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  1. I also didn't understand how MITM can go against a SSL connection. I thought it was impossible. But I just wrote that MITM could be achieved if the perpetrator intercepted the session transferring from a HTTP to HTTPS, like for example, when a user attempts to go to a login screen(HTTPS) from the homepage(HTTP).
  2. Ho Lee

    Computer Science pseudocode vs Java?

    as long as your code is in a higher-level-language(e.g. Java, pseudocode), it is acceptable.
  3. I'm not sure if this is legal or not, but it's May 20th 6:30PM here, and I took the exam on May 19th 8:00AM. So 24 hours are up I guess? Please lock this thread if it isn't. Anyhow, how was it?
  4. Ho Lee

    Best Wishes

    You too, friend.
  5. Ho Lee

    HL Computer Science Paper 1

    Don't worry, there is no penalty for writing in java or anything. you need to write it in a higher level language, that's all. Syntax has no bearing on the marks you get. It's all Computational thinking and logic. Great! Thanks!
  6. Ho Lee

    HL Computer Science Paper 1

  7. Ho Lee

    HL Computer Science Paper 1

    What are the penalties for writing the code NOT in pseudocode?? For example, for a 9pts question, your algorithm is correct but is written in a non-pseudocode format....?
  8. Ho Lee

    May 2013 TZ1 Math HL subject report?

    check your email.
  9. Ho Lee

    English Lang & Lit

    Doesn't sound bad! If you had ideas no one else did you could stand out but where did you find irony and allusion? I didn't see either... Umm.. I thought the allusion was pretty obvious, but I wasn't sure if it was admissible because it was Ben who mentioned it: "The big chief, The Big Brother" in the magazine to the Big Brother from 1984 George Orwell. And I thought the Irony came from the second half of the text where Ben started to get excited about two other celebrities when in fact he should be the center of attention, and that he didn't have the choice to wear what he wanted. I really don't know....
  10. Ho Lee

    English Lang & Lit

    Oh damn... so is it just me who mentioned Irony and Allusion in SL paper 1 OK! Magazine?.... I'm so screwed....
  11. Ho Lee

    IB Physics HL - paper 1 and 2

    Pleeeeeease drop the boundaries :C

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