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  1. Ghanem9

    Moving up to Maths HL

    i didnt read all the replies you got for this issue, but i can tell you that in our school a student moved up from SL in the second year, he got tutors in the summer to help him with covering what we took in first year... and this guy's predicted is 6 (or so i heard) so i think you should go for it, catching up with the material is not much of a problem, if you find you cant do it alone, DO NOT DROP BACK! just get a tutor or your own math hl teacher to help you in parts where you didnt understand. also make sure in the summer you do your best to be more capable in the material that you missed. Vectors is not hard of a topic, if they already finished probability it might be a slight problem as i find probability and the "Sets and Groups" option the toughest in my material. so yeah all in all go for it! and your school should allow you to do the transfer as long as you pass the entrance exam (if there's one, in our school the student had to do a test and get 5 and above in it) or if your teacher recommends you for the level. As of the math being a fourth higher... unless it disturbs the requirements for the univ you wish to go to, i think you should drop one of your highers (if you got chem higher, unless you like chem and do good in it then drop it to sl) of course that is what i think, i despise chemistry, but others may like it, and same goes for the topics i talked about that are in the math hl Anyways good luck in whatever you do
  2. Ghanem9


    Our ITGS teacher is such a ***** **** ***** ******** ****** she always gets us the common sense case studies as the weekly test when im either sick, have a serious lack of caffeine, sick and suffering a major headache, or just not in the mood to think what tools and devices are including in an airplane simulator. and when i am in a creative mood she gets us a case study about databases which needs studying from the book and notes, and memorizing **** and i nvr evr open my IT notes or book unless we have a monthly test (the big tests that have lots of part of your grade on the monthly assessment)... ah well! guess what i rly care about is my external scores thats the only thing i need to get to uni in jordan
  3. Ghanem9

    Help Meeee

    well, from what u have said i doubt that we're talking about portfolio since in portfolio its only questions and you have to explain how you will get the answer, get the answer, discuss the result in a question by question basis... so... i dnt think i can be off any help... sry... i didnt do any other type of math IAs except portfolios...
  4. Ghanem9

    What song are you listening to?

    Kamelot-Descent of the Archangel! i also like Within Temptation ALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!
  5. Ghanem9

    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    diplomat eh??? i dnt rly like stuff near politics... its a sneaky game... gd luck
  6. Ghanem9

    Math SL- IA

    wow some the ideas here are rly interesting... i would like to get my hands on the questions! ours is rly close to math... and we didnt get to choose
  7. Ghanem9

    Math HL

    math hl without a gd teacher is like a coffee without caf so i would agree on that, and thank god we got ourselves a rly gd and experienced math teacher
  8. Ghanem9

    Help Meeee

    gr8! so what math are yoiu and what is your portfolio about (if by IA you mean a portfolio), and which questions u actually have trouble sorting out... if there's anything i can do to help then i'll gladly do so
  9. dnt worry much about functions... w8 till u see calculus or probability anyways, im a math HL dude so i guess im not up to your standard bt i'll be glad to share my knowledge about functions as soon as you specify what exactly u have trouble with and i read your post
  10. Ghanem9

    The Original Who Are You Thread

    wow since 6th grade... ur school's system is sure complicated since IB is a 2 year program... anyways... about me... hmmm.... well im a male iber i enjoy staring at tough questions then laughing at how stupid i am when our teacher solves them in few simple steps (they're not rly simple, but the dude makes them look like beginners stuff ) i love dogs... well to put it more suitably i love wolves... so my favorite dog is a wolfdog, im planning n the futire to open a small breeding business (not as career tho) and make lots of these amazing breed! if i dnt see a motorcycle for over 24hours i feel there's smthn missing in life and that my soul is gunna rip my chest open to go and find one of these beautiful creations. I like literature which is a reason i took english A1... i hate to analyzing literature and figure out why the writer chose the dress to be red instead of blue and what this tells u about teh overall msg about the novel so thats why i dropped A1 (gd thing my uni doesnt require diploma ) i see physics to be the basics of everything and altho sometimes it is complicated to understand i manage to do well in this subject as one of my favorites. i tend to do a mistake then spend enormous amount of time thinking why i did it (gd ***** why chem not DT!!!! ) and since im a person that prefers to keep my own **** for myself im gunna stop telling u all more about me subjects i take? 1- Math HL 2- Physics HL 3- Chemistry SL 4- English B HL 5- Arabic B HL 6- ITGS SL (only cuz my school doesnt offer it as HL ) and planning to take a german language course in the summer after the externals cuz ima take it in cuni (required subject since its a german uni but teaches in english)
  11. Ghanem9

    Which Maths HL Option do you do?

    We're doing groups and sets, almost done with it which means that we are almost done with all material for Math HL!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!! this means more and more and more time for revision! i have a gd feeling about this....
  12. darn i still need 12 hours of creativity... though i have no idea how to get them!!! (tells u smthn bout my creativity huh? ) i mean i did a database for the school... bt they didnt count it as creativity though i spend over a month on it!
  13. Ghanem9

    Help Meeee

    i dont think that is possible tonight... however if you post here what is you IA question perhaps we can provide help through discussing your questions one question though... why did u wait till now...
  14. Ghanem9

    What do you want to be when you grow up?

    there's one on www.review.com
  15. wow gratz i forgot what my first one was.. and even if i remember the topic i still dnt know the mark they said they give it when i graduate as for the second one im doing its about flow rate its the Math HL type II portfolio...

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