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  1. An aspect of the TOK essay emphasized on is the knower's perspective, as in YOUR perspective. It is good to use personal pronouns!
  2. lonelieststar1097

    I'm having a hard time coming up with an EE question

    that is a really subjective statement and i know psychology is a group 3 so its not meant to be strictly quantitative but you need to have a way to judge if it is overused or not because one person may think 10 times is overused while another may think 10000 times is overused you know and collecting data for that will be hard because are you going to look at every time the insanity plea was used in the history of time probably not are you going to look at it for one culture nuhuh bad idea where is your cross cultural validity that will be hard and more than everything i just said i don't actually think your topic is very strictly about psychology because if your arguing it is overused then that's like saying there is no psychological basis in the use? i get you think mental illness is an overused topic and sure it may be but it is a huge part of psychology and don't be deterred by the the fact it is overused and if you're interested in the psychology of criminology you could look at an almost nature vs nurture debate about what causes a person to become a criminal and 2 sides i can think of straight away are a "criminal gene" vs relationship with family growing up I absolutely agree. I think a huge problem in Psychology today is the lack of cause-effect relationships. You can debate over the role cognitive and socio-cultural factors have on criminal behavior. And once you've researched, you can narrow this down to a debate over two specific factors. Or like ibprincess said, you can go for the nature v/s debate that would probably fall under biological vs socio-cultural. You have enough time. Research, play around and you'll decide upon an RQ before you know it.
  3. lonelieststar1097

    Psychology EE Help

    I recently submitted my Psych EE. To be very honest, I cannot imagine writing it without having studied the subject. As much as you love the subject, this will be risky. At least unless you have a sufficient amount of guidance. The sad part is, when getting accepted into any uni grades do matter. To a great extent, in fact. So I suggest you do it in a subject that your school can provide you enough guidance in.
  4. lonelieststar1097


    Look at an eclectic approach to the treatment of PTSD in soldiers from war! Or maybe a non-pharmacological approach to the treatment of PTSD like animal-assisted therapy or music therapy.
  5. lonelieststar1097

    Is it bad if I am under the IOP time limit?

    I think as long as you covered enough aspects of your topic, its enough. from what i know, questions are included. good luck.
  6. lonelieststar1097

    End of IB1 Exam Schedule Advice

    What I think you should do is for example, Monday-Genetics Core Tuesday- Sequences and Series (Sums, then question bank) Wednesday- Quantitative Chemistry Thursday- Since Biochemistry is quite large, do half. Friday- Binomial Theorem and maybe radians. Pair up chapters your confident about in bio chem and math. I think this will help you focus more. That's how i do it and i think I'm handling well enough. Hope it helps
  7. lonelieststar1097

    Need to create a World Lit Thesis! PLEASE HELP

    Your thesis needs to include all the aspects your covering in your essay. As said earlier, complete your body and then formulate the thesis statement. Make sure it's short and crisp, yet covering all sub-topics covered. Good luck!
  8. lonelieststar1097

    How is the IB Chemistry SL exam scored?

    In SL, paper 3 has a relatively high part in your grade. More than HL does at least. I say since it's just two chapters, you focus heavily on them.
  9. lonelieststar1097

    Tok RLS

    Well, what we've always been told is that we've gotta be passionate about our TOK topics. Since you derive your KI from your RLS, make sure it's something that you love. For example, being a dog lover, my RLS is related to my dog. My KI is related to sense perception and emotion. An article you read, an encounter you had with someone, or something as personal as a family/friend matter. It can be ANYTHING. Use that to develop your KI. Let me know id you need further help
  10. lonelieststar1097

    What was your IOP topic?

    The theme of individuality in, 'The Outsider' by Albert Camus
  11. lonelieststar1097

    ess or biology

    I think you should go for bio sl since you mentioned you dont like writing. Im taking: hl-english, psych, economics Sl- bio, math, french ab initio
  12. lonelieststar1097

    Psychology HL risky?

    Im starting in a week too and im taking psych hl too. This article may help:) http://www.ibo.org/diploma/assessment/subjectoutlines/documents/d_3_psych_gui-out_0902_1_e.pdf
  13. My school offers French, Spanish (ab initio.. SL & HL) and Hindi (HL & SL)

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