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  1. Awail

    Physics HL - new syllabus

    Physics HL's new syllabus involves topics like Climate Change and Digital Technology. It is quite simply one of the hardest subject in IB. The portions are huge but with a good teacher I am sure you can complete the syllabus comfortably. In fact I am taking the May Exam and our portions are already complete. So now we are doinf 2 more options just as a safegaurd apart from the the two options that we are required to do. in the exam ill have a choice to take whichever potion I want to write
  2. Awail

    Group 4 project topics

    And what is this G4 project
  3. Awail

    Physics Options

    Hey guy what do u think is the the hardest Physics HL option. I would personally say particle physics looks the hardest??
  4. Awail

    Quantum Processing - Computer Science

    Hmm the thing is I am not a Computer Science person myself, so I really dont know much about ur body of the essay. I was just giving some basic ee advise. Try looking into newspapers, journals and stuff for your variety.Thats the basic problem with new technology... You should really elaborate on classic computers to get the rest of the words . Try bringing out the problems with classical computers(I am sure a lot of expert advice can come through from here along with ur varied sources).
  5. Awail

    HL maths or history?

    Hey SharkSpider, I see that you are doing UW math and business. I am actually interested in their math with riskmanagement course.What course are you doing and is it challenging?(in comparison to IB HL) And ya I agree that Math HL is not really for geniuses...
  6. Awail

    HL maths or history?

    Well like I said< i am not excellent but i guess above normal standards . I agree with on the daily thing, tacking math everyday is essential(but we get daily HW for math HL at our school). I would like to say it also depends on the background you get. I did IGCSE, which I found to be very weak preparation. But I also did Kumon(where I sweated my ass off and thus the casual approach to IB:). IB math paper(paper 1 and 2) will push you for time so I guess you need to be very clear on your concepts however I beg to differ on your point(Bishup):"produce on paper without thinking". IB is about your thinking, and analysing abilities. For ex. take a quick glance at IB may 2009 paper 2(TZ2) question on geometry(geometry that is of 10th grade standard). It stumped people worldwide(and it was 18 marks). You never know what to expect in IB, so you really cant expect to be ready to produce without thinking. Rather it is pre-requisite that you mould yourself to approach problems with prudence and intelligence. The key thing is IB hardly repeats questions. The concepts of math will forever remain same but there are infinite methods of applying your concepts.
  7. Awail

    physics extended essay topic

    Lol i know. I am making my research question something like Does there exist such a relationship and my conclusion will be nope sorry there is absolutely no relationship. I initially thought it was a unique idea but realised it s kinda stupid one. I dont have time cause my school, in a hurry to focus on Final Exams wants to get EE done by Jan 11. How about you, what's your ee on?
  8. Awail

    Quantum Processing - Computer Science

    hey ur research question sounds better now. Maybe as u go on in ur research u can narrow it even more. As for the primary research, you shoudl try and get some one who probably knows a lot on ur topic generally even if he is not a designer or anything like that. Atleast you can get an expert in classical computers to get in your view. u know its kinda safer if u can throw in some primary research. As per the content I thinks its on track as long as your sources are varied(like from websites, books, latest magazines) Good luck with ur topic!
  9. UBC is the best uni in Vancouver. It has a genreal excellent reputation but i dunno about its speciality in Hospital mangement
  10. Awail

    HL maths or history?

    Well I am doing HL maths, and I am not really a math genius, more of a science guy. I find it a good challenge but not real that difficult. In my year 11 i got around 110/120 in both of my papers. i didnt go crazy and practice 1000 Questions infact I have a very unusual way of approaching math that proves to be effective: I read math and not practice it. try it for a test and see for yourself(it works for me atleast)so it is extremely feasible for you to get 45 with Math HL. Personally I feel math is about ur ability to solve problems, so it really shouldnt take soo much time for studying in comparison to something like history(which u need to spend hours reading fat books). To be honest math HL is nota real challenge for math geniuses cause there is a something higher than Math HL in IB and it is called IB Further Math SL. I know many people with math HL 7's, infact my friend class of 60 people had 45 people with a math HL 7.
  11. nice score guys any math or physics HL 7's that anyone knows of?
  12. Awail

    physics extended essay topic

    Well basically I started investigating a relationship that does not exist in reality( that's what I meant by negative answer. my experiment is really simple I load the test wire with a load and check the elongation. After some time I check if the wire has elongated to a different length(remember the load has not changed). so with a constant load I am checking whether the wire will still strech after some time. with a pretty precise intrument I see that even though the load is constant on the wire the wire will streth a few millimeteres at each time interval. unfortunately this experiment will still have around 25% error. I guess it is something like erosion but in my research i wasnt really able to find out anything about it(there is elastic fatigue but thats something completely different it seems). so ya i understand this experiment sound unclear cause really there is no solid physics behind it. its like the question: whether the wire holding some object will eventually break after some time. except i am not really waiting for it to break(lol ill probably never finish IB then). its more of whether it will start to elongate after some time. Of course such a phenemenon can be observed as I enter plastic deformation but as long as its elastic its tough luck
  13. Awail

    Quantum Processing - Computer Science

    Or maybe you should do an comparison of a new with an old technology. but be sure to get some primary research into it. say like talk to some people who are actually makinf quantam processors. if u actually now people at the heart of designing Quantam Proccessors that would be idealistic. And since it is computer science be more specific on the technicalities of quantam processors rather than its global implications which would deviate into ITGS.
  14. Awail

    Quantum Processing - Computer Science

    I would suggest you got for something where you can involve yourself more. You know get more personal with a topic. Ususally for EEs like computer science people write their own programs and stuff. New technology sounds attractive but most of the time it only renders hackeneyed secondary research
  15. Awail

    Further Maths

    oh and the reason why IB further math HL is not available is that they have not been able to design a syllabus for it. They are unable to offer even more advanced mathematics at the very movement *correction to my first post i meant further math SL is appropriate for those aiming for a career in math or computer science

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