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  1. Memorizing definitions for me was the best way of studying. That way, you can begin to answer a question by first defining it clearly and then expanding on that definition. Always include real life examples when possible, even if the question doesn't ask for it. They say it's never too early to begin studying but 5 or so months is much too early for me, but if that works for you then do it. I would just make sure I had my notes in order and maybe start practicing drawing and memorizing graphs because they are so important but are so easy to forget to put much emphasis on. What I did for my exams was only study micro, macro and international and I completely disregarded development. I knew the 3 topics I did so well though that I felt extremely comfortable doing this because I could answer any question (except balance of payments - never did get that through my head) on any of those topics. There was no problem with me doing this but of course I'm not recommending it. Paper 1 most always has one question from each topic and paper 2 devotes one or 2 questions to each topic. Paper 3 is usually the really awful one (I find) but since you're SL you don't need to worry about it so I'm sure you'll succeed in getting a 7 if you're already so diligent
  2. Xelar

    IB + Part time job?

    Plenty of people I know had a part time job during both the first and second year (taking time off for the weeks leading up to the exams). They usually only worked one weekday and one weekend day.
  3. Xelar

    HIstory paper

    Make sure at the very minimum you have one right wing and one left wing ruler and two rulers from a different region. A good example is Hiter (right wing, Europe) and Castro (left wing, Americas) because there are always multiple questions asking you to compare/evaluate two rulers. I studied Hitler, Stalin and Castro. I ended up only answering a question on Hitler and his rise to power but there's no way to predict what they're going to ask you so it's best to cover all bases.
  4. Xelar

    Laptop School?

    I went to a laptop school! I loved it. We all had Lenovo Tablets and they were fantastic, you could write by hand or type. We also used OneNote. Tablets are great for classes like economics where you have to draw graphs. I didn't think I'd like using it but now I can't do my notes by hand because I don't learn as well. Shame we had to hand the tablet back in, I would have loved to keep it.
  5. Xelar

    Books on the Cold War

    I used: IB History, Paper 2: The Cold War, Higher & Standard level revision guide by Sam Olofsson. It's good, I liked it. It's an Oxford Study Course guide.
  6. Xelar

    Changing school after 1 year

    My school here did a completely different route to my other one. Even if they didn't there is still the potential for problems in what they focus on. For example, with authoritarian states your school now might focus on Hitler and Stalin but the school in China may focus on Nasser and Castro. See what I mean? Of course you could just continue to do Hitler and Stalin and ignore the other two but it's hard when those aren't being taught to you as you start to lose that momentum and it's harder to review/study when there's such a time lag from when you learnt it to when you're tested on it. I had to do so much independent study and as a result I'm sure that's reflected in my grade. English was okay. I was lucky as both my schools did the topics in the same order (ie, part 4 works first, then world lit). So when I moved here I had already done my IOP, no problem, just gave the paperwork to the school. It was with the world lits that I had a problem as none of the texts I wrote about were studied at this school. Therefore the teachers didn't want to grade it because they didn't have any "knowledge" on it. I thought this was a pretty pathetic excuse and had my parents intervene to make it go through. Apart from that it was fine. History was much more problematic.
  7. Xelar

    CAS Supervisors?

    It varies from school to school. At my old school you only needed a signature but at the one here they have to fill out an assessment of you and evaluate you. I would still get a signature because if there's a problem in the future you have evidence/someone to vouch for you. We weren't allowed parents as supervisors though.
  8. Xelar

    Energy Drinks

    Energy drinks don't work for me. In Australia 'V' is very popular as well as Mother but I doubt they're sold outside of Australia/NZ. I've never done an all nighter for school related stuff, I can't concentrate beyond 8PM and I know that if I tried to get it done I would just do a really bad job.
  9. Xelar

    Changing school after 1 year

    Hey, I changed schools (and continents!) after my first year of IB. You can see my post about it here: Assuming that your future school offers your current courses and it works with their scheduling (this should be the first thing you contact them about) the subjects you'll find problems in is History and English. I did them both at HL and has a lot of trouble with history especially. EE and CAS wasn't a big deal when I transferred so don't worry about that, just bring all your documentation with you. The thing is you don't actually know if you'll like China (I'm assuming this, correct me if I'm wrong). You may find that you don't like the school system there, are home sick etc, which will all affect your grades. It's something you have to take completely seriously and if possible visit the school beforehand to just get a feel for it.
  10. Xelar

    Commentary help

    I love google news, that's what I used to find all my articles. Just try to keep the search phrases broad, just type in demand. The first article that comes up for me is "Webjet sees improved demand for air travel." That could be a potential article. Just make sure that the article doesn't analyse anything for you, as that's your job. Start your commentary by summarizing the article in one or two sentences and introducing it. Then transition into your analysis by defining any terms and go from there. Look at some sample commentaries to get ideas, I'm sure your teacher has a bunch of them. It's not hard once you've started and you'll usually find you can talk about it for longer than the word count allows If you're doing something about elasticities, try looking at taxes imposed on certain products such as cigarettes. Another example would be better because I'm sure this topic is done to death but as long as your analysis is good you don't have anything to worry about. Good luck!
  11. I always started with one or two sentences to briefly summarize/introduce the article. Then define any terms from there and start your analysis.
  12. Xelar

    History paper 1 and 2

    Ah, I did that at my old school before I moved. I really wish I could have done that as I really liked it but the school here wouldn't let me and it's not like bio paper 3 where you get all the options to choose from on the day.
  13. Xelar

    History paper 1 and 2

    Haha, why does the comic make so much sense to me now?? That's annoying, good thing it was only 2 points. Yeah, I think history paper 3 is the longest one. Not fair, English and Econ HL is only 4 hours of examination, why is history an extra hour? They should get rid of paper 1, in my opinion What paper three do you guys do? I'm doing the Americas (civil rights, cold war, global affairs). I'm fine for civil rights and global affairs but I'm going to have to get lucky in the cold war with either Truman or the Korean war *fingers crossed* I feel for you, laryxle Good luck with math, is that HL? why is that so much separated from the other math papers? How come you don't do history in the morning and then math in the afternoon? I'm going to be so happy at 11 am tomorrow!!! only French left then and that's on thursday. Haha, yeah, i'm sure the examiner will get a kick out of it I remember in the mocks I wrote an essay on the Cold War and I kept talking about Russia and the USSR instead of America and the USSR. lol. I didn't even realize my mistake until i got it back with circles all on it.
  14. Xelar

    History paper 1 and 2

    I hated paper 1. The Anglo-American guarantee was the most minute points on the syllabus, I was sure we were going to get Manchuria. I hated paper 1 immensely. Speaking of the comic, how did you guys interpret it? I had absolutely no clue and that was the last question I did with the hopes I would suddenly understand it... no luck. I was so lucky with paper 2 because I had spent so much time on economics that history got a little bit neglected. I had done Hitler is great detail but only did bits and pieces of Stalin so I absolutely loved the Hitler question! Don't worry too much, your error isn't that major and I'm positive they know what you're talking about. I am SO dreading paper 3. Two and a half hours.

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