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  1. jaxine

    How many languages do you speak?

    I speak Mandarin, English, Malay, Hokkien (Chinese dialect) and a tiny bit of Thai
  2. jaxine

    Name Your IB School

    Garden International School, Rayong, Thailand. May 2014
  3. jaxine

    Teaching myself Mandarin SL

    My mandarin teacher does exactly the same. She prints out copies from her books and make us read it. For me, it doesn't really help because it's so boring (we do that like every lesson) Books that we used - Chinese made easy book 5 & 6, Boya Chinese blue book I think the best way is to do past papers, learn vocab (try to give yourself a spelling test after learning new words) and just read and remember words. I speak mandarin so it's ok for me but my friends in class learn really fast if they try to make a conversation in mandarin. Self study may be a little bit difficult unless you have someone to guide you.. just to know where you're going and what you're doing right/wrong. Maybe write more essays to practice your writing and ask your teacher to mark it. Good luck! x
  4. jaxine

    Graph on picture

    Hello! Does anyone know what software was used to do this? http://xmltwo.ibo.org/publications/DP/Group5/d_5_matsl_tsm_1205_1/html/xmltwo.ibo.org/publications/DP/Group5/d_5_matsl_tsm_1205_1/pdf/example08_e.pdf What I meant was putting graph and co ordinates on a picture. I tried to use Logger Pro but I have no idea how to use it and all I could do was put points on the picture. Can anyone please help?
  5. jaxine


    Does anyone know the differences between Oral Health, Dental Surgery and Dental Science?
  6. jaxine

    Should I be worried?

    I plan on going to either Singapore, Australia or New Zealand! And I want to do Dentistry... I don't think my predicted grades are good enough to be accepted, though.
  7. jaxine

    Should I be worried?

    Hello everyone! I am doing my IB examinations next May and I was wondering if anyone is doing the same is already applying for uni.. Many of my classmates are already applying every where and I just thought that maybe I should do my exam first and apply with my real results and not my predicted etc. I need advice! Should I start applying now or? I am already pretty stressed about my examinations in May.. I don't think I have time to prepare all those things..lol..
  8. jaxine

    Math Exploration- Birthday Paradox

    5th of April, Jaxine
  9. jaxine

    Math IA!

  10. jaxine

    Math IA!

    Hello! I am planning to do my Math IA on cancer. I am going to use statistics of mortality rate of cancer to see if death rate of cancer is exponential. My teacher doesn't really help or advice me with anything. I was wondering if it's too simple or is it okay?
  11. Hello, I need some advice. Is it okay if I do a moral dilemma TOK presentation like designer babies? I did my practice one and got 18/20 but I think my teacher was a little bit generous with the marks. I mainly talked about the advantages and disadvantages with my opinions and etc. If I use this for my real TOK presentation, will I get a good score or should I change my topic?
  12. Does anyone know what I need to apply for Dentistry course in Australia? SAT? IELTS?
  13. jaxine

    Group 4 project topics

    I did mine on "Survival" and we made a HUGE house! (using our DT skills). We also tried making fire using batteries and chewing gum wrapper, and we made a slingshot. We didn't do much Science stuff lol. It was alot of fun Watch it here if you want -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTtSgxgYhKg
  14. jaxine

    Binomial Theorem for IA

    I want to do "Proving Binomial Theorem" for my IA, is it too simple?

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