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  1. Why should you care about what your peers think of your subject choices? If you take ESS and Math Studies that's your choice and you don't have to care about their opinion. I doubt you will be able to persuade them to think that Maths studies is a respectable subject but then again they don't work in the university admissions office so their opinion is useless. You find out which math is best for you and if maths studies is good for you and you don't want to take any other math class then go ahead and take maths studies.
  2. 27 downloads

    Here are some vocabulary words that I picked up from past papers and elsewhere and seem to be good to know.
  3. I think I saw somewhere that it will be released on 8th July but I can't be sure.
  4. I saw my results! Total: 35/45 HL: 18 SL: 16 Bonus: 1 ENGLISH A: Lang and Literature SL: 6 FRENCH AB. SL: 6 MATHEMATICS SL: 6 ECONOMICS HL: 6 COMPUTER SCIENCE HL: 5 PHYSICS HL: 5 ECONOMICS EE: C TOK: B
  5. This certainly beats reading the textbook all over again. Nice notes! But I think I have a problem with this line: "Marginal costs of production. Mobility of CELL and unused capacity. Cheaper to produce ~> produce more ~> lower PES" Doesn't more mobile factors of production mean that an increase in price will lower output proportionately more. So hence, greater PES.
  6. But they shouldn't smudge once they dry right?
  7. Are there any restrictions on what kind of pen you use in the IB exam? I like to write using gel pens and so can I use a blue or black gel pen?
  8. Three IB higher level classes have a reputation for being the most difficult class for most people: Math HL, Chemistry HL and Physics HL. However, because of your choice of major I still HIGHLY recommend you take Chemistry HL. Colleges would want a student with challenging and relevant courses and unless you are really good at Theatre and find it extremely interesting don't take Theatre. In order to know what level of Maths you are expected to know check some prospective university's websites for course requirements. Now just make sure you don't bite more than you can chew. IB should be challenging but you still want good grades and you don't want to struggle too much.
  9. Maths: All Done; IA and topics French Ab initio: All done English Lang Lit SL: All Done Physics HL: Only a couple topics left to learn before exam (1 option and part of waves) Computer Science HL: IA still left to finish and parts of syllabus left to learn Economics HL: All IA's done; Need to finish learning Theory of the Firm EE: Done TOK: Done CAS: Done
  10. The IB Diploma classes you are taking should be fine. The only thing that would be challenging is the 4HL's and taking another class along with your IB classes but that should also be fine. I don't know how hard AP physics is but maybe it's easier than IB Physics. Just remember to manage your time wisely and depending on what you want to study you could remove the AP Physics or replace one of the other sciences with IB Physics.
  11. How do you motivate yourself? You remember that although motivation makes things easier you become motivated as you get more work done. So just be calm, have a study plan and go through the items on your study plan. Sometimes a particular subject or university might motivate you. For me thinking about all the snow I will be seeing next year if I work hard is motivating. Just remember to focus and actually work hard on a CONSISTENT basis. Cramming is risky although you can pull it off. Of course, you won't remember a lot of stuff after the exam if you cram. Plus it's stressful and unhealthy.
  12. I doubt food should be an issue in London, Ontario (University of Western Ontario) or Vancouver (UBC). I have received offers from Ottawa and Western but I choose Ottawa because of the degree and the city. I think you should be fine in Canada. I don't know about the UK tough.
  13. It is certainly my easiest IB class by far, but that depends on the person. But this depends on the person and also on how much effort you put into it.
  14. I know two more IB Physics video channels: IB Physics Help: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB0A7F7CF7FA34909 Chris Doner's IB Physics: http://www.youtube.com/user/exportationality/videos And if you want Economics videos search up Econclassroom on Google And there's a Math SL channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/mathsl1
  15. There are only so many days left until exams? Anyways, good thing I am working hard now. Good luck all May 2014 candidates. Be organized and don't stress out.