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  1. IB_delusion

    CAS Equilibrium?

    i don't think it's true. just need to get the 50hours done and u can do it anytime you want.
  2. IB_delusion

    How hard is to get a 7 In Geography HL

    level 5/6 is do-able and relatively easy to get but it's quite difficult and demand much more serious work if you want to get a 7 in Geo HL
  3. IB_delusion

    Where do you live?

    Hanoi, Vietnam!!! we are celebrating its 1000th year old at the moment
  4. IB_delusion

    Do universities care?

    no...and sometimes the people from Universities don't even know what EE is
  5. IB_delusion

    Idea for Art (theme architecture)

    Japanese Architecture!
  6. IB_delusion

    Interview the person below you

    10.14pm (GMT+7 in Vietnam) Do you like Japanese food?
  7. IB_delusion

    Tips for IB Exams! Nov. 2010

    1 important tip: stop being nervous , relax so your mind can work better
  8. IB_delusion

    What should I choose for A1 & A2 ?

    average Literacy mark 7 is good to get a 7 in Vietnamese A1 SL self-taught! ^^
  9. IB_delusion

    What should I choose for A1 & A2 ?

    prepare for TOK is not necessary enjoy the last summer before IB is more important ) and the teachers in your school will give you the list of books so you don't have to worry about that
  10. IB_delusion

    Vietnamese A1

    Vietnamese examiner o Uc tot lam truong anh tu truoc toi gio toan duoc cho level 7 thoi hehe
  11. IB_delusion

    What should I choose for A1 & A2 ?

    hi! I forgot to ask, how good is your knowledge in Vietnamese (ever been to a Vietnamese state school before? English A1 is a very difficult subject. by looking at your subject combination, I can see you're a very motivated and ambitious girl, and a bit crazy
  12. IB_delusion

    Bio EE and s. aureus

    you can use Staphylococcus epidermidis for your EE. they are qualified to be used by student. I understand your thought, I did think the same as you but EE, like Sandwich has said, is only a school essay. You write it only to show the IB that you know how to carry out a biology research (incl. planning, carry out experiment, making hypothesis, data analysis, etc...)
  13. IB_delusion

    CAS project

    we planned a 3-days expedition at The lakes district. basically we were training, learning how to use the kayak for 1 month, planned the transportation, food, accommodation, etc...and then went to The Lakes District and kayak in 2 days! it was quite exciting

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