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  1. SinaXO

    Group 4 at HL

    From my experience Math and Chemistry at higher level is most fun but biology the easiest; however, if you don't have a good teacher at any of those subjects you won't get any satisfying grade for the amount of effort you put in for each one of them. For example my math teacher couldn't even help me with one of the first tasks in the book which made me reconsider my choice and pick mathematics at a lower level. The same goes for Chemistry as I had an amazing teacher during my preliminary year which made us one by one understand the topic before going on to the next one; however, the same goes not for my current teacher which has made me pull a lot of all-nighters to fully understand each topic but that's not a big issue for me since I truly love chemistry. I would recommend you to take chemisty and math at higher level since these are the most awarding considering you've teachers which put in a lot of effort; however, if you don't I would recommend dropping math to sl since in my opinion is the hardest subject to self-study. But of course, the choice is yours, GOOD LUCK!
  2. SinaXO

    chemistry design lab help!

    Possible independet variables would be a series of related acids that you're trying out, for example: Carboxylic acids which include methanoic, propanoic acid etc. The independet variable is what you're altering in an experiment. Possible dependent variables would be, for example the change in pH, which is, what you're measuring during the experiment. The controlled variable is what is held constant during the investigation which Emmi explained nicely. Make sure to have temperature there if you're not measuring it or you will lose a point!! Good luck with your IA!
  3. SinaXO

    chemistry design lab help!

    I've a similar chemistry IA; however, I forgot my notes in school so if you ain't in a hurry I can provide you some variables tomorrow..
  4. I wish I could've picked Physics and Physcology HL instead of Biology HL (soooooooooooooo boring)
  5. SinaXO

    Math Project Survey

    Thanks to everyone who participated, I'm yet 30 answers short so keep em coming!!!
  6. SinaXO

    Math Project Survey

    Hi guys!! Would highly appreciate if you took your time answering my math project question!! Thanks!! Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1VDoFlUdO8u7OdXBbgMbA9TY4gneBMqLeQ1v6ICsxCiQ/viewform
  7. I've chosen an research question which relates to a fertilizer that is supposed to make the plant grow faster (or not); however, I'm not certain on which plant I should be performing it on. I've been trying out garden cress, but I'm not entirely sure it's the best plant for carrying out experiments due to its varying results. I basically need a plant which grows relatively fast (around 1 month), so I've some results to rely on when finishing my extended essay. So, should I stick with the plant I already have in cosideration or would you recommend something else to perform it on? Also, since I've a very unique experiment, does it matter if it fails or could I still rely on the results explaining why it went the other way around? Thank you for taking your time sharing your thoughts. Really helps me out!
  8. It's highly possible if you've a good mentor and understand the concept. However, you must be ready to put in a lot of effort and dedication and be ready to sacrifice a couple of hours a day solving problems and rehearsing. A 7 in math SL is considered as a 4 in HL, so you'll have a bit to work with even though math is easy for you! Good luck!
  9. Hi, I was just wondering if it is necessarily important to send in a recommendation letter from my respective teachers when applying to universities located primarly in the US or UK area. This is due to the fact the significant part of my teachers hate me for personal or occasional reasons and would most likely write a negative letter if they would consider writing one at all. However, I consider myself as an overall manageable student; since I don't struggle with the workload and recieve remarkable grades on the small tests my teachers decide to have occasionally (besides chemistry, which takes up 90% of my study time and still provides me poor results ). So this bring us back to the question, which is: Does the recommendation letter have to be sent when applying for admission and if that is the case; does it play any significant role for me being admitted to an US/UK university? Thank you for taking your time sharing your thoughts! ~Sina

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