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  1. purple

    Does God exist?

    What's your point? That God exists because he's not falsifiable?
  2. purple

    Best Dystopian Novels

    I don't like Anthem by Ayn Rand, either.
  3. purple

    Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows

    Well, then you have to consider: was he actually dead? He never "got on the train," as Dumbledore so aptly describes it.
  4. purple


    But think about it - this drug has no side effects. Unrealistic, but we're talking about the future, where presumably this is possible. Not taking the drug would be honorable, but I mean, why not? You're only putting yourself at a disadvantage versus the other students.
  5. purple


    A compelling reason, such as... having two more tests to study for by tonight and it's already midnight?
  6. purple


    There was a TIME article about this very subject. Of course there would be risks involved with taking any sort of drug - but for the sake of debate, let's assume that scientists develop a drug which has absolutely no side effects, which increase your mental abilities (memory, concentration) etc. Would you take it?
  7. purple

    The Picture of Dorian Gray

    I'm a huge fan of this book, but I'm not entirely sure how this book gives food for thought on ages crises.
  8. purple

    The Model UN Thread

    Hey, I was hoping to start a MUN club at our school - is there any advice anyone would like to give to a complete newbie? =D
  9. Wouldn't the logical course of action, then, be to narrow your RQ down? =P
  10. purple

    Sure about Career?

    I doubt that your HL/SL subjects will ultimately affect your career. =) When you finally decide on what you want to do for a living, it'll be years after you get this diploma. Most of the higher-tier colleges don't accept IB/AP test scores for credit anyways - only for placement =| Harvard etc. are so cheap.
  11. purple

    IB Virtual Community

    This. You voiced my exact concerns. =|
  12. purple

    Maths HL; many worries?

    Is the teacher for Math HL and Math SL different? Personally, I wouldn't let myself be deterred by a bad teacher, but if you feel that you need a high GPA or something, unless you can explain a lower score to the uni, then perhaps you should try for SL instead.
  13. purple

    Do you use Twitter?

    Well, it's better when a lot of your friends use it, because then you can tweet at each other and such, and then you can also follow people like Stephen Fry, who uses Twitter obsessively; it's just interesting. Perhaps something that just runs in the background, like a news ticker.
  14. purple

    Anyone tried pulling an all nighter?

    I've been pulling a lot of all-nighters and I thought I was doing okay, but after a while my grades seemed to be dropping even though I thought I was doing the same things and same studying techniques and all that. I'm worried that my lack of sleep is actually wreaking havoc on my memory and things like that without me knowing. I thought I'd make up for it during the summer, but I'm so used to having a non-existant sleeping schedule that I think I made it worse during the summer!
  15. purple

    Obama's Health Care Plan

    I assumed that most others not living within the United States would not be affected, and therefore not be as interested. But of course, if there are those who live outside the United States and have an opinion, I'm not stopping you from voicing it =]

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