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  1. HL: ITGS English Business SL: Math French Chemistry So no engineering or stuff of the sort.
  2. Kili-ng Me Softly

    Tips for things to do over the summer?

    Hey I asked a similar question yesterday and got pretty good responses. Check it out. The title was: This is mainly to IB Alumnis. It's on my content. Hope it helps Good luck!
  3. Kili-ng Me Softly

    This is mainly to the IB Alumnis.

    Alright thank you you guys. I also wanted to ask, how should I study this holiday? Should I strive to cove all my content again in revision or past papers or any thing else that would help? How did you spend your IB1 holiday? Like did you have a timetable?
  4. Kili-ng Me Softly

    Time Management

    How should I study this summer holiday? Like what should I do to ensure I get 40 points by the end of IB2?
  5. Kili-ng Me Softly

    This is mainly to the IB Alumnis.

    I really want to achieve: 7s in ITGS (HL) Business (HL) English (HL) Chemistry (SL). and 6s in Math (SL) French (SL). I'm at the end of IB1 and I feel so down because my grades are just so all over the place. Could you tell me general tips on what I should do to achieve this particular grades? IS it even possible?
  6. Kili-ng Me Softly

    ITGS Extended Essay

    I just wanted to ask, what are the main. broad areas for the ITGS EE?
  7. Kili-ng Me Softly

    University of Warwick?

    How difficult is it to get into Warwick? Haven't done so well this first year but I've been getting better and better point totals. Could I be rejected on that basis?
  8. Kili-ng Me Softly

    Uni choices. PLEASE HELP.

    I don't know what to take at uni level. You guys know of possible choices? I take at HL: English, ITGS and Business&Management. SL: Math, Chemistry and French.
  9. What should I strive to do at this point in time?
  10. Kili-ng Me Softly


    Hey, well my essay writing is just really really horrible.
  11. Kili-ng Me Softly

    Name Your IB School

    Aga Khan Academy, Nairobi, Kenya.
  12. Not sure how to study for it.Help?
  13. Kili-ng Me Softly

    Business IA draft due Friday and I have just changed my company D:

    Awh thanks I needed that. How are exams going? x
  14. My business IA entire first draft is due on Friday. I changed the company to my dad's today. Think I'll make it?
  15. Kili-ng Me Softly

    Recommend a Singer/Band

    Alt J

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