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  1. For Philosophy Columbia University is definitely one of the best but I suppose you can pursue psychology at any top university as the differences between the programs offered for that major would be relatively akin.
  2. Again I dont know how to stress this enough but you will actually fail your EE if you keep your current question. That has to be one of the most absurd things I have ever heard and I really hope you contest such ludicrous declarations because it is your precarious diploma that will be periled. This is one of those defiant situations in which you have to request either a change in supervisor, to a less stubborn one or really contrive an uproar and protest such stupid stipulations because, if you listen to anything ive told you, and actually looked at the rubric, you will find that most of the criteria have to do with your experiment itself. Please do not allow a bereucracy stymie your ambitions as I faced a similar situation with prats in my school but you really have to maneuver them and realise that your destiny is in your hands. At the end of the day you can be complacent with second class teaching and enjoy inflated grades and false hope but the IB wont give your complaints a second thought when you fail. You are in quite the predicament and I must say I have never heard of such blasphemous assertions so I really do urge you to change either your subject, supervisor, topic... ANYTHING but do not continue on this path Alternatively if you dont choose to, you can hope for a D/C and focus on TOK but you better hope that you pass TOK and get above 28points because in all likeness, a bio research paper sans experiment, will yield an E. If you need help message me but for now this is all the advice I can render.
  3. If I were you I would absolutely and undoubtedly change either your subject at which your current EE question is under or keep Biology as the EE subject and completely obliterate any remnants of your current topic. Whilst it will make for a great research paper, it will make for one of the worst, if not the worst Biology EE topics. A prerequisite to any Bio, or science EE for that matter is an experiment that should account for most of your EE. Essays that dont have any experiment included can expect to score in the lower brackets, possibly even fail. Your predicament is intriguing in that you will have graphs from other sources but given that they have probably been analysed, rephrasing them will do you no good. My friend did an EE in chem and because an experiment was a minor part of his essay, he almost tried to embellish it, he got a weak C. It is absolutely compulsory that you include an experiment in your EE and failure to do so will be at your detriment. Only a paltry amount of criteria revolve around research whilst the others mainly relate to your collection of data, analysis etc... so you should approach this as any other lab with its own idiosyncratic requirements. I do not know how your EE will fair in psychology but I would assume it is more research based and so it is possible, even if you do not take psych as a subject. Again, a thing that is quite irksome to me is those who lie about when their exams take place since you should not even give the EE much thought if you are just about to enter the IBDP!
  4. HL Chemistry by a long shot. Which university offer have you accepted/aspire to receive acceptance from?
  5. Hey so this year I got 39 core points and all I can say that it is definitely achievable but requires scrupulous effort. Essentially I was unfortunate in that I was forced to take French B SL as apposed to AB initio and I inevitably ended up with a 5 in that subject. Judging solely on your subjects, I can guarantee you that they will be very demanding and time consuming, given that you must understand the topics as well as manipulate situations. I too did 4HLs the first year of IB and decided to drop math in my transitionary period to IBY2 so 4Hls definitely help if you are wavering. Again be careful in terms of risk reward ratio because you may find yourself stretching yourself thin and not performing to the best of your ability resultantly. Furthermore a major contributing factor in dropping math was that I really did not want all my Chem HL material that I labored over to go in vain and I really recommend doing math HL first year then dropping regardless as it constitutes most of math Sl syllabus. After dropping, I was ahead of the math Sl class (1 other person however) but there will still be learning - conceptually less difficult. My rule of thumb was essentially to pick 2 Hls that I was passionate about but were also considered hard and the 3rd has to be something comparatively easier in every possible facet. Having this leeway can assure your success in the 3rd HL whilst permitting you extra time in the other HLs. My predicament is very peculiar in that, as a class, we finished the bio HL syllabus 5 months before the exams, which was relieving. English HL is pathetic compared to Sl in terms of workload difference and I never really felt that the HL components of the syllabus warranted the extra hours - Again this is my opinion and not necessarily the truth but I am referring to Lang&Lit. The workload is almost identical except that HL students, I believe, have an extra written task and a different P1. For the IOC HL students have 3 books as apposed to SL's 2 books which is probably the only thing to feel anxious about. Other than that for your P2 you guys are required to read 3 books but only have to use 2 books for your analysis whilst Sl students only read 2 books and thus the extra book allowed to HL students is strategically advantageous. Some HL kids didnt even bother reading the extra HL book as there would be no use if it was not needed. The extra classes definitely work in your favor in that you will have more comprehensive discussions that I often felt would be of benefit to Sl students too but time allocation thwarted this. I must say, however, that the grading, I have heard, is much more difficult for HL students but again this, like English, is arbitrary. As an SL student I would have benefitted from the extra time in P2 as I always rushed my ideas and the 90minutes worked to my detriment. Hopefully HL english students can actually render some advice as they are more suitable to do so. I would say definitely take and Keep the HL if you can but again you havent shared us which university and course you aspire to enroll in so it may vary. Finally if I can stress anything to the nth degree it would be the following: GUARANTEE YOURSELF THE EXTRA 3 POINTS!!! These points will be your safe haven if you ever feel pressured and will alleviate a lot of pressure going into the exam. That being said, never trust what your teachers say about your predicted always aim at improving your essays. I put in a dismissive effort into my TOK and since my teacher told me that he thought it was A weak A, i didnt give it much thought and assumed I was getting at-least a B. Imagine my surprise when I got freakin C - Still pissed to this date. The bonus points for many are the difference between a pass and a fail but for me particularly I now really dont care for them since if you do not get all 3, it really diminishes your total percentage and thats why i always tell people my core score. Like everyone else has said, it is hard to say what type of breakdown you're looking at but be realistic in your approach so that you can optimize your full usage. I thought I wasnt going to get a 5 in french and frankly didnt care so for the last month and a half prior to the exam, i only studied once which was the day before the exam. That being said, French AB initio and Economics SL are really considered to be easy subjects and you should consider yourself lucky to be able to do an initio language because those tend to be the easiest, especially if you have some grasping beforehand. Not to sound conceded or anything of the sort but Economics SL is really a joke of a subject in its rudimentary concepts and lack of workload. I would recommend taking HL because that too was a breeze but again you would have to disclose your course plans et cetera. Just make sure you really give the remaining time of IB all that you have whilst still maintaining an equilibrium in life. If I learnt anything from this whole experience, if you put in an HONEST effort into everything you do, it will somehow pay dividends. Do not stress too much on the final number because at the end of the day it is exactly that and doesnt determine whether one is a genius or a failure. Just give it all your honest effort and it will work itself.
  6. I know of people getting 4s and bringing it up to the bare minimum of 6. One exerted prodigious efforts to learn and apply all the concepts and it took him hours and costed a fortune in tutoring cost (the math teacher was a cretin) and the other picked up his act and actually started caring.
  7. I find the answers in response to your post to be extremely discouraging, demoralizing and to some extent frivolous. Notwithstanding, the point about elevating your SAT scores is imperative in matriculating to a top-tier university. Given that you have awards, ECAs and essays as good as the rest of your applicants, your IB core grade of 37 will still permit your consideration at these schools. Firstly the Diploma principal at my school, an alum of UPENN, told us that a score of 36 can lead to enrollment in the IVY league conglomerate. Keep in mind that Brown, Stanford and other schools give credits for 5s in your HL. 5s!!! They also take into account the rigor of your workload and 7s in two of the hardest HLs is definitely commendable. Not only that but a 5 in the language is also taken into consideration which works in your favor. On a side not, how are you getting a 6 in the easiest Hls then ? Anyways a 37 alone in the core definitely keeps you in contention whilst your subjects definitely accentuate your competitiveness. Again, your SAT needs to improve but assuming you can do that, you will definitely be able to get into a few of the top schools in the WORLD!! This again is coming from personal experience whereas i had similar grades to you but i explained it off and due to fortuitous circumstances, i was still able to get into a great school. My school did not inflate my predicted like other schools (student predicted 44, ended with 28) so in that respect i was put at a disadvantage, but im glad as it puts less stress on achieving your predicted final grades. Continue doing you, improve on your SAT (I recommend the ACT) and get those essays where they need to be and you will be fine.
  8. its not necessarily the amount you write but the time allocated in responding to that question. You should also consider the points your making and whether they would classify as "ib marks," and this is why I urge you to scour past papers to really understand how points are rewarded. I spent a page and a half on a 6mark question whilst writing half a page for an 8 marker in bio because it really depends on the question. If you are wondering about economics, make sure you have all the relevant theory and spend 17mins or so on the 10marker. If you tell me which subject you are referring to hopefully i can be off assistance, but until then I would underscore the need to allocate time, not quantity in answering a question.
  9. If there is any advice i can render, study moderately continuously over this up and coming year and you wont have to exert a lot of effort trying to remember content as it will be engrained in your mind. I am currently watching the bourne identity right now and listen 24hrs is a lot of time, there is no reason you want study 8hrs a day with plenty of breaks and movies. good luck and let me know if you want any other advice.
  10. Hahaha you guys are bickering over paltry points on paper 1... I wrote off the Calvin Cycle instead of Kreb's cycle ;'( There goes my 7...soo pissed!!!!
  11. If i was to give any topics on the IB subject of economics in its entirety, it would be not to take economics SL as it is the most meaningless subject comparably lower to math studies. Economics HL is not only more fulfilling but easier as the excess knowledge aids in understanding. Feel free to question me if you have any concerns.
  12. no the natural unemployment rate is the number of people unable or unwilling to work at that particular wage rate. In an economy there will naturally be people (engineers) who will not work for the minimum wage so are unwilling and by definition, are not part of the unemployment rate.
  13. I personally feel that this test was particularly insulting and degrading and really incensed me. It was an absolute joke of a test and I was surprised as to how easy it was. The only real Q concerning economics in P3 was that of Q2 regarding the slope (Whether it increased or not) and mostly everyone got that wrong, which just goes to show that many people do not understand the fundamentals of economics. This test has put me off to studying for others as to how easy it was but im thinking that this is an anomaly but really hoping it isnt .
  14. WOW that seems harsh. Ya that friend didnt apply for economics so maybe thats why. It really depends on the situation.
  15. I don't think this applies to the UK, especially for competitive universities like Warwick and St. Andrews my friend got a conditional for LSE for 38points and they gave him a 2point leeway.
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