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  1. I think this is the old Assessment criteria..back in the time when it was still called 'portfolio'. It is referred to as 'Mathematical exploration' now. But thanks for your time anyway.
  2. Hope this helps English Language and Literature A1 HL here 1845283414.How.to.Write.Essays.pdf
  3. I am doing my Math IA on the topic "Mathematical methods in economics". Does anyone have any guiding material, ideas, thoughts that may help me? I know that you have other IB stuff to take care of, but every opinion or help I get would really mean a huge deal to me. Thank you in advance. Good luck with all of your assignments! P.S A little motivation “Recipe for Success: Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.”― William A. Ward
  4. Three assessed examples of English EEs
  5. I'm also doing a cat3 Do you think you can write 3000 words body( take 400-500 word introduction and 400-500 word conclusion) on a single ad? Think of this again. Though it's narrow enough you might get caught in the a psychological analysis rather than a Language analysis. I suggest you compare how women and men are presented in ads with stereotypical roles OR you stick to women by choose 2 or 3 ads form different brands Hope this helps. Good luck May2014
  6. I suggest, How do the female protagonists in Leila Aboulela's works, WORK1, WORK2 and WORK 3 resolve the common theme of "East and West"? You have no reason to worry. I don't think it's too broad. I'm doing category 3 and I analyse the language in a speech, a poem and a personal letter form 3 different people. I got a positive response on my topic and RQ Good luck
  7. May2014, bring on the EE! hehe Anything that has to do with language is Category 3 and your questions belongs here. I like your topic though I suggest you narrow it down by deciding if you want to talk about persuasion in advertisements or speeches. after you decide on this, you should narrow it down to choosing 2 speeches or (OR!) 2 ads to contrast and compare. I suggest that if you can somehow get your hands on the Cambridge English Language and Literature book from Brad Philpot, take a look at it Best of luck! P.S Before you decide, READ A LOT, get info from many sources. And don't worry if you even change your topic for a third time. There is still time, though don't overestimate it. The whole writing process takes you 3-4 days. But the research takes forever. Once you get your ideas organised and done lots of research, you can do it in no time
  8. Oh, finally a May2014 student and doing the same Category that I'm doing I found it difficult at first to find a topic and a RQ, but the I turned towards the "English language and Literature' book by Cambridge (Brad Philpot) and this book even has some topics and RQs suggested. Friendly tip: Category 3, doesn't really mean that you should focus on the media. For example you can analyse how language helped or formed something. The focus in on language. But if you have already dicided that you want to do your on media, I can suggest that you Compare and contrast the stereotypical roles that women and men are assigned in advertisements. You can take 2 different advertisements (for example Dove women and a Marlboro ad) and compare and contrast. Best of luck!
  9. Interesting assignment, I must say. Since this is a topic in the beginning of the syllabus, this assignment gives you a chance for exploration Anyway, I'm guessing you are acquainted with the term 'transition economy', but I'll state it anyways. The term 'transition economy' refers to any country that is making the transition from a predominantly planned economy towards a mixed market economy. I suggest you explore countries such as the former Soviet Union, but I strongly recommend you investigate Yugoslavia which consisted of 7 countries. You can investigate the positive and negative effects of the transition and take the ex-Yugoslavia countries as examples to prove your point. For example, Slovenia is the EU (European Union), due to the fact that it succeeded to resolve most difficulties relatively quick. Croatia recently became a member of the EU. And then take a looks at Serbia and Republic of Macedonia- countries that are having more difficulties and obstacles on the way. About the structure of the assessment, I suggest you ask your professor. I hope this information comes in handy. Good luck! P.S If you have the IB Economics book from Cambridge, I suggest you take a look at page 24.

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