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  1. Afterglow


    Biology HL notes on Cells N.B: These notes are not 100% complete nor are they guaranteed to be 100% accurate, as after all, these notes were made by a student.
  2. Afterglow


    IBO - Theory of Knowledge Assessment Examplars Contains introduction, 6 essays as well as their assessment markings/analysis. The essays range from A to F. Dated November 2002
  3. Afterglow

    [M08 SL] Chemistry P1-3

    Hmm, we had different papers then I assume. Paper 1 - fun. I was thrown off by the pv=nrt question. I had practised on it and knew most of it inside out but then they wrote it in such a weird way that just made me utterly confused. And I KNOW I answered the last question wrong because I accidently choose 'amine' instead of 'amide' regarding linkage in amino acid. BLAH. And to think - I'm a Biology HL student! *head desk* Paper 2 - I liked section A. Mostly it was about rate of reaction and stoicheiometry. Section B was no fun because neither of the topics there were my strenghts and I KNOW I screwed it up. Unfortunately, I didn't realize until it was 10 min left that I SHOULD had picked the organic chemistry question since it would at least given me more marks for what I do know... Paper 3 - for some reason, I found medicine & drugs much easier than biochemistry (weird...). Here I also forgot to study retinol and it's effect but yeah.
  4. Afterglow

    Lab report - vessel size and bacterial growth

    Maybe you could explain further on what the lab was about and the problem? I haven't done a lab like that but if you could describe, we could try to explain if we know it. Regarding the lab criteras and structure - I don't have any advice there and it could be a bit hard to find a good example. When the syllabus changed, they also changed the assessment and critera of the lab reports. How this affects the structure is beyond me but as far as I know, if a person is a 2009 candidate, they should not put up their lab reports until they have finished the IB due to risk of plagirism. The common 'structure' though with lab reports is basically --> intro, aim, hypothesis, variables, materials, procedure, results, analysis of results, discussion, evaluation.
  5. Afterglow


    Why on earth are you taking BOTH AP and HL Bio/Chem and etc? I mean, even though both of them probably covers common things, you can just take one of them instead. If you're applying to a decent university then the uni should give you credit for either of them as both IB HL courses and AP courses are highly regarded.
  6. Afterglow

    Math Paper 1 (MAY08)

    Are you talking about Math SL, paper 1? What time zone do you have? Because I don't remember that question....Then again, maybe we had different time zones paper. Either way, my reaction afterwards was --> HELL! and I know for a fact that pretty much more than half of the class also were 'What the HELL was THAT?!?!' It was really hard and looking at the thread at TSR I've noticed that many people are complaining about the difficulty of it. I was shocked. I felt so bad when I was done.
  7. Afterglow

    Pre-exam discussion

    But if it is easier and more people do better, then they usually increase the grade boundaries or so I heard because apperently they put the grade boundaries afterwards I am so scared. I haven't studied as much math as I wished and I have always done poorly on math I always do really stupid mistakes or go blank at things that I know that I know
  8. Afterglow


    Go and read and join in this thread: [url="http://www.ibsurvival.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=232"]http://www.ibsurvival.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=232[/url] One cannot simply state whether you are capable of it or not. Only you truly know. It'll be challenging and a lot of hard work, oh yes. The question is more - are you sure you want to become a doctor and are you willing to work hard to achieve what you want? Because beside the challenging and hard work, it's suppose to be fun as well
  9. Afterglow

    Pre-IB Mathl: Simultaneous Equations.

    I also find elimination personally much easier but substitution goes rather quick when one of the equations is already in single form (i.e y = and not 3y=). As for using matrices, IF you have a calculator then it is much much easier and quick. However, SL does require you to know how to solve a 2x2 matrix equation using matrices without the calculator (came up on the specimen paper) so it's good to practise on that as well :/
  10. First, remember to not confuse assumption and key concept. Then, what I usually do is that I think of the assumptions (make a list) and then I think of what says against and what supports it. For example, sometimes assumptions can be contradicting each other and sometimes, certain aspects of key concepts contradicts the assumption (for example - free will in humanistic. But there are certain aspects of the hiearchy of needs that can be viewed to be deterministic.). I also try to find support using what I know and if possible - using studies. Another thing you can think of is if there are other perspectives that have similiar or contradicting assumptions. If so, you can use that whilst evaluating. It's a bit tricky. I always find it easier to evaluate the actual perspective or key concept in general but good luck!
  11. :0 Oh dear. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë You do NOT want to make this mistake on the exam, trust me.
  12. Afterglow

    May 2008 General Exam Discussion

    It's coming so close... 23 days...
  13. Afterglow

    Martial Arts

    I'm sorry to hear that Eartian I used to do jujitsu for one year. It was challenging and fun. Had to quit though do to schedule clash.
  14. I don't do A1 Eng but A2. However, I can discuss several of the books mentioned here such as; The Crucible Great Gatsby Miss Julie (A1..) Medea (A1...) Heart of Darkness 1984 - Orwell + several others However, I am completely lost with Heart of Darkness and have decided to not study it for my A2 exam since I will have 8 other novels that I could try to incorporate instead anyway.
  15. Afterglow

    Questions concerning EE

    [b]- Extended Essay front page, how should it look?[/b] Depends. Sometimes it is enough with just the topic, subtitle centered and then name, candidate code, school, supervisor and date somewhere in the margin. Some schools have front page templates though. Ask your school if they do. If not, just make a fancy simple frontpage [b]- How should the EE be structured?[/b] This also depends on the subject. Some EE's are divided into categories while others have a flowing text as to not disrupt the content. However, the main thing is: table of content, introduction, body, summary/conclusion. But as I said, it depends on the subject. If you're doing it in A2, then it might be a good idea to divide it into 'arguments' or 'approaches'. For example, say you want to discuss the theme of rivalry in a book and then perhaps the categories are: context, character history, language/tone, symbols and motifs. This is an example. I cannot come up with something else. I had mine divided up into different years (i.e childhood, adolscene, adulthood) because I was discussing development. The syllabus has the following structure as a guide but it does not have to be fixed in the exact structuring as it varies between topic and subject. · Title page · Abstract · Contents page · Introduction · Body (development/methods/results) · Conclusion · References and bibliography · Appendices [b] - What kind of sources is OK to use when the topic is concerning literature (English A2)? [/b] The main source for literature is your primary work (the books/drama etc). It is VERY important that you support your argument by your primary source. Then the secondary sources could include literary criticism, articles or any other source that could support your arguments. Make sure however that is is [u]RELEVANT[/u]. If you can't find literary cirticism, then ask your English teacher or EE supervisor for suggestion. One good thing is to check the local or closest university library. You can also find a lot online such as at scholars.google.com but make sure it has authenic and a real published work with author, reference, date and etc. As always, make a clear reference page for whenever you use a statement or citation from someone else. Try to [i][b]AVOID s[/b][/i]ites such as sparknotes, bookrags, cliffnotes and such.

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