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  1. guns 'n' roses

    anyone good at probabiltiy?

    never mind got it!
  2. guns 'n' roses

    anyone good at probabiltiy?

    hi I have this practice question and needed help with the answers: Alan has 2 squash partners, Steve and Connor. If he plays steve he has 30% of a chance of winning. If he plays connor he has 50% of a chance of winning. He plays steve 20% of the time and connor the rest. what's the probability of Alan winning a match? given that Alan doesn't win, what is the probability that he was playing Connor? answers to 3 d.p. Thanks
  3. guns 'n' roses

    Can this be counted as Creativity?

    yep I'm pretty sure I can as long it's not IB classwork related! Since yours isn't- I would say it would be counted for creativity!
  4. guns 'n' roses

    struggling in TOK

    Hi, TOK seems to be quite difficult for me- I mean we were asked to answer a question of 'How I KNOW education is good for me' and I seemed to be going of to why? My teacher also isn't very helpful and I was wondering if you could help me/give ideas to what I wrote: Education. I didn't really 'know' it was good for me, it's something that developed over the course of my years- whenever I was in English I wondered what's the point of learning about anthologies or even math how is the area of a triangle going to help me in my future career? But eventually I realised that everything had had a reason behind it and whatever I learnt it would help in the future. From an early age, my parents had said education was the key to future, and it stuck since. P.S- Not meant to be too long
  5. guns 'n' roses

    maths SL or maths studies SL

    Does Melbourne/Monash university allow students to take maths studies SL as an option for engineering courses, over maths SL. I'm a little confused as my teacher said I may not be able to cope with mathematics SL, so I really needed help! Any comments appreciated. Thank you!
  6. guns 'n' roses

    HELPP! Should i choose SL or math studies? (for an art student)

    Actually, since you're not interested in any science/math streamed base course, I don't think it should be much of a problem to you if you dropped down a level, but really if you got an A* then SL maths should be alright enough for you, and you should be confident about it! But as far as I know try contacting your preferred university(s) first before making any decision that could affect your future!! Good luck!
  7. guns 'n' roses

    Chemistry before the IB?

    thank you!!
  8. guns 'n' roses

    Chemistry before the IB?

    Hi, I was wondering to do Chemistry SL do you need to know much before the IB, as I was considering this subject and wanted to now, how vigorous it is, and whether you require much previous knowledge from it as I didn't do any gcse's due to the fact that I lived in Australia, and we only had normal end of year exams. Thanks!
  9. guns 'n' roses

    IB Physics - 7 Ways to Get a 7

    awesome tips!!!!!! THANK-YOU
  10. guns 'n' roses

    How hard is Physics HL?

    yep i'm going into engineering.....!
  11. guns 'n' roses

    How hard is Physics HL?

    Starting IB soon and I was wondering how hard is Physics at a HL, I mean do you need to know anything beforehand (as my school's Physics department was REALLY bad so I didn't really learn much). How much math is involved (I chose math SL)? Anything helpful would be appreciated, as I'm pretty nervous!
  12. guns 'n' roses

    What classes are you taking next year? (Class of 2015)

    Physics HL Business and management HL English language and literature HL Chemistry SL French ab initio Maths SL
  13. guns 'n' roses

    Jet engine - Creativity or Action?

    yep it's creativity!
  14. guns 'n' roses

    What are your top 5 IB playlist songs?

    eye of the tiger guns 'n' roses- sweet child footloose - Blake Shelton no light- Florence and the machine ed sheeran- the A team & lego house highway to hell (sorry tad bit over 5)

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