV Shows

    I loved Dragonball and Dragonball Z lol! Pokemon, Digimon, Sailor Moon, Zoids, Beyblades and TMNT too! I'd wake up early to watch cartoons, go to school, come back (with NO homework) and watch more cartoons! Jesus i miss those days....
  13. Blueskynin

    Facebook Killers- WoW

    Yeah i read about that awhile ago. Heres a link: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/ga...use-972680.html Its not just Americans lol, there are lots of crazy people out there!
  14. Blueskynin

    Gaining Action hours for CAS

    I think most people have said it already but: Join a local sports team or represent your school in sport Begin a fitness "regime" jog, swim or ride a bike everyday for 15 minutes As long as you are committed and try something new.
  15. Learning a new instrument is totally ok for CAS! Its actually really encouraged, your learning a new skill and trying something new. Just as long as your not doing it in a subject like music or something, also try not to have yourself as the Supervisor or your parents (that's what we get told), maybe get a proper instructor? Other than that its perfectly alright.

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