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  1. Hi I'm taking both Chemistry and Physics HL. I've classmates who are taking Physics HL + Chemistry SL, or Physics SL + Chemistry HL. Both subjects are equally demanding. I'd say Physics is for students who can grasp concepts very well. Once you get the concepts, the papers should be easy. Mathematical grasp, good mathematical grasp is a tool to excellence in Physics. On the other hand, Chemistry is more of hard work and not brain work. If you are hardworking, Chemistry should be easy. SL English A1 SL Spanish ab initio SL History HL Physics HL Chemistry HL Mathematics
  2. Hi! How does one prepare for set text paper 2 english a1? I'm doing comparison of two novels. Thanks/
  3. again that was very fast. thanks a lot Chun Xian and sweetnsimple.
  4. thank you so much. that was fast. anyway, i went to the link that you've highlighted. "Click!, also have a look at the post above that. " When i clicked the link, there's a link in LC's post "VIP Only: Downloadable PDF supplement documents on writing skills." It doesn't seem to be working.
  5. Hi. My teacher kept on telling us that a commentary must be more in-depth and must be more analytical. SOme questions: (1) What is analysis in the context of literature? Can you provide examples as to what is analysis and as to what is not> (2) How do we structure an essay? Based on SCASI? Or base on three points of interest?
  6. Hey. Does anyone have the ebook 'Writing Unseen Commentaries' by Toshack? Can anyone give me a copy of it? Thanks.
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