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  1. Thanks for your response! I am hoping to get undergraduate admission into USYD. As far as I know, they tend to look at the ATAR and interview more than UMAT. For UMAT preparation I will commence doing past papers with medical students. Regarding my subjects, I am strong in the ones I have chosen. I would want to stick to HL English, for that I would need to drop HL Psychology (workload), would it be better to stick with HL Psychology and SL English? Thank you so much! I don't think it matters a great deal if you do Psychology HL or English HL. However, if you pick Psychology HL you will have 3 science HLs... (psychology is a social science sure but still has that science aspect) and that might be a bit much. Think about that too. Also I am pretty sure that your school should let you try out your subjects first, all at SL for a year or so (maybe less) and then make you decide what your HLs will be. Once you see the work load in the different subjects and which ones you're better at/finding more interesting, you will be in a better position to decide which HLs to do and which SLs.
  2. Getting into medicine in Australia is not easy. Everything depends on a few criteria - your ATAR, your UMAT results and often an interview. Your UMAT percentile depends on not just how well you performed but more importantly how well you performed in comparison to others. So in one way you can't control it as much as you may control your ATAR and interview. The key is to balance a few maximise your ATAR and to pick both the prerequisites and the subjects you are good at, so that you know you will score well. However, your subjects should also be prerequisites for your back up option to Medicine. I live in Adelaide and in the 2 universities here that offer undergrad Medicine degrees have no prerequisites... so it doesnt matter whether you do chem or bio or neither. However I would suggest to take one of them at the least. If you really want to get into medicine or health then I'd say it is better to do psychology as its related to your future aspirations. So do check the prerequisites with the universities you want to apply to and figure out your back up plan as well. Change your subjects accordingly and don't forget to take subjects you think you will honestly really enjoy and excel at. Good Luck!
  3. Don't worry, you're definately not the only one. Although I quite liked TOK (some aspects of it and defs not the writing essays part), it is easy to see why it may seem unnecessary. However, no matter what subject you do, you're bound to think the same at some point (eg - what do we have to learn calculus? do we have to study shakespeare? am I ever going to use these diagrams in real life?! etc etc) Yet we still study those right? So think of TOK as the same. I guess only a minority of us liked TOK at school and we were the ones always arguing with the teacher about what something meant etc. To be honest, sometimes its just fun arguing and u can do a lot of that in TOK. Try making it as fun as you can, either by challenging the teacher or challenging ur subject teacher about stuff relating to TOK (eg ask maths teacher if pi is really a number or concept or what? or ask your science teacher to explain why ur learning stuff that isn't necessarily 'true' for all cases and stuff like that. Otherwise, treat it as a bludge lesson but learn the basics and trust me, I worked on ALL assignments SUPER late but still managed an A... u just gotta know the jargon and methadology used in TOK. Don't question it, just do it because you have to...kinda like swallowing medicine.
  4. If you really need the points and can spend the money, go for it. Sure maths is not the type of subject where u are likely to get that point, you probably wont see a grade increase... but in the past a few people have had their grade go up in maths. I have no idea what kind of subject ITGS is so can't say for that one. Nonetheless, you never know what might happen unless you try. I too am getting my Econ HL remarked...am 1 point away from a 6. If you do get it remarked, I hope you all the best!
  5. I am pretty sure that regardless of whether u did anticapated or not, results as in ur grade out of 7 should be on the results website now.... if not then contact ur IB coordinator!!! Something might be wrong in the system or something.
  6. I got 37 and I was really hoping i got 37 or more so am happy Past few days I have had such confusion between which fields of study I want to take up an university course in that my emotions have ranged from - yay 37 is way higher than most degress eg engineering/computer science -damn not high enough for Medicine -oh wow bonus points make my ATAR 99.95 instead of 97.35 for Flinders uni... i may stand a chance -Does Medicine really suit me? -Where do my real interests lie, what suits my personality more?! I'm more worried about what career path to make rather than my result. Gosh I don't know enough about myself. Edit: got econ hl remarked and new grade: 38!
  7. I was picking between Economics and Physics when I had to do my EE.... I went with Physics simply because that's what I want to study at university. Also, because my Economics teacher was not going to teach the following year and that would have been a massive issue not having a stable supervisor. I don't really know what Economics and History EEs consist of. I suspect that the Econ one is simply a much longer and in depth IA. So you probably take a situation or event (probably not simply 1 article) and talk about the pros and cons of what is happened and evaluate all that. I reckon that an Economics one can work really well if you have a good topic - one that is broad enough to talk about for 4000 words but also not too massive. My point is that you should look at other factors such as what will help you in future? Which one will you be able to get better help in, is the teacher who will supervise you any good? In the past physics EEs I found, most got between 0-20, so many getting like 11 or 19 but I still got a predicted A. So please do not get discouraged if a subject is known to be one where students receive low grades.
  8. It has definitely been more than 24 hours since I did the Chem SL paper 1 and 2.... Personally, I initially didn't think paper 1 was that bad although there were a couple of questions I was doubtful about. Now I know I can't get higher than 25/30 Paper 2 on the other hand seemed easier than other past papers...still made a few errors but overall went much better than I had anticipated! Did Question 8 in Section B. Paper 3, I did options A and B (Modern Analytical and Biochem) and it seemed crazily easy.... How did the exams go for you guys?
  9. Wow! Seems like you went really well in paper 1 and decently on the others. Much better than me in all Just wondering, what option did u do for paper 3? We did Stats and Probs
  10. Beards look fine on some people and not so much on others... I know that initially when dad shaved his mustache he looked weird as and took us a while to get used to his new look. But now, if he was ever to grow it back once again we will find it super weird and probably say he looks bad/weird, when in reality it's just a matter of us being habituated to seeing him a certain way. So you will have to judge that yourself, as we don't know what you look like with and without a beard.
  11. I would also say that although we had a IB physics teacher...he was teaching it to us for the first time and wasn't all that interesting. Most people never paid attention in class and studied the topics themselves. We did most of the SL core in IB1 and then the HL and the options in IB2 but we went quite slow in year 2 (and in the wrong order which didnt help). I would say that in the end, I taught myself some HL and the options and wish I thought of doing that much earlier. It does help, and you can always ask the teachers is you have problems (or ask here!) I suggest dropping to Chem SL (I am doing that at the moment and I can tell you that it is MUCH easier than HL!). English HL in comparison shouldn't be too hard if you have been going to the lessons anyway!
  12. Well most people at my school found paper 1 harder than paper 2....except one guy. I personally will be happy with a 4.... Paper 2 went slightly better than paper 1 for me. Just glad its over. It was my hardest subject.
  13. At my school, on our school report card we get given a mark out of 7. However, the grade boundaries that our school uses are higher than those by IB. Reason for this is that they beleive that you might get a 7 worthy percentage for a single test but 2 yrs later when u do an exam with all topics, you are likely to make more mistakes, or not remember everything etc etc. Some of it is probably also due to them using similar grade boundaries to the alternative course to IB that is offered at my school.... Either way, getting a general jist of where you stand is definitely helpful for reasons Sofia mentioned.
  14. oh man everyone's done so well in econ that now I'm worried
  15. So you say that you have a semi-plan outline? I say that more than half of the work is the planning itself! If you have a GOOD DETAILED plan about what point you want to make in each paragraph, including the technique you are discussing there, then thats half your work done already. Trust me that making a good plan will be very beneficial before you start. Why? because 1) You will uncover any issues you might have, including length of essay or the contradictory nature of points, how to structure it etc etc in planning stage rather than half way through your writing and realizing you need to start again. 2) You will then know EXACTLY what you want to write and it will be a matter of spending like someone above said, 1-2 hours writing it continuously. Haven't you got a supervisor that you have sat down with and figured out your EE topic? I personally did mine in physics so can't say much about the topic itself, except that I think simply saying ambition may be too broad, and not focused enough. Its definitely a good start and the ideas will build as you write. I do hope that you have had consultation with a supervisor for your EE... that does help a lot. Good Luck! You can do this!!
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