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  1. modern.rocky

    Anyone going to UBC vancouver this year (2014-2015)?

    are all the people dead over here?
  2. modern.rocky

    Should I remark hl chemistry?

    I agree with this guy! I think you should go for the remark!
  3. I found this year maths HL exam quite difficult, is it just me or did everyone else find it difficult too?
  4. modern.rocky

    IB Physics HL - paper 1 and 2

    Let's hope they do!
  5. modern.rocky

    IB Physics HL - paper 1 and 2

    I think I left about 20 marks for paper 2, is it just me or did the others do as horrible! Any idea, how much we have to get for a 5?
  6. modern.rocky

    Rejection from canadian universities!

    Thank you!
  7. modern.rocky

    Plagiarism? Please help...

    You will be just fine, don't worry. As long as the data is your own and the analysis is not copied word for word, there would be no problem. I had a conversation regarding this with my IB coordinator and my science teachers and all of them said this. Hope this helped!
  8. Is there anyone who has been rejected from a canadian university because they did not score enough points in the final IB exam? I know this question is a bit dodgy but I would b grateful to you guys if you could answer. I am just trying to develop a general idea of a things. Thank you!
  9. modern.rocky

    1 week until ESS Test!

    Oh ok!
  10. modern.rocky

    1 week until ESS Test!

    are your exams in 2015 or 2014?
  11. Did anyone else do the IB and not any other course get an offer from U of T? Please reply!
  12. Did anyone else get an offer from the university of Toronto?
  13. Didn't they specify the number of points you need to get?

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