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  1. Hello! I have two questions: Should citations be included in my WT2? We do not have to do covers for WT1 & WT2 like for IAs? Just what is said to be in the outline and the form that the teacher will provide, right?Thanks in advance! Cheers!
  2. lynusrynu

    Chi-squared test for IA

    it won't but yes I have done all other calculations I could and one set of my data is not normally distributed so I had some problems with it too.. well I guess I will just add data and calculate everything again :/
  3. lynusrynu

    Chi-squared test for IA

    yes I am, but we were told the minimum for IA is 30 so I thought 50 would be suitable
  4. lynusrynu

    Chi-squared test for IA

    Hello! I'm doing my IA on correlation between goals scored and footballer's BMI on the sample of 50 footballers. I know that Chi-squared test must have expected value bigger than 5 and I have divided goals scored in 3 groups and BMI also in 3 groups to perform the test, however I get expected value of 4.8 in one case. Therefore my question is: should I narrow the groups to 2x2 or should I leave it this way and state it as limitation/give a comment on test's valadility? There are these example IA's on the CD added to Oxford's book for Studies where once they said the whole calculations are bad due to performing Chi-squared with smaller values than 5 but once when someone added comments to that there was no negative comment from the moderator... thanks in advance cheers
  5. lynusrynu

    IA topic - is it good?

    what is more, even after dividing the data into 3 groups in the chi-square I have values smaller than 5. Which other tests can I use?
  6. lynusrynu

    IA topic - is it good?

    Thank you for all the anwers! I have one more question- do you think it might be not enough? My classmates are making 100 people surveys, does IB prefer that? Should I add another league to my IA?
  7. lynusrynu

    TOK no.4 which 2 areas you guys choose?

    Hi! Has anyone boug May 2014 TOK Essay Guide from http://www.theoryofknowledge.net/ ? Is it worth getting? Cheers, Lena
  8. lynusrynu

    Computer Science

    Hello! I am doing CS SL and have my examinations in May 2014. So far we have done with our teacher boolean algebra, numeral systems, web design and a very tiny bit of programic. As my finals are in 6 months time I have a very bad feeling that I will not pass. He says that there are not enough resources to teach us as the CS programme has been completely changed this year. My question is therefore to people who are having computer science. From what have you been learning? Do you have any recommendations? What should we concentrate on? I guess I somehow have to teach myself the core outside school... I know it is really late but any advice/link/ book title would be appreciated. Cheers, Lena
  9. lynusrynu

    IA topic - is it good?

    Hello! My IA topic idea is 'is there a correlation between goals the top 20 Premier League's season 12/13 players scored and their height?' What do you think about it? Is it good? My teacher accepted it, though I would like to hear some other opinion. Cheers, Lena.
  10. lynusrynu

    EE: investigation

    Hi! So as you can guess by the topic, I'm writing my EE in history. My RQ is: For what reasons and to what extent did the Nuremberg Trials fail to bring all of the Nazi War Criminals to justice? I have finished the introduction and I cannot complain about the lack of sources, however I have no idea what I should do next. What I have learnt from here *** is that I should start my investigation with an outline of it. However, I haven't seen it in all of the 'example' essays that are online. Is it really requested to give it a separate paragraph? Should I also do the OPVL evaluation? Or I can just explain the three factors I decided to choose with simple citing and referring to the sources? Any help would be most welcome and sorry I'm really just off the boat with that

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