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  1. I did A and G.. it was alright overall, wasn't too happy with either of the options, but it will have to do.
  2. Thank you so much to everyone for the great suggestions, I'm feeling quite overwhelmed with all the choices! Sandwich, I'm planning on starting Breaking Bad this morning, whilst Game of Thrones I'm still thinking about currently! Arrowhead I love this! Thank you so much And the alphabetical order gives it even more awesomeness Haha I already watch a lot of the reality shows and what can I say, keeping up the Kardashians is a guilty pleasure.. Waiting for KimKim's baby to pop currently! Scott is annoying mind. Breaking Bad begins today yeaaah, let's see how this goes!
  3. Ok so, I'm finishing exams tomorrow (YES) and I want to begin watching some series finally this summer, because I never got round to doing so, except from Grey's and CSI in the past. I've been suggested by many Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and New Girl however the only one from the three which I seem to like the look of is Breaking Bad. Suggestions for best series?
  4. Again, never sure what time zone, I don't tend to look at the code at the top, but pretty sure I was tz1 Paper 1 was fine but I made some stupid mistakes, I guess it could have been better but I can't complain. Paper 2 eeeeh I wasn't crazy about the first data questions with the stupid mice, but the rest was ok, I was happy with the long answer questions especially and ended up doing the ones on genetics, ABO blood groups and hemophilia.
  5. Hmmm I feel oti you got a different Paper 1 - for us, the first extract was a comparison between two texts (ταξιδιωτικές εντυπώσεις ήτανε) on Santorini, and the second one was about πολλαπλές απεργίες στην Αθήνα and το δημόσιο. Are you doing only Literature maybe? I'm confused, except maybe if we have a different time zone. Εεεε για αύριο δυστυχώς δεν νιώθω καθόλου καλά προετοιμασμένη.. κάνουμε τρία θεατρικά εμείς (Το Κουκλόσπιτο του Ίψεν, Στέλλα Βιολάντη του Ξενόπουλου και Το Διπλό Βιβλίο του Χατζή) αλλά θα εστιάσω μόνο στα δύο θεατρικά.. το context το ξέρω καλά και τις υποθέσεις, απλώς πρέπει να μάθω καλά τις παραπομπές και τις αναλύσεις για τα σύμβολα, υφολογικά στοιχεία κτλ. Εσύ structure πως το κάνεις για Paper 2? Πάντως, all the best of luck for tomorrow from me, hope you do really well! Βίκυ
  6. Aaah I see, our last one was trigonometric sine and cosine rule for a greenhouse and then area, however we didn't have any arithmetic/geometric questions whatsoever. There was a function as well on ours but it was linked in with differentiation and finding the coordinates of the minimum and then the tangent to the curve, which was ok I guess, just the time constraints were what bugged me
  7. cjy I agree, I found this paper much easier than P1, so hopefully this paper will have made up for the stupid mistakes I made in the first one! Overall I thought it was a good paper, however I also ran out of time on the last question with the trigonometry and the area/cost of the greenhouse :/ For the paper with th scatter diagram of 1.5 kg that you guys are talking about, was that TZ1 or TZ2?
  8. How did everyone find Paper 2? I don't think I'm breaking the 24h rule but please don't start replying until it is for sure..
  9. How did you find Paper 1 for Modern Greek? I found it quite alright and I chose the one on Santorini for comparison, but I didn't find many contrasts! I'm pretty worried for Paper 2 on Monday though and I don't feel prepared
  10. As Susanne also above suggested, my English teacher highlighted how female writers of the 19th century are viewed in a positive light for EE topics on English. I originally wanted to do mine on feminist writing by British authors but I had a hard time deciding upon the novel I wanted to base it on - over the summer I chose Austen's Pride & Prejudice as it is a favourite of mine, but my topic ended up being "The function and importance of letter-writing in Pride&Prejudice", because focusing on feminist influnces in any book is often too broad a topic for an EE. What I ended up doing was very interesting and enjoyable to a great extent, however all the redrafting was horrible. All I can suggest is make sure you pick a topic on an author/poet that you absolutely adore, otherwise you will probably end up struggling with the topic or changing research question! For Fitzgerald were you thinking of Gatsby? If so, there is loads to write about that! Best of luck
  11. Don't get me wrong, but I really love the poetry of Sylvia Plath! Probably my favourite poems by her are either Ariel or Daddy and despite the fact that they are quite morbid to a certain extent, I really like them! I also find Full Moon and Little Frieda by Ted Hughes so beautiful, especially in the way he portrays his wonder and awe towards his daughter, and The Voice by Thomas Hardy was so melancholy and touching, so they definitely are faves of mine too
  12. The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera became my favourite even though in the beginning I did not like it one bit, but I ended up doing my internal assessment on it! Love in the Time of Cholera by G.G.Marquez and Brighton Rock by Graham Greene were also pretty snazzy
  13. Completely confused right now about what timezone I am in, but I'm pretty sure I'm TZ1. I found the paper pretty average Anyway I chose the third question in the drama section: "Drama is often created when ordinary people are placed in situations of crisis". Discuss the methods by wich this is achieved.. I used Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire and Long Day's Journey Into Night (O'Neill) to answer it, and began by illustrating how through conflict and polar opposites of Stanley/Blanche, he is placed in a situation of crisis as he feels his 'territory' is being invaded by her, whilst she is placed in a situation of crisis due to the power struggle which emerges over the battleground of Stella's affections. I focused on how drama was heightened when finally this situation of crisis was resolved with the rape of Blanche in scene 10. I contrasted this with the fact that although in Long Day's, again it is conflict which creates crisis, it is this time bewtween all three members of the Tyrone family and not so much between the protagonist-antagonist as in Streetcar, but that again a comparison can be found in that conflict creates crisis as all men fight over the dominance of a female character, Mary, sparking drama. However my main point was that a comparison can be found in that both Blanche&Mary are the problematic females in these two plays and it is the fact that they are both bound to a past they can neither forget nor forgive which places them in a situation of crisis, as they cannot deal with their harsh present, and instead withdraw into an idealized recreation of their past. The methods I highlighted were those of concealement-revolution, and I used devices such as recurring musical motifs, costumes and props as means by which heighten the drama and most importantly, the sense of entrapment within their present lives felt by these two women, who do not resolve their issues by the end of the plays.
  14. Yeah, I pretty much found it horrid as well, and so did most of my class.. we had only been taught German and Italian Unification in detail, so we didn't really have a choice of a third essay as we had simply touched upon some of the subjects so I just found myself bluffing through my third essay.. I ended up doing question 3, 4 and 11 (4) Bismarck's domestic policy and whether it was successful: I found pretty straightforward, focused on the Kulturkampf, the May Laws and th Anti-Socialist Law as his main failures, and brought in other aspects of his domestic policy into the essay in order to challenge the questions as they were relatively successful, such as the Tariff Bill and the policy of State Socialism. I emphasized how he did create disunity especially politically with Centre Party and National Liberals but also highlighted how overall internal domestic stability was maintained, so his domestic policies can be regarded to some extent as a success despite his flaws in many of his policies imposed. (3) Can't remember the question exactly, but it was based upon the ineffectiveness of Italian Nationalism between 1815-1848 - I hadn't revised this well so I can't say I was too pleased, I focused on the role that regionalism/localism, lack of popular support, Mazzinian ideology, Austrian dominance and the failures of the revolutionaries played in the revolutions of the 1820s and 1830s, leading up to those of 1848-1849. Added quite a lot of historiography and quotes so hopefully that will pay up for it. (11) I also bluffed my way through the essay on how the Alliance system affected European affairs between 1871-1914.. It was okayish I guess. Split it into longterm and short-term alliances and how they led to the buildup of tension and enmity between the powers leading to the outbreak of WW1. I focused initially on Bismarck's pragmatism and how his forein policy between 1871-1890 maintained relative peace, then after that how German policies of Flottenpolitik and Weltpolitik under Wilhelm post-1890 destabilized the diplomatic situation in Europe and provoced the British particularly, brought in how Europe had effectively been split into the Alliance blocs of the Entente and the Triple Alliance due to Moroccan Crisis and tensions in the Balkans, and also mentioned how alliances dragged one country after another into declaring war upon one another after the July Crisis of 1914. Was not happy with it. Overall, I hated the Hitler and Stalin questions.. and I was hoping something on Prussia or Piedmont would come up for the Germany/Italy unification questions, so I was disappointed. My class felt that it was the worst Paper 3 of all time, and some of them did not even do a third essay :/
  15. Oppp hello hello fellow Greek Yes, I found paper 1 hard as well Well actually, I'd say average, however harder than many past papers I had done. Question 12 on arithmetic sequences confused me a lot, and I definitely lost marks there, and I was also surprised to see that they included 2 questions on logic. I didn't particularly like the differentiation question either, and overall I feel I made stupid mistakes and that is where I am going to lose quite a few marks, but I'm hoping for the best. Sadly, the paper 1 from November 2012 and May 2012 was much easier than yesterday's paper!
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