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  1. Thanks for the info everyone! I'm particularly interested in what notenoughsleep said...where can I find more info about that?
  2. Hello everyone , I've been researching about some Canadian universities in which I'm interested (Alberta, Toronto, BC, McGill) and I have certain doubts on the costs of living, tuition, etc. Although I've found some information on this, I would like to get a more straigthforward response from this community. If any of you can tell me anything regarding the financial aspect of being an internat. student (including scholarships or loans) in a Candian uni, I would very much appreciate it .
  3. AlonsoDT

    Universities that REALLY like IB students.

    soo... I'm planning on going to a univ. in Canada to study engineering (still not quite sure which one, probably electrical) as an international student. I was wondering what can you guys tell me about this
  4. AlonsoDT

    EE about Astronomy/Astrophysics. Suggested topics?

    Hmm... when doing science-based essays, try to make them experimental. I mean, it's perfectly fine to examine theories but if you can go for experiments then it will be much "easier" to get higher grades (this is what I read in the IB EE guide...it is more likely to get a better mark from an experimental EE than from a theoretical one).
  5. When studying causes, I've always preferred to organise them thematically. If you go for the chronological approach, you're more likely to fall into a descrpitive essay (kind of like storytelling what happened before WWI), and that's not what IB wants you to do. If you categorise them in themes then it's kinda easier to make an analytical essay... In the first place, just organising the causes in themes shows part of the skills that IB looks to develop in their students (capability of approaching one problem through different angles). Also, by doing this it's more manageable to connect the causes and show how one cause can be categorised in different ways (for instance, one cause could be political but also social). Besides, you can highlight which causes you consider as the most important and WHY. Well, that's my recommendation (at least it worked for me )
  6. AlonsoDT

    History HL Paper 3

    Well, I did History of the Americas (not Europe), and I liked the paper . I did the one on the Spanish-American war, on US intervention during the Mex. Revolution (1910-1920) and on the causes of the Great Depression in 2 countries of the region.
  7. Oh... by seeing at all of these posts I've realised that my school offers such a LIMITED amount of IB courses , that's too bad... but it might be 'cause my group is the 2nd one they're finishing with... Anyways, at my school we've got: G. 1: Spanish A1 G. 2: English B G. 3: History of the Americas HL/History SL, Social and cultural anthropology SL (although they're not going to offer this anymore), Business & Management HL & SL G. 4: Biology HL & SL, Chemistry SL, Physics SL G. 5: Maths SL G. 6: <blank> Although I believe that in the coming years they'll implement Visual Arts/Music and maybe English A2 or French ab initio/B. That would be really cool
  8. AlonsoDT

    What Languages do you take?

    My school only offers Spanish A1 and English B, both at HL... I hope that they'll add French ab initio (or perhaps even French B) for the coming groups, because I would've really loved to take French !
  9. AlonsoDT

    IB books you absolutely loved

    I really enjoyed reading El Túnel by Ernesto Sábato, and then I found out that it's part of a trilogy so once I'm done with IB I'll run to buy the other 2 books ! I also liked Bestiario by Julio Cortázar and Crónica de una muerte anunciada by Gabriel García Márquez.
  10. AlonsoDT

    History paper 1 and 2

    I'm also doing the Americas; emergence of the US in foreign affairs, Mexican revolution, Great Depression, a couple of populist governments, Cuban revolution and a couple of militarisms in the 70s... but I'm not studying Cuba nor the militarisms
  11. AlonsoDT

    History paper 1 and 2

    Ugh paper 3 is just soooo awful! After writing 3 essays, I believe that my whole class ends the test with a cramped hand haha. Also, it's the longest one on IB, right? About the comic... I remember having written something about Great Britain being deterred to give France protection because the latter wouldn't stop their militarist...eh...attitude? (I hope this is understandable, English isn't my native language), which could be seen in the man's facial expression. And also that this militarism was a must if GB wanted to give them the aid they asked for... which was quite explicit on the source's title "Love me - Love my dog" and the dog said "French Militarism".
  12. AlonsoDT

    History paper 1 and 2

    Well, I found both papers fairly manageable... In paper 1, I just couldn't remember what the Anglo-American Guarantee was... I hope a 5 or if I'm lucky, a 6/7 in that one. Paper 2, on the other hand, was wonderful . I remember reading through that question about Hitler's rise and feeling my lips turn into a smile haha. I did that one and the one of the Cold War on the fall of the USSR... although I didn't finish my last essay, I'm hoping for a 5 here as well. Right now I should be studying for paper 3 , but somehow I managed to end up in the forum. Well, I've got the whole day to study and get ready for that paper, 'cause it's my last exam! Woohoo! GL to everyone who's taking it on the 15th.
  13. I've never thought about comitting suicide... I think that no matter how hard life may be sometimes, those bad moments almost always come to an end. And if they don't (as someone said before, with illnesses such as AIDS or cancer), well then... you might wanna take a look at this guy. He's considered one of the greatest virtuoso guitar players out there, and all of a sudden he got ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; in short, you lose the ability to move... yeah). Try to imagine, it's like being a marvelous painter and out of nowhere, become blind. Despite that, he's still alive and composing his wonderful music . Just throwing that out there. I mean, I like to believe that there's ALWAYS a reason to live for, always. Anyways, that's my opinion.
  14. AlonsoDT

    Language Pen-Pals

    Although I'm almost done with my IB exams, I'd love to practise another language that's not my mother tongue! 1. Alonso 2. English HL 3. Español, English, et un peu de Francais... (I'd love to improve my French; I'm planning on continuing to study it after my exams are over ) 4. PM me
  15. AlonsoDT

    This or That!

    Tea RPG or RTS?

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