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  1. I agree with IBfreakingout! Question 3 is definitely an interesting question to pursue. Depending on how you go about it, you can either agree with the 'no reason' or you can disagree with it. But either way, you'd be researching different AOKs to assess your evaluation. I also liked question 1, since we ourselves ask questions, and we never really stop to think whether they are neutral; since most questions are asked to evoke a response for one side or the other. The question gives you the opportunity to explore this across different AOKs. But in the end, its also what you're most comfortable answering and researching for. Good luck
  2. Well with a month left, you would just be going over topics that you aren't sure about, or doing past papers; provided that you have all the other material down pretty well, and are well versed with what you shall be tested on. You could always check out other revision books if your school has them and go over notes/questions from there. good luck
  3. Haha actually my school discontinued French B and kept ab initio, even though most of the people in my class had taken French for multiple years previously. So no, it wasn't difficult at all. But even beginning from scratch, it isn't that challenging. I would say it requires marginally less work, but it all depends on how well you want to master the language or how much time you want to devote to the language. But I would say go with B if your school offers it.
  4. IGCSE and IB are on two different levels, but since you've been learning French for the past 5 years, French B shouldn't be too much of a challenge for you. You'll definitely have to put in more work than you did for IGCSE, but content wise, it's not bad at all.
  5. My friend was accepted with a 35 so you dont have anything to worry about with your scores.
  6. yeah you should definitely get it remarked. You're only one point off anyway, so the examiner MIGHT bump it up to a 7. You have nothing to lose, so go for it. good luck
  7. nope we had it in 9th and 10th. And then because our 11th and 12th schedules were messed up, so we didn't have PE
  8. Yeah, basically all you need to do is practice. Take a unit, go over it, and just practice the questions in the exam papers based on that unit. You might find it difficult at first, but then you'll also learn along the way, and it'll become easier. I took Maths HL but I used the Cambridge and Oxford books good for practice..They have tons of questions. Yeah you can use xtremepapers.net or freeexampapers.com but they only have a few years' worth of papers...uptil 2009 or so. And thats really weird...my teachers gave us the papers. Dunno why your teacher isn't giving them to you O.o
  9. Oh yeah, I think I replied by the time you edited or something. And well no, he doesn't. It all depends on the circumstances of the applicant as well. The admissions process is really vague and at times screwed up. There's not clear cut admissions requirements. People with an 1800 SAT Score but a perfect 45 IB score have been accepted. One of my friends got a 2020 on the SAT and still was accepted to Stanford. And yeah i know what you mean. But it's all about showing how diverse the uni is. It's pointless trying to determine how the unis go through the admissions process ><
  10. Lol yeah I can see why you deduced that. I guess the prestigious name of the uni speaks for itself, so it doesn't really matter if the engineering department is top notch. And they don't look at just grades though. It might be that the girl from the exotic country is stronger in another area rather than academics. And every year quite a few asians are admitted to MIT. But yes, the international process is definitely biased, and I actually lost my admission at UPenn for that reason. They preferred more nationals this year. :/ But anyways, there are always 'less impressive' students at any university. And well I was talking about scholarships, not financial aid. Those are two different things Financial aid is open for everyone.
  11. Well regardless of what you did...or didn't learn in your french class, I'm sure some of the stuff sunk in esp. since you took it for 5 years. French isnt so hard. It just takes dedication and time and love for the language to learn it properly. I'd actually advise you to take French B SL...it'll push you hard to do well. AB is really beginner level But yeah, you need to see if you're comfortable with it (check out the syllabus if that'll help) and see if it's really hard for you to cope with, since you have 5 other subjects you need to focus on as well Good luck
  12. Princeton isn't too well known for CS. It's more for the sciences and liberal arts. And they actually don't see what gender you are in the selection process. I had an interview with UPenn and the interviewer made that very clear to me. And yes, you might be advantaged that you are international, but MIT selects VERY FEW internationals every year. Also, some of the top US colleges do not offer scholarships to internationals.
  13. Hey! I'm majoring in Computer Science too I'm going to Urbana-Champaign in the US. Its ranked #4 for CS. Its in Chicago though. Kinda far away from NY. Buuut you could also look into Carnegie Mellon which is supposed to be really good for engineering. And Carnegie does accept IB scores and gives both conditional and unconditional offers. I got a conditional there for 36 which isn't too bad. There's quite a few other good schools for CS but they're scatted across the US. To get you started you should just google the top ten unis for CS in the US and go from there And US unis arent too particular if you take Maths HL or SL Although they say that Physics for atleast two years is a must. They look at your maths, chem, and physics scores over your other ones.
  14. Got a B in my History EE
  15. Well it really depends on your essay. If you're not focusing on themes then chronological seems to be a better option. The analysis is not only what historians say, but also your analysis of the information you've collected. But after stating a fact, you say 'historians also claim...' or if you state a fact, and you want to argue against it you'd say 'but historians have stated..' you get the point