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  1. dixie4x42000

    What song are you listening to?

    Chicken Fried - Zac Brown Band
  2. dixie4x42000

    Heart of Darkness and Wuthering Heights

    Ok, thanks abel. Maarten, you n00b. I got the rubric for the essay today with the question we have to answer. Here it is: A story has to be told by somebody. Compare in detail your impressions of the “story-tellers” in Heart of Darkness and Wuthering Heights. Was the “story-teller” the same as the writher (implicitly or explicitly) or not? How does this question influence your reading?
  3. dixie4x42000

    Late nights or Early Mornings :)

    Personally, i like staying up late more. that way i know i get it done. there isnt a really limit to time to get stuff done, if needed, you stay up all night. if you wake up early, you have to go to school...
  4. I have to write a commentary comparing the narrative techniques in Heart of Darkness and Wuthering Heights. I need to discuss things like why Joseph Conrad chooses not to name the narrator and why both authors use narrarators in their novles. Anything interesting that I should discuss? Ideas?
  5. The wonders of footnotes! I was a good amount over my word limit, so I ended up just copying sentences that weren't too important, but still needed to be said. So, i would copy the sentence, put a superscript where it was, throw a text box at the bottom of the page, paste, make font smaller, and wah-lah. Also, converting things into tables and charts really helps.
  6. dixie4x42000

    [A1] Oral Commentaries -- Tips?

    FINALLY DONE WITH MINE!!! It's so much less stress now that its all done. I can give a couple tips on what I've picked up during this tramatic experience of my life: 1) Make sure you study over the week leading up to it and leave no last minute 'learning' to the last night. 2) On the last night, review everything that you have learned up to that point, particullarly quotes. 3) Go to sleep early the night before. If you studied enough that week, you'll be fine and more sleep will just make things go better the following day. 4) RELAX! The more stressed you are during the oral, probably the better you will do.
  7. dixie4x42000

    Suggestions for EE in Physics

    I turned in my extended essay this week, and after many MANY difficulties, i can give you this tip: do nothing requiring multiple temperature measurements... There are just too many factors that will often influence this and give you too many random errors for your liking, as i unfortuanately found out. several times i found myself taking about an hour of temperature data, for it to just be trash, show absolutely nothing, and screw up my entire general trend. it does give you great opportunities to evaluate and suggest improvements though, so it does have its advantages. but overall, id suggest something else for stress sake.
  8. dixie4x42000

    How to Study for Physics? Textbooks, Resources and Tips?

    One website that our class uses quite often is called hyperphysics. Its good for both in-class learning and out-of-class studying. http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/hframe.html And then a site thats worth its weight in gold is Chris Hamper's IB Physics page. It is absolutely amazing for studying. It's great for pretty much everything pertaining to IB physics. He even puts things like his class notes on topics and practice quizes up. http://www.rcnuwc.org/ibphysics/index.html Hope that helps.
  9. dixie4x42000


    One of the easiest to use programs that I have found is called [b]Graph[/b]. Its available for download free at: [url="http://www.padowan.dk/graph/"]http://www.padowan.dk/graph/[/url] Its great for not only drawing functions, but then annotating them with labels and shading to get it exactly the way you want it to appear.
  10. dixie4x42000

    Survey for Math SL project. Please Help

    17 Male 2 English: B+ Economics: A- Spanish B: A- Physics: A Chemistry: A Math: A TOK: A If I watch TV while doing homework, its when I'm doing math or science.
  11. dixie4x42000

    Good Graphing Program?

    A good general (free) graphing program that I have found handy is simply called Graph. You can download it at: http://www.padowan.dk/graph/ As for probabilities though, I would recommend using Microsoft Excel. The fact that it has functions such as combinations and permutations built in, those come in really handy for this type of thing. It also allows you to type in a general formula and create very large calculated table in no time. Then use the calculated tables to make graphs on a new sheet in Excel. An alternative that I have used is build my tables in Excel, the copied that data over to LoggerPro (if you have it, made by Vernier but not free). On there you can generally get a good, CLEAN looking graph.

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