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  1. elizac96

    EE writing

    Hi, I am doing a Group 6 EE (film) and I was wondering if I am allowed to write in first person? Thanks!
  2. elizac96

    TOK presentation 'knowledge issue'

    how am I supposed to go deeper? unless you mean within the presentation itself?
  3. Hi, I have created my question or KI for my presentation, but I am still unsure if I should use it. your feedback would be so helpful! thanks my question is "to what extent is happiness a socially created ideal"
  4. Im planning to take film studies and english in uni, and currently take maths SL... i really wanna get into the top unis in UK- but right now maths in dragging my overall grade down... should i change to maths studies? will universities be more reluctant to accept me if i take studies instead of SL??
  5. elizac96

    Personal Statements

    is it true that if you write a good personal statement that some universities will lower their entry requirements for you? subjected to each person ofcourse.
  6. elizac96

    Example Film EEs?

    Hi, i'm currently doing my EE on film and I have no idea what its supposed to look like! ive read the guide and criterias but i just dont know what it should look like.. anyone know any sites or have an EE they dont mind uploading? Thanks so much!!

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