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  1. helgacakes

    The Music Thread

    i love singing and playing piano. i love the fray. i love souljaboy's kiss me thru the phone. i love beethoven symphony no.7 in a major, op. 92. i love yellow card. i love shenandoah! (did my ib musical investigation on it) and MORE! i pretty much love it all. i also love britney spears's if u seek amy. oh, and i don't like analyzing chords.
  2. helgacakes

    Old Disney Movies

    beauty and the beast. i still have the belle bed sheet
  3. helgacakes

    How many hours do you sleep?

    haha SLEEP is a very sensitive subject for IB kids. i guess around 5-6 hours on weekdays. 8-10 on weekends. 0 on essay nights.
  4. helgacakes

    How tall are you?

    yall are all so tall! 159cm / 5'1 i'm a short asian girl
  5. helgacakes


    south korean but pretty much white washed...
  6. helgacakes

    IB Girls and Guys

    let me give you a very simple answer: guys are all pigs and from age 16-24, all they have in your tiny little brain is sex. i know that is very general but also very true for most guys. but from my experience, IB guys tend to not follow this pattern. they're usually...too nerdy to be a ****head.
  7. helgacakes

    Please help me, career decision.

    honestly, you will not know what you really want to do for your career until like your junior year of college. i mean, that's generally the most case anyway. some people know what they really want to do and follow that path (like, if your passion is music and you've been a band nerd all through high school or somethng) but that's pretty rare i must say. i see people say "i'm gonna go to so-and-so university, major in chemistry and go to so-and-so graduate school and become a pharmacist" after they graudate high school and by their junior year of college, they say "i've changed my mind. i'm majoring in economics and going to so-and-so law school after undergrad." and that's really normal. pretty much, my point is--you don't need to worry about what universities offer a major in philosophy at this point. i'm graduating in 22 days and i don't even know what i'm gonna major in. just take the classes that would interest you (although, i found it rather difficult to "choose" classes with such a set curriculum in IB).
  8. helgacakes

    Nov 08 May 09 title #1

    it's 4:40AM and i've just typed my last word on my TOK essay. it's getting shipped off in two days...AND I HAVE 1610 WORDS! WHAT AM I GONNA DO NOW?!!!
  9. helgacakes

    What have you been learning in TOK?

    i think TOK is amazing (: it's like you re-think everything that you thought you knew already. for example, after the art unit--i'm supposed to consider souljaboy a piece of art in a dance form.? i completely disagree but yeah.
  10. i dont know if they'll sit there and count your words.......but just to be safe, go with 1599.
  11. helgacakes

    TOK harder than other IB subjects?

    i'm absolutely in love with TOK (: i think the discussions in class are a lot more open-minded. and everything we talk about it so interesting. i guess it all depends on your teacher.
  12. helgacakes

    IB girls/women

    well our class has about 22 people and only 4 of them are guys. i think that's just our class--the juniors are sort of evened out. honestly, being in ib and all--i dont have time to "flirt" and there are just not enough guys in my classes to attempt "flirting." i've sort of given up relationships for now.
  13. helgacakes

    IB Slogans

    yup, mine ib slogan is "IB=I bull****."
  14. helgacakes


    i dont know about you guys but i honestly hate senior year because of ib. i was expecting my senior year to be like all chill and relaxing. but NO, i had to write my EE, finish the second math IA, spanish orals and banquets, TOK orals & all these junks. plus, we have all the ib exams in may and may is gonna be a suicidal month for me. i mean, ib's fun and all (sometimes) but it's a lot of work. all the non-ib seniors are enjoying their second semester senior year... oh well, after graduation-- i can pick back up my party life
  15. helgacakes

    Name Your IB School

    hoover high school hoover, al yup, we're the school on two-a-days on mtv!

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