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  1. Does Melbourne/Monash university allow students to take maths studies SL as an option for engineering courses, over maths SL. I'm a little confused as my teacher said I may not be able to cope with mathematics SL, so I really needed help! Any comments appreciated. Thank you!
  2. awesome tips!!!!!! THANK-YOU
  3. yep i'm going into engineering.....!
  4. Starting IB soon and I was wondering how hard is Physics at a HL, I mean do you need to know anything beforehand (as my school's Physics department was REALLY bad so I didn't really learn much). How much math is involved (I chose math SL)? Anything helpful would be appreciated, as I'm pretty nervous!
  5. Physics HL Business and management HL English language and literature HL Chemistry SL French ab initio Maths SL
  6. eye of the tiger guns 'n' roses- sweet child footloose - Blake Shelton no light- Florence and the machine ed sheeran- the A team & lego house highway to hell (sorry tad bit over 5)