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  1. MISHI

    Free SAT prep

    So i was looking for test prep websites when i came across this one; http://ineedapencil.ck12.org/ They have two full length practice tests (one before you practice and one at the end) I haven't started with the lessons and practice questions and all that because I'm going to do my first test today, but it seems to be a great website. I won't entirely depend on this but it'll keep me motivated to practice frequently I hope this helps someone else out there.
  2. my teacher recommended us not to do that. I don't think it's a rule or whether it would really affect your marks but maybe confirm it with your teacher
  3. what exactly were they protesting against? not sure if i got it right, but were the teens throwing stones at the army guys?
  4. There shouldn't be any specific tense for different types of text. I suppose it all depends on what your writing. Because sometimes if you purposely want to show some tenses you would write accordingly. Another tip; my teacher told me to think in French always. Not sure if you get that means or if you already do it, but I used to think in English then translate and write. But he told me this would work out better and I think it does, so that's what I do now. I suggest you to simply start writing. Put it down on paper, apply the tenses you've learnt and over time you'll get the hang of it. It's a language. Eventually you'll get to the point where you don't really realise what tense you're using (because you've become good at the language) and that tense is likely to be the appropriate one. So just begin implementing. I may be wrong when I say that there aren't specific tenses for various types of text, but I still feel that it depends on what your writing. And so, all I recommend you to do is practice.
  5. is anyone planning to go in January? I got wait listed by NYU (42 points predicted) but now I doubt I'll go there because without aid/scholarship its turning out to be too much for us :/ they say now their funds have exhausted or something so they won't be able to assist the remaining applicants. it's weird now because many of the good colleges don't accept in january. even UoT in canada doesn't.
  6. I don't think bullet points is the right way to go about it. It says analyse so I believe some explaining is required. Examples too, would show that you know what you're talking about. Probably not completely like an economics answer, but brief definitions and some forms of primary and secondary research. and then their functions and pros & cons. I don't think an analyse question would be worth very, very many marks. It's the evaluate/discuss questions that are worth more, from what i know. dude, ansoff matrix and driving forces? i don't think you have this right (or maybe i don't let me know). Driving forces are part of Lewin's force field analysis. do they ask us to make analyses in the exam? the weightage is there to show the impact of each force. after giving each force a weightage, your suppose to justify why you did so, because that would show it's significance and your knowledge of it.
  7. this paper was gooood. but i'm worried about p2. i had to leave some parts in that one due to the shortage of time, but otherwise the paper was good.
  8. there are formulas. our teacher had taught us. damn, i hate using my GDC. that's why i love p1 and hate p2 i use the TI-84 plus silver edition, which one do you use?
  9. No megan... They are not part of the exams anymore and we will not be assessed on them... So don't you worry... They have been replaced by bivariate analysis chapter and the new exam layout is shown in IB math SL specimen 2014... Google it what is bivariate analysis You haven't done it yet .... It is chapter 10 in the new IB math textbook... Talks about correlation date and equation of regression and how to calculate these... I would strongly recommend you to revise these because it is likely they will put 13 mark question in P2 on wednesday according to the specimen paper oh, i didn't know what it was called. but i have done it but they don't have it's formula in the data booklet, do they?
  10. No megan... They are not part of the exams anymore and we will not be assessed on them... So don't you worry... They have been replaced by bivariate analysis chapter and the new exam layout is shown in IB math SL specimen 2014... Google it what is bivariate analysis
  11. no, i think we just had to define its properties (monochromatic and coherent)
  12. so you don't recommend watching the whole thing? every hour is precious during exam time i had only watched the first 6 mins but those seemed to interest me. is the rest really not worth watching?
  13. holy ****. just watched 6 minutes, but it seems really interesting. i agree with what they've said so far, about us wanting simply to get a college degree, doing this and that for college. and i was amazed to see the government expenditure on recovering jobs. that's some huge figure. i'll definitely watch the vid once i finish my math exam as much as i agree with what i've seen and heard so far, i'd like to add that my friends were telling me about something like that, which has been in india for years. there's a technology institute whose degrees people die to get. there's like 100,000's of people taking the college exams, whose preparations require more than a year (from what i've heard) and many, many people fail. (2 of my acquaintances failed last month) so what these kids do is, they drop out of school after 10th grade and do this thing called dummy school, where they prepare you for this college thing, and it's called dummy school because they go and get their presence marked in class and leave school and go to their coaching classes. one of those acquaintances did this, and he failed. i personally find it very dumb. because you're into books all day, and they say you have to cram/mug **** up. that's bull****. i don't mean to offend anyone who does this or knows someone who does, but i find it dumb wasting 2 of the most important years of your school life for this, which is a 'possibility' what's worse, my friends were telling me that if some people mess up the exam, they're ready to study something completely different just to get that degree. so they were saying that they know so many people who switched professions, IT/engineering guys, who completely went on changing their fields just for the degree. there's much more to this, but i don't know more. anyway, that's what i've heard from my friends and that's about india. but about the US, i suppose it's similar for many, many people. to some extent i'd include myself in it. i mean, i have goals and big plans for later, but for now all i want to do is get into a good college. i'm not saying that the reputation is what matters, but given my current family conditions, i really want to get into a prestigious one. but again, i don't think that the reputation of the college your in defines your future, because my brother is in community college right now, and he's doing great. i think what matters more is how you perform where you are, with your given (and created) opportunities. to a great extent this is true. back in the day our parents, many of whom didn't complete college (including both of my parents. heck, my mom couldn't even complete high school), managed to become very successful. i'm not saying that education doesn't matter, it certainly does, and should. but people shouldn't go all crazy about it, ignoring other talents and things like that. okay, i'm sure there wasn't enough connection between what i've said so far, but i just typed what came into my mind
  14. Yeah, i agree, 10% is really a big drop. I just made a quick estimate of the grade boundary for a 7, based on how difficult I think the tests were, and based on the grade boundary of the previous years. I think that the IB can only make a maximum 3% drop, i.e. if we are lucky, then maybe 68% is a 7. I just assumed that to get a 7, one needs to get at least 39/48 (for IAs), 32/40 (for paper 1), 55/95 (for paper 2), & 40/60 (for paper 3). That's how i made my calculation. But well, let's hope that the IB will be more generous than this that sounds like a good estimate. i think i've covered 3 out of 4 of these criteria for a 7. but paper 2 will bring me down and i'll probably get a 6. but i'll still be happy with a 6. hopefully what you said should work out
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