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  1. Molly Wilding

    Wanna be Friends? :D

  2. Molly Wilding

    IB Chemistry HL exam in 4 days?

    Thank you so much! Everyone has been so helpful. I'm starting to feel a lot more confident!
  3. Molly Wilding

    IB Chemistry HL exam in 4 days?

    Thank you!
  4. Molly Wilding

    Quick and easy survey about soft drinks for my IA! please do it

    Done! If you don't mind me asking; what is your question? If i'm allowed to know heheh.
  5. Molly Wilding

    IB Chemistry HL exam in 4 days?

    Hello, So as the 2014 students are aware, it's exam season and i've finally got my first few days break. I have four days before chemistry. I study chemistry at HL and I have to say it is my absolute weakest subject. I've done loads of past papers and the highest i've ever got is a 4. Ideally, I would love to get a 5, but right now it seems impossible and when revising, i have no idea where to start. I was wondering if anyone had any helpful tips, tools, handy websites, or things that are essential to know for the exams. I'd be very grateful of any help! Thank you!
  6. Molly Wilding

    Good luck everyone! :)

    Haha, thanks. It's been a scary week! But for me, nearly 3 subjects are done. Are you doing your exams too right now, good luck to you if you are. And good luck to everyone! May the grade boundaries be ever in our favour ;-)
  7. Molly Wilding

    IA psychology

    I did my pstchology IA on the encoding of STM, so I had to talk about it. If you need any more info, feel free to ask! :-)
  8. Molly Wilding

    Dystopian Literature

    In English class, we read a book by Cormac McCarthy, called The Road. It had so,e very interesting ideas. You should read it if you're into cannibalism (the living larder was a tough chapter to read before lunch). Has anyone read it?
  9. Molly Wilding

    IB 2014

    Good luck everyone! ☺️
  10. Molly Wilding

    Math studies retake: project valid?

    There's a person in my year that resist and is in my studies class. I don't know if his coursework was good in the first place, but he had a few changes to do before it could be sent off :-) The new maths studies textbook has a really good section on the project, and even a checklist. It was really helpful when doing mine.
  11. Molly Wilding

    TOK oral presentation

    Hello, I've really been struggling with Tok, we haven't been taught the entire course due to teachers leaving. I've just finished the Tok essay, and now I really have to start working on my Tok presentation. My Presentation is in six days, and I still have no topic or question or KI or RLS. I am very stressed out. Can any alumni give a a topic that i can develop a question from, that has potential to lead to good marks, and link to many aoks and woks. I'm really sorry to be a hassle. But I only have 6 days left. :'-(
  12. Molly Wilding

    Maths IA question

    What's wrong?
  13. Molly Wilding

    Taking two Ab Initio languages? :/

    Surely the B lang exam is completely different. The things I learn in Ab initio is extremely different to the work of the B lang in my school. It seems odd to me, i think you're safer doing the Ab initio paper, unless you do a few B lang ones now and see how you do. I think i'd rather two ab initio classes, Good luck to you though! x
  14. Done! :-) good luck!
  15. Molly Wilding

    Worldwide CAS! Check it out!

    This sounds great :-) I'll message my email to you

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