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  1. hilaryjroberts

    History IA help- Igor Gouzenko

    Do you think it would be too broad to look at the extent to which the Gouzenko Affairs were a factor in the start of the Cold War?
  2. hilaryjroberts

    History IA help- Igor Gouzenko

    My topic for my historical investigation in the defection of Igor Gouzenko- a Soviet cipher clerk who worked at the Soviet Embassy in Canada during the mid 1940's. I am looking for help/ideas for generating a research question from this topic. I was going to look into his motives for defecting but my history teacher told me this would probably not involve enough investigation. He recommended looking into the effects of the defection but I am having trouble narrowing this down to a research question. All comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  3. hilaryjroberts

    Math SL IA Topic- Help!

    Thanks that is a good suggestion! Although I'm a little confused about what taking the derivative of my function would show/represent?
  4. hilaryjroberts

    Math SL IA Topic- Help!

    I was planning on doing my math exploration on modeling tides but now that I've started it I'm not sure where to go with it. So far I have come up with a sine equation and graph modeling the height of high and low tides in a day... Looking for suggestions on how to extend and explore this topic more!
  5. hilaryjroberts

    Biology Extended Essay- Microbiology

    This is a relatively standard IB EE thing for Biology. Not very original but there's no reason why it shouldn't score well if you can deliver a good EE. The obvious next step is: find a bacterium. Find the chemical agent. Decide how you're going to measure it and what aspect of the experiment you're going to vary and why that might work. Ask your Supervisor about what sorts of bacteria they can obtain for you as a school and also to make sure that whatever you order isn't going to be harmful to people. The IB for understandable reasons require that you don't use any bacteria which can be pathogenic for humans. After that, the whole idea of the EE is to do your research, so this is the bit where you yourself will have to look into what might affect said bacteria and why. Then the experiment is really just to test something where from your research you're already confident it might happen. That's the idea of research, really The EE is basically the first time you've got to really do the leg work yourself. If you get stuck or need any advice, feel free to ask here. Thanks for the advice! I have decided to test the effectiveness of various organic and manufactured cleaning agents on litter obtained from a poultry barn. This is a big issue for many poultry farmers because it is so important for them to keep the mortality rate low, therefore they need to use the most effective and safe cleaning agents. So I think my next step will be to form my hypothesis and execute the experiment... Any comments or suggestions on this idea?
  6. hilaryjroberts

    Biology Extended Essay- Microbiology

    I was thinking of doing something involving testing different kinds of cleaning solutions to test their effectiveness on a certain surface
  7. hilaryjroberts

    Biology Extended Essay- Microbiology

    I want to do my biology extended essay in microbiology but I need help coming up with a more specific topic/ research question! I have access to a small lab, so something I could experiment with, without needing complicated machinery and microscopes. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  8. My current RQ is "Is there a significant correlation between the pesticides used and the cancer rates in my county?" I plan to survey local agricultural farmers in my area to see what pesticides they use on their crops and see if it correlates to cancer rates. Is this a good enough topic for an EE? I also thought of looking into organic vs. inorganic farming, but haven't been able to come up with any possible RQ's, any suggestions? Thanks!

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