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  1. UnicornsandDaisies

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

    also try muff potter if you are interested
  2. UnicornsandDaisies

    Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

    German A2 SL more german bands if you are interested: kilians, die toten hosen, ich & ich, die Ärzte, panik well, the kilians sing mostly in englsh ...
  3. the best german word is probably schadenfreude, wihch means that you are happy for other peoples' displeassure x) as in, if someone falls down the stairs and you laugh, or maybe if you are applying for a job and someone else fails but you get the position ...
  4. UnicornsandDaisies

    Late nights or Early Mornings :)

    .. I prefer early mornings, if my work isnt done by 10:30/11:00 then ill go to bed and get up early ... or do it during lunch or a free hehe
  5. UnicornsandDaisies

    What song are you listening to?

    fences - paramore
  6. UnicornsandDaisies

    Name Your IB School

    Frankfurt International School, Frankfurt, Germany
  7. UnicornsandDaisies

    What classes are you taking?

    World History HL (my teacher is my hero x)) English HL (i could probably pass out with boredom in this class ...) Biology HL (im doing well, but she likes to call on me when im not paying attention) German SL (lots and lots of work, and im currently reading a book that we have to read next year in english hl ) Chemisry SL (never taken this before, its hard) Math SL (this is going okay, i hate how hard it is to get a 7)
  8. UnicornsandDaisies

    Twilight series: Good literature?

    hah i laugh when i hear 'twilight series' and 'good literature' in the same sentence. Basically, i see twilight as a story that is a good one time read but is no where near being classified as real literature. The characters are annoying (except emmett ), the story line is thin and the author's vocabulary is clearly limited.
  9. UnicornsandDaisies

    Public - Private school

    i go to an international school in germany too, where do you go? (or atleast the city )
  10. UnicornsandDaisies

    What are your CAS activities

    that sucks! at my school you can cook dinner and it counts as creativity ... i dont know what you are interested in, but for service i worked at an animal shelter ..?
  11. UnicornsandDaisies

    How does the world feel about the USA?

    its hard to say what i think of americans ... all of the americans i know in germany have lived all over the world and are therefore very internationalized, whereas by our summer home in florida, there seem to be a fair share of ignorant people (ive actually been asked seriously if everyone in canada lives in igloos ... ) I think there are ignorant people all ove rthe world though, and this has just been amplified by bush ...
  12. UnicornsandDaisies

    Extended Essay

    thinking of doing my ee on something having to do with the medical purposes of aramotic plant families .. specifically lamiaceae (lavender, peppermint, etc.) ... could this work? and does anybody have any idea what i could basde an experiment off of?? thanks
  13. UnicornsandDaisies

    What does your weekly timetable look like?

    am i the only person whos school has 8 day cycles? we still have weekends and holidays off obviously but we rotate our days from one to eight .... anyways, we have 6 periods a day, our subjects rotate through and we have 2 days in a cycle that we dont have a SL class and 1 day a cycle that we dont have a HL class .... some people have so many frees! i only have 6 50 minute frees per cycle
  14. UnicornsandDaisies

    Pets! Pets! Pets!

    a fat bunny (who looks like he cant decide between long or short hair) a dog and a horsie ()
  15. UnicornsandDaisies

    English A1 World lit.

    I wanted to do this but my teacher said that topics such as weather and health would be marked harder by the IB because they are done so often .... im comparing legal and personal guilt (in the stranger and the assault, though)

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