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  1. Let's say I scored 30/90 points on P1 Some 25/90 on P2 And my IA was incredibly bad (mainly because my teacher couldn't care less if we fail or not, so he just accepted anything we handed him in and didn't even give us feedback). Points ranging from 1/20 to 5/20. Would my final percentage be calculated like this: 5/20*20 + 30/90*40 + 25/90*40 That'd be 5 + 13,3 + 11,1 = 29,4 ? Thanks!
  2. I really messed up my math exam and today I feel emotionally unable to produce any work of good quality so I predict my paper 2 will suck just as much as paper 1, if not worse. I solved 3 questions that were worth 6 points, answered some points from other questions and did questio. 1 in section 2. Not fully though. Would that be enough to get a 2? My internal assessment was bad so it won't raise my grade. I'm afraid I'll get a 1. I heard it was hardly ever given but I'm panicking so much right now you have no idea...
  3. Hi, I'm applying to Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. In the online application form they require a so-called motivational letter to upload along with a resume or CV (both are accepted). My question is: what is meant by "motivational letter"? Are they requesting a sort of personal statement or a cover letter? How long should a letter of this type be? Should I refer to my life experiences, making it a little more personal, or should I stick with a formal, professional style? Thanks in advance to whoever is going to answer
  4. Thank you for your feedback, this made me feel a little less horrible. I'm going to finish my extended essay and print it. On monday I'll beg my supervisor to accept it, maybe *hopefully* he'll be sympathetic enough to do so.
  5. The title sums it up pretty much... Two days ago was the internal deadline for the EE submission at my school. I refused to present my extended essay (the presentation, according to my school, was an obligatory part of the internal assessment for the EE) and handed in a very BAD copy of my extended essay. I had previously missed all the internal deadlines and the school is now threatening to unregister me from the examination session. To be honest, the only reason why I missed the deadlines was that I was terribly busy preparing for my SATs and with my off-school commitments (job, tutoring). I could not have worked on my EE during the summer as I was working and did not have any access to a computer. My essay is a literary essay in English B, and discussed the role of a book's character in relation the historical context of the narration. I have like 9 sources (no Wikipedia), plenty of citations, but the conclusion was pretty insignificant, I did not discuss all the points I could have brought up and the analysis too superficial imo... Also, I've noticed some of my sentences were left unfinished (two-three sentences). This was because I was running out of time. I get the best grades in my class and I'm applying for a very competitive economics course next year, so failing is not an option for me! I was wondering, do the internal deadlines mean anything? What if I sent to my supervisor the new, corrected version of my essay now? The school is making such a big deal out of it, I haven't slept for two days because of this... Apparently, the postponement of the deadline is out of the question. How hard is it to get a D? I really feel depressed and helpless! p.s.: if anyone wants to read my essay, I'll be more than happy to send you a copy. Unless you want to publish it and ruin me completely.
  6. As much as I believe in gender equality, I find it hard to accept the term 'feminism' because of the connotation many women have given to it throughout the years. Don't get me wrong, but nowadays there are many women who use feminism as an excuse for a special treatment. Even in my limited experience of things, I've come across many women who were not too scrupulous when insulting the other gender. Why is this acceptable? Does an empowered woman really have the right to pigeonhole all males as "stupid pigs"? Maybe if we started calling it "equality", some individuals would not use it as a justification to back up their actions.
  7. I'm a long-time fan of Spain, and it's hard to admit but their tiki taka seems to be grown outdated! Other teams have developed techniques and strategies which are just as good as Spain's. I was pained to see how badly the Spanish players did in their match against the Dutch on Friday, the scene of Casillas trudging after the ball was just... sad. Of course this isn't over, Spain still has a lot of potential and will probably be back in the "biggies" group, but I have my doubts they'll manage to win this year... So my favourites for this year are: Italy AND Brazil Força força! All in all, what really matters is having fun
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    This is an essay written during my Y1 in the IB. It presents a neat, comprehensive analysis of the aforestated poem, i.e. After Schiller, which I reccomend everyone to read as I found it quite enjoyable. The essay makes references to specific loci in the poem, has a "fine use of language" (cit.) and is overall, a very good piece of writing according to the teacher who corrected it. Grade: 7 Enjoy!
  9. Oxford all the way. Why? Because it'd be so prestigious to get in one of the oldest universities in Europe, imagine being asked where you study and going like "Oxford"... Duh. Errmm okay, putting (bad) "jokes" aside, I'd choose Oxford over Harvard simply because I don't condemn specialized studies as downsides in education. To me, American universities are undoubtedly interesting, given their breadth and interdisciplinarity which any British university can only long for; however, the emphasis that they put on extracurriculars is just too heavy! Not my cup of tea, with all respect due to those who attend/wish to attend a university in the US. The British mindset is, when it comes to studies, very well suited with my own.
  10. Hey, I'm also in need of a Spanish buddy! We could either talk on skype or text on facebook, or even be e-pals, you choose I take Spanish Ab Initio and I really want to improve my language skills!
  11. Well, my situation is a bit different from yours... I was born and brought up in Italy, but being my mum Polish, we always used to go to Poland for holidays... The fact, though, is that I've never really learned how to speak Polish, because she used to speak to me in Italian as a child - she's fluent in it. I understand 95% of what people say, but cannot work out a decent answer if they ask me something. I can read, write, spell correctly... But my speaking skills are lacking a tad. It makes me feel inferior and stupid... And the fact that I've just moved to Poland is making it even worse. Thankfully, it's getting better and better as time goes by, and having a Polish class for foreigners really pays off. Although my classmates don't take it too seriously. But well. If we do not consider my "deficit" in polish speaking (it's also a problem of shyness... I'm not the expansive type of person, I like keeping things to myself), I'm trilingual in Italian, English and Polish (in order of proficiency). I've also learned French for 3 yrs (and I'm quite fluent in it, although I haven't been practicing it for ages!) and I've just started learning Spanish this year... But I already picked up some vocab during my summer holidays in Spain. Moreover, Spanish and French are really similar to Italian so that gives me a good advantage when it comes to these languages - I understand most of what's being said, and I like that I'd say that multilingualism is a priceless skill that everyone should treasure. We should all "nourish" our neurons by exposing ourselves to all of our languages daily. p.s. I forgot to mention my newly-acquired skills in Esperanto. Overachiever
  12. Thanks, guys! Eventually I went for French SL, not just because my school didn't offer it at HL, but also because I realised it'd be way too challenging. Math, Bio and Biz&Mgm at HL is enough, I guess (:
  13. As for hackers and criminals usage of the Net to steal information and dupe people, well, there's not a positive flip of the coin to this one... However, police can use their same weapon to stop them from doing harm! Online investigations may lead up to finding criminal groups operating online, discovering frauds, and so on. I can't think of anything else concerning the points you've made right now, but I'll update the post if needed (:
  14. This sounds really exciting! Guys, count me in