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  1. steam.rice.sally

    Change IB

    my EE, TOK paper, and both World Lit papers are ALL due on the same day. lol. i say to get rid of them now! =]
  2. steam.rice.sally

    Change IB

    If you could change anything about IB, what would you change?
  3. To do an extended essay on science, you have to be able to perform a lab and use that as evidence towards answering your question/topic. You should talk to your science teacher or advisor about your topic and decision. Maybe you can gather statistics about how often children are born with this syndrome and use it to predict how many more children will be born with it? I don't know. These are just suggestions. Good luck!
  4. steam.rice.sally

    ONLY SL Math

    I demand to know why the IB program I attend only offers Math in SL. How come we don't get to indulge in HL?? That is not fair.
  5. steam.rice.sally

    Why IB?

    I did the IB program because I never gave myself anything less. If it wasn't challenging, it wasn't worth my time. I needed obstacles to feel good about myself, thus I put myself through subjects such as Physics and Calculus. Taking easier classes was just not enough for me. It sounds stupid because it almost seems that I like putting myself under constant stress and struggle, but it just feels great after accomplishing something that others won't even dare to think about trying.
  6. steam.rice.sally

    Book Recommendations

    I personally enjoy reading comedy such as Augusten Burroughs's Magical Thinking and Possible Side Effects. Any books you've enjoy and recommend for me?
  7. steam.rice.sally

    Twilight series: Good literature?

    The Twilight series is good for leisure reading. But I have no idea what people are talking about when they are comparing it to JK Rowling. The language isn't complex and I felt it was beneath me when I was reading it. I am a senior in high school and do not enjoy putting myself down to read at a third grade level.
  8. steam.rice.sally

    Israel vs Palestine

    22:38 GMT, Thursday, 12 February 2009 A long-term truce between the Palestinian militant group Hamas and Israel may be announced within days. In 48 hours, Hamas will determine their 18 month cease fire from Israel under the Egyptian-brokered deal. I am so happy this war in the middle east finally has a happy ending after what they have been through for the past 30 years. What do you think?
  9. steam.rice.sally

    [SL]Mathematics Help

    In my IB program, math is only offered as a Standard Level course. I took Math Studies in my Junior year of high school and tested out, so I can't take the same course in my Senior year. This year, I am taking Calculus, and I am having serious trouble understanding, and especially remembering, the steps to solve problems. Is there any way to easier understand Mathematics SL and is there applications for calculus?
  10. steam.rice.sally

    Animals vs humans

    YES! My goodness, animals DO have feelings. When we poke them with a needle, do they not bleed? When we poison them, do they not die? They are alive, aren't they? They have fear like we do? Don't they? =[
  11. steam.rice.sally

    How does the world feel about the USA?

    US Permanent Resident, Citizen of People's Republic of China. I believe that the US's involvement in world conflicts isn't reflecting very well, especially with the war on terrorism. It is not okay to invade a country and try to enforce peace when those countries did not and do not want peace. We can't force people to accept democracy as their new government. We can't always combat communism. We just need to let them be. Rather than being the people coming in and trying to help, the US is seen as the enemy, trying to impose laws that are not accepted in foreign socities. This is not good.
  12. steam.rice.sally

    Current World Issues

    I think the world is apathetic not because we don't care about what is going on, but because we do not witness what is happening. It is not directly affecting us, thus we are not making an effort to create a change. Sometimes, I think poverty is just made up so I can appreciate what I have because I have not withnessed the famines in Africa. How do I really know it exists when I am stuck in my own little IB world thinking about my Extended Essay? In a way, we are contained, and we want to be contained because we don't want to be affected by other people's problems. For this, we are only human.
  13. steam.rice.sally

    Global Warming

    I actually don't believe that "global warming" exists. I believe that there is climate change. I believe this climate change is not created by humans and t was going to occur regardless of our existence, but either way, we are still trying to find solutions to reverse the effects this drastic weather change that has affected the global community.
  14. steam.rice.sally

    Israel vs Palestine

    Israel and Palestine should be able to solve problems without incentives. We are sick and tired of this stupid game. It is time to cease fire and end this conflict. We don't have time for this nonsense. Why must we use terriorism? Why do people enjoy seeing others in pain? I don't know. All I know is that we do not have 30 more years to spend on this problem.
  15. steam.rice.sally

    Does God exist?

    In TOK, we learn that our perception is limited to our five senses. To some people, they can preceive god because their senses allow them to "see" him, and this is their concrete evidence. Others, our senses can not see him, and this proves to be our evidence as well. Regardless, religion is based on faith, and should not be questioned.

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