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  1. I see you're from Jordan too. I took IB MAth HL and I was at Mashrek School in Amman. I got a 7 without too much trouble but I had a great prof. The course is well worth it. If you happen to also be going to Mashrek school, tell the prof, Ustaz Ballour, that Basil El Masri sends his best regards.
  2. All right, yes and no. No it won't affect getting into an awesome university! Just being in IB and performing to your potential is usually really impressive to most universities. Now really amazing engineering colleges like MIT and the such are a bit more interested in advanced math courses. But don't get confused between a school accepting you in and the much more different aspect of HOW WILL I DO IN THE CLASSES? To be truthful about something, any type of medicine/math/engineering/science career requires to take at least up to a second year in Calculus (at least here in the States). No to say that math SL and HL aren't awesome PREPARATORY courses for Calculus courses, but I've got to say that from experience and friends, I've noticed that college math classes tend to be significantly easier if you've already taken an AP math rather than IB. ALL colleges take a 5 in your AP Calculus BC test (calculus 2 here in the states and a 5 is the highest mark), but that doesn't mean that math HL is that far behind, some colleges take that credit as a first year in calculus. SOOO in summary, IB math will PREPARE you for college math courses but not give you the advantage that those who take AP math have PS: sorry that i'm so pro-AP program-e, I just think that IB beats around the bush too much by teaching stats in an introductory Calculus class. DUDE, no disrespect or anything but I have no idea what you're talking about, in terms of IB Math HLnot being as much of a prep as AP Calc, and beating around the bush by teaching stats in an introductory Calculus class. Whereas it's very much true that IB Math SL can be considered introductory stats, but IB Math HL is NOT introductory calc, we do WAY MORE depth and breadth in calculus alone than AP CALCULUS, and CALCULUS is in caps because that whole course only does calculus whereas IB does a million different things that the AP Calc kids in my Uinversity hasn't encountered. The only think that AP Calc does that the IB Math HL CORE doesn't do is Taylor/Maclaurin series, and I emphasize CORE because there is an MAth IB HL option in Calculus that goes very in depth into sequences and series, AND differential equations. correct me if I"m worng but AP Calc doesn't do anything with differential equations except separable if I'm not mistaken whereas IB does all hte first-order ones. So please back up why you feel AP outdoes IB, and by the way, did you take AP or IB for high school?
  3. As a University of Waterloo Engineering student who is also in the Faculty of Math (I'm Soft Eng), I can tell you you'll get in fine with Maht SL. They SAY they require Math HL but from the five or so IB kids in my grade I was the only one hwo took HL and frankly the Ontario curriculum isn't even at SL so they can't say a damn thing about SL. Personally though, unless you want to get killed infirst year like most people, take IB Math HL. It does wonders for your grade's immunity in university.
  4. Hey, I took IB Math HL and finished with almost a full mark (a 7, but a very high one). It is not really that bad although I can tell you that by the end of my first term of first year I was on the verge of quitting. But what happens is that at first there's so much material but once you start Calculus it will all come together and you'll be a pro before you know it. Just make sure you get past papers and practice them, but actually get the book and do problems there first to learn the concepts, then test yourself with past papers. I also hope your prof is atelast half as good as mine. Good luck. It is definately worth taking ghte course, the stuff I learned I am encountering in my 2A term in university and already seen many times in my first two terms.
  5. Whether or not it's mandatory depends on the particular university and program. Best to check out the univ's site for specific prerequisites and other requirements. And all engineering requires a math + chem + phys, and perhaps bio, if I'm not mistaken. Hey I am an Engineering student at the University of Waterloo who did IB Math HL and I can definately tell you TAKE IT. I can't stress enough. It is true that you should check the specific requirements for Chemical Engineering for your university but you will definately need Statistics and Calc I and Calc II which IB will cover for you and make life so much better for you. Hope that helped.
  6. basilmasri21

    EE in Mathematics - Chaos theory

    Hello Kajjaty and Kevin, My name is Basil El MAsri, and I'm at the Mashrek School Joprdan, in IBII. I completed my extended essay in summer. Due to the lack or resources n jordan, though I first wnted to do fractals, the nknot theory, I ended up doing "the best method to evaluate pi", which was surprisingly al ot more interesting and had potential for originiality than I thought. It's 31 pages, though if you got rid of the graphs and spaces, I'd estimate 17. Kajjaty, about chaos theory, excellent idea. Basiclaly, you'd have to analyze fractals, there's a lot of math and properties behind them. You're computer science background would be excellent to desgin fractals, if you have slight graphics background. For example, I wrote my own programs to analyze the accuracy and rates of convergence of all the different series and recursive algorithms to determine the value of Pi. I'd send you guys my EE, but it was suggested I don't post it until after I get my diploma, so that I don't get nailed for Collusion, or have others plagiarize. Good luck. Also, in regrards to kevin's idea, I would only suggest history if you went through the development of the math, and you made sure to analyze how calculations were done in different times and advantages and disadvantages, and keep al the discussion on the math, not the mathematicians (lives,e vents, etc.)
  7. basilmasri21

    Maths topics that you just don't like

    Dude, I'm sorry but I just have to comment. Integration is my favorite topic, and substitution isn't nearly as annoying as prats or partial fractions (if you take the option). You also need it for all types of problems. Anyways, if you're having problems, I'm doing a website for my IT project on integration. You'll find it on the mashrek website by january. Good luck. AirROn23 is right by the way, it is like a puzzle, makes my day when the teacher puts down a challenging integration problem on a test, especially if it involves trig. substituiton.
  8. basilmasri21

    How many people in your Maths class?

    You guys, I only have one other person in my math class. Believe me, it's NOT better for us, cause everytime that lazy (I don't want to start cussing) misses a class, we don't take math, like this week for example, we took no math. Also, the shcool is only giving us three classes a week because "we're two, so we don't need more" and then we have to make up for them on saturdyas and breaks. On the plus side, the teacher does pay more attention to you which is good. Hello kajatty. So I read you want a good extended essay topic for math? One I was going to do but didn't work due to a lack of resources (I live in amman, jordan with only one library for the entire city and I was only able to find one book on pi). I wanted to do knot theory, which you may like. It's basically investigating the mathematics behind knots, how to tell if two different knots are unique or the same one "folded" differently. Also mathemically investigate why different knots are used for different reasons (i.e. bowline, noose, twinknot, etc.). Another possibility I regret not htinking about is integration (anitidifferentitaion). You could examine the different approximations and which is more effective in differenet situations, and you'd probably have fun doing it. Good luck.
  9. basilmasri21

    Tertiary credit for IB subjects

    You guys, generally, In Canada, you have to have a 6 or 7 at HL to get credit hours. However, unlike other places, if the program takes n years, you still have to wait n years, you just get to not do the specific course or get to tkae another in its place. Therefore, the best thing to do with any credit hours gained is use them to take other classes which will need to be done later or take clases that are not directly related to your major but still useful (i.e. I intend to do softare engineering, but with the math and physics scourses I don't need to do, I could take business).
  10. basilmasri21

    Where are you going to go for uni?

    Yo Elsa, Does a PhD do you any good for journalism/communications? Also, do all colleges need a personal statement as was described in the other section?
  11. basilmasri21

    All-nighters & procrastination!

    You guys, what pisses me off the most is I get started at most an hour after school, yet I got to work all the way until ten to eleven on a good day, under normal conditions. Then now I'm in IBIIand it's ramadan and exams, and the stupid school wants us to do our group 4 in a week and three labs, so I'm working from 4 to 4 am and still not catchiing up. Physics takes a long time and so does english. Also, for the Mashrek IB graduates of 07, didn't you guys do your presentation for group 4 in march? Stupid teacher want it beginning of october.
  12. basilmasri21

    What Kind of IB Student Are You?

    Haha, That quiz was funny, ended up donned as an overachiever. The problem was there weren't enough choices, you couldn't choose something true without choosing something false. Made a good point asking about why I joined IB.
  13. basilmasri21

    2009 External Examination Schedule

    True that, man. I'm one of those Math HL, Physics HL, and ITGS on the same day guys, and am dreading it. I finish on may 21st, which really isn't all that early, cause I think last day is the 23rd. Does anyone think the IBO might change there mind by then, cause it's totally unfair like that.
  14. basilmasri21

    Math HL

    Hey Everyone, name is Basil and I'm in IBII Math HL. I'm doing the statistics/probability option, and it's the first time my teacher does it (he used to teach the calculus one). I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how easy/hard it was int heir experience, what needs the most focus on, and what in particular to watch out for. In regards to the previous post about taking group theory, if by group theory discrete maths was meant, yes it's a possible option.
  15. basilmasri21

    Theory of Knowledge: The Verdict

    Althogh I'll admit I don't always look forward to it, I am glad the IB included TOK for the diploma requirements. There are many times where it's confusing as hell, such as defining ghosts or what knowledge is, but after more than a year into it, I find it really opens up one's mind. I also enjoyed getting a well deserved 20/20 by making my own fake newstation and showing reliability of knowledge obtained from media, with a focus on the four ways of knowing. It's also a nice, mid-week break, especially if your teacher likes to play relevant movies, like Pulp Fiction and American History X.

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