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  1. tusonliu


  2. tusonliu


    Hello everyone, Now that we are all looking for Universities, I was wondering how useful was the IB. When you apply to a university with IB, you only need to submit the predicted grade and english proficiency score, and some other non-educational documents, or do you still need to send your scores obtained in High School?
  3. tusonliu

    Grade predictions for History Hl

    Wow, can´t believe this... Now I´m more anxious to get to know the results than before
  4. tusonliu

    Math SL November 2013

    Replaced -1 in the last vectorial equation
  5. tusonliu

    Grade predictions for History Hl

    LOL just a lil bit ansious... Trying to achieve more than 40... So I ended up checking grade boundaries and found out that in order to achieve 7 only required aprox. 70%. Anyway did exams pretty well and just wanted to assure I would get a 7 Since you´ve already finished the IB, what were your grades in each Paper and IA in History???
  6. tusonliu

    Math SL paper 1

    Paper 1 was difficult compared to past papers. What was the answer for the question #7 which asked about the value of K when discriminant was higher than 0??? I´ve gotten only one result: 2. Was that because 2 was an assymptote and K could be any number? Paper 2 difficult as well. There was this question about... LOL cant remember.... something about functions of Section A. I think it was question 7.
  7. tusonliu

    History HL Paper 3 (NOV-13)

    Yeah paper 3 was quite hard since questions were very specific and tended to target arts and Canada. Paper 2 was quite easy with common questions such as causes of WWI and authoritarian leaders. Still I´m expecting to get a 7.
  8. tusonliu

    Grade predictions for History Hl

    So i was checking the grade boundaries of past years and i found out that in order to get a 7 you only need to get more than 65% of grade. Since the graades are over 150 points, then 65% is around 98 points. Does it mean i would get a 7 if the sum of my IA and papers if i hit higher than 98 points?
  9. Suggestions? This is my presentation main KI
  10. I´m doing my EE in History. My final draft is almost done, but then I realized i´m not using any book as resource, but basically journals from University professors... Am i in trouble?
  11. tusonliu

    Extended Essay Topic

  12. tusonliu

    Extended Essay Topic

    Hey ty for your reply!! Well actually i was thinking about the education propaganda during 60s so, To what extent was Chinese Cultural Revolution possible by the Maoist educational propaganda during the 60s? Much better now?
  13. tusonliu

    Extended Essay Topic

    Title says it all: To what extent was Chinese Cultural Revolution possible by Maoist propaganda? Need immediate response please Help guys! I´ll really appreciate your comments! TY in advance
  14. tusonliu

    IA History Question

    To what extent was Mao´s success for rising communism in China due to his charisma and leadership? too broad? too narrow? any suggestions? any other good question about Mao and/or communism in China? I will appreciate any comment, thank you.
  15. tusonliu

    EE History

    Thank you for your replies, very useful indeed but... if the question is very common, will it influence the grade i could get?

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