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  1. Shona

    Chemistry Paper 1 and 2 SL

  2. Shona

    Maths SL Paper 1

    It didn't go that well for my class and myself, infact it was the worse paper for me :/
  3. Shona

    Math IA Help !

    So i need help in my IA, i do have an outline but i just do not know what to do next. my exploration topic is - Pythagoras triples Any Ideas to what i can write about it? thanks!
  4. Shona

    EE Experiement For chemistry Help

    Yes i did alot of google alot of things but i just cant seem to find one. i bought my stuff for the first experiment that i did ( which did not turn out to be related as my teacher said but was a good experiment) and i want to make use of them. i bought a cream and couple of household bleach agents too and tried simple staining experiments but i am finding more complex ones. thank you though
  5. So i am doing my extended essay and now my main problem is the experiments. I have done a couple of experiments but they aren't that related to my Extended essay as what my teacher said. So i just need some ideas for an experiment to do. My topic is 'determine the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in face creams and in household bleaching agents'. Do need help urgently.
  6. Shona

    Geography notes

    Thank you and it really helps !
  7. Shona

    Geography notes

    Heyy So, I need help in geography SL and HL.. would anyone mind sharing notes? i do have notes but its not that effecient Do Help!!
  8. hey.. my reasearch question is " How much stronger is hydrogen peroxide in whitening creams more concentrated than in household bleaching agents?" Its based on the subject chemistry.. is it good enough? clear or narrow enough too? thanks btw the guide u wrote is brilliant and helped me realise alot while doing my EE
  9. Shona

    Topic 4 and 5 - Genetics notes

    Thank you, Glad to help
  10. Shona

    Topic 4 and 5 - Genetics notes

    i dont have skype sorry.. . that is chapter 7 isnt it? it would be nice if u have notes to share and i can help you out too i can post my notes on that some time soon
  11. Shona

    Topic 4 and 5 - Genetics notes

    You are most welcome
  12. Notes i have made for Genetics hope it helps! Genetics MY notes IB.docx
  13. Shona

    chemistry EE help!

    i was thinking of doing an experiment on a bone. like the 2 types of hydrogen peroxide on a bone and finidng the results of it?

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