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  1. Asterix

    Chemistry past paper questions

    Could someone answer the questions attached? These 2 questions seem like trick questions... as I thought all the options were correct for both of them. It seems way too easy... Could some chem-genious take a look? Question 1: http://img200.imageshack.us/i/88337948.jpg/ Question 2: http://img512.imageshack.us/i/27956718.jpg/
  2. Asterix

    Chemistry past paper questions

    Hey im just going over some past papers and I just have a few questions I can't answer... Ill just post them here and if someone could help itd be awesome. 2. Which sample has the greatest mass? A. 6.02 x 10^23 molecules of hydrogen B. 5.0 mol of neon atoms C. 1.2 x 10^24 atoms of silver D. 1.7 x 10^2 g of iron 4. Which sample of nitrogen gas, N2, contains the greatest number of nitrogen molecules? A. 1.4 g N2 B. 1.4 dm^3 of N2 at 1.01 x 10^5 Pa and 273 K C. 1.4 x 10^23 N2 molecules D. 1.4 mol N2 My teacher didn't give me a markscheme so im trying to make one...
  3. Asterix

    Qustionbank use in the finals?

    Wow, yeah what was with that.. I'm looking over the 2009 may biology papers.. and wow is some stuff similar. The sertoli cell picture really blew me away... I brought both exam papers up and compared them, and they are IDENTICAL. Even like A B C D.. all the same. Overall, I found the bio may exams (both timezones), to be realllly sloppy. They put things in that weren't in the syllabus, and then had to take them out... Im using the Second Edition Biology Questionbank to make a markscheme for the may exams.. and finding some really similar stuff... For example, some of the paper 2 section B questions were ALMOST the same as previous years... The heart question, only difference being them adding vaccination. Lets hope they mess up november too
  4. Asterix

    A few biology questions

    All good, thanks for the help
  5. Asterix

    A few biology questions

    Thanks for the reply.. yeah that blood question was kinda stupid.. technically both answers are right.. As it doesn't say... "which property is better" Regardless, it seems you didn't need the mark. Congrats on your results. Found the test quite ok... just want to check a few more questions to make sure I have all the answers right for future reference... 25. What is the distinction between highly repetitive DNA sequences and single-copy genes? A. The highly repetitive sequences have greater amounts of guanine B. The highly repetitive sequences have greater amounts of cytosine C. The highly repetitive sequences are not transcribed D. The highly repetitive sequences are not replicated no idea..... :< 28. What is the advantage of CAM (crassulacean acid metabolism) in plants? A. It helps the plant survive high humidity B. It helps the plant prevent water loss C. It helps the plant survive low light intensities D. It helps the plant survive when there are low nutrients in soil 99% its B but I hate plants so who knows.. [in fruit flies, grey body is dominant to black body and normal wings are dominant to vestigal wings] 31. Male flies, heterozygous for both grey body and normal wings, were mated with black bodied, vestigal-winged females. 2000 offspring were counted. The resulting percentage of each type of offspring is shown in the table below. Resulting Offspring ][ Frequency Grey body, normal wings 40% Black body, vestigial wings 40% Grey body, vestigial wings 10% Black body, normal wings 10% What conclusion can be drawn from the information give above? A. The genes assort independently B. A mistake has been made C. The genes are linked D. The genes are on separate chromosomes Tried to work it out... and I think that its just a mistake... but the IB never makes mistakes!
  6. Asterix

    A few biology questions

    Hey everyone.. My teacher set us some past papers to do over the holidays... and one of them didn't come with a markscheme.. As im stuck could someone just check my answers? 9. Blood is a water-based transport medium. Which property of water makes it a good transport medium? A. high specific heat B. Transparency C. Versatility as a solvent D. It has its greatest density at 4 degrees Im 99% sure that its C, yet some of my notes indicate it could also be A... 10. If 15% of a sample of DNA is thymine, what percentage of the DNA is guanine? A. 15% B. 30% C. 35% D. It cannot be determined from the information given. 15% T = 15% A 70% remaining, which means that 35% G = 35% C??? But... bases arent the only thing that consitute DNA.. so perhaps its D and not C? 23. Which of the following conclusions did Mendel make from his experiments? A. Dominant genes are more frequent than recessive genes B. Genes are composed of DNA C. Traits are inherited in discrete units, one from each parent D. Segregation occurs through meiosis Straight up no idea. Anyway, will post more as problems develop...
  7. Asterix

    bio exam

    Stick to the syllabus religiously and you'll do fine. A good study guide can usually help here. To do exceptionally well you have to understand the biological 'language'. Thats where the less capable get separated from the extraordinary! And unfortunately the only way to learn this is to read into biology textbooks... looking over 'connecting concepts' not explicitly mentioned in the syllabus, but somehow related to the topic... Like in a bio paper a few years back... very few people got full marks in a question asking for 'direct' and 'indirect' measurement of photosynthesis... the distinction is so simple yet it wasn't outlined in the syllabus... such things the IBO simply expect you to know.
  8. Drugs and Medicines hard? Impossible. At SL level theres so little chemistry involved. Its mostly general knowledge for me, although I have worked in a pharmacy for the last 2 years
  9. Yeah well thats encouraging. My only deterrent was the freqeutnly occuring statement in the examiners reports "Those students who deviated from the centre option generally got substancially lower marks." Anyway, ive decided to self study the following options: Biology HL: Option E: Neurology and Behaviour Option H: Further Physiology Chemistry SL: Option B: Biochemistry Option Medicines and Drugs Glancing over the syllabus it seems these four options intertwine the best. If anyone has any other recommendations or thoughts on complementary options that may assist in medicine let me know!
  10. SORTED Neuro+Physio + Biochem+Medicinces/drugs
  11. Would it be recommended? Its just that my class is doing Evolution... a topic I absolutely detest. Darwin is a ******bag. What topic were you, the OP, thinking of choosing? And what is the option you hate? Im personally thinking of doing Neurology instead..(on top of Further Physiology which is the other option my class chose.. which im fine with)...
  12. Asterix

    Ordering Oxford Revision Guides

    Bought Biology HL & Chemistry SL OSC revision guides about 2 weeks ago. Were quite costly, to be expected i guess. The delivery by itself cost the same as the chemistry booklet.. but i guess its a hassle to deliver to Australia. Got the books in less than a week.. Am extremely safisfied with the Biology HL book... Its massive... covers everything... great learning/study tips and diagrams + worksheets. Chemistry... not too happy... I guess it summarizes all the concepts.. But its around a third of the size of Biology... and is really quite dull.. I don't have the maths one, but ive heard its pretty much the same... summary of formulas etc with occational questions. The biology revision guide is really extensive.. for a revision guide... it could almost pass as a course companion, and most certainly ****s on the tiger covered book....
  13. Wow German B HL papers are IMPOSSIBLE to find. I've looked on every paper site... I really need them!!! Ive managed to find paper 1+2(with markschemes) 2005 (may+nov)(no markscheme for may paper 2) 2006 (may+nov) 2007 (may) If anyone is willing to trade German B HL papers, throw me a pm.
  14. Your right, it lies between 2 unit and 3 unit, both in difficulty and university recognition. I found the IB course more far more organized and extensive than 3 unit (have tried both).. IB touches more topics... vectors matrices? but I wouldn't say its harder. Its just alot more content.

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