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  1. Any resources that give IB reviews in relatively full sessions (not just selective chapters out of the course, History HL of course is different), such as youtube channels, teacher blogs, websites and such? or any sites that host past exams would be nice too for Biology HL, Chemistry SL, History HL, English Lit HL? Thanks !!
  2. Thank you so much for the feedback! ill try to squeeze in any math notations where i can... hard for me since i never learned this ..
  3. Hey im doing math exploration on norm-referenced grading, and i decided to add on a more complex explanation to bell curve in hope to earn some smiley faces... Im SL student so never learned anything about it, the paragraph is the essence of an hour on wiki, i just wanted to make sure my understanding is alright, i know it is not sophisticated or anything, but it is my accomplishment to put it in my own words.. plagiarism is sin, intelligent manipulation is gold.. just see if i got my basics right... Continuous probability distribution has the probability density function, and its random variable can take on continuous values. The probability density function is a function that describe the chance of a random variable becoming a certain value. The probability of this random variable falling within specific interval of values is calculated by the integral of the function in that interval. Like what I learned in calculus, the definite integral is bound by the graphed function, which in this case, the probability density function, the x-axis, and the vertical lines of the enclosing interval, left bound value and right bound value. thanks to whoever answer this ... before my due date...which is in the next 12 hours
  4. Thank you! i already have my first rough draft in I am SL student, and i think it is little late for me to change it completely, so i was wondering is there something else i can add to it? I know it is asking too much but since i never learned anything outside of syllabus ... i can't really think off "outside of course" stuff any directional help is much appreciated, thank you!
  5. My math exploration is on the topic of norm distribution curve grading, where i examine how teacher can use norm distribution, z-score to alter students' scores, aka scaling My aim is to see who benefit the most from the class if a teacher do scale a test so ill be using a hypothetical set of raw scores from students as raw data, calculate the average, standard deviation, then i would use them to calculate the z-score of each student's raw mark decide what should teacher's "ideal distribution" would be, and plot in the z-score of raw mark to the new ideal bell curve to see the scaled mark and to see which student get bumped up the most ... does it sound too easy? am i using enough math SL stuff? any improvements to make it better? i appreciate any advices!!! thank you!!
  6. I want to do my essay on the reform movement happened in the 1890s China, particularly after the Sino-Japanese war, with Kang YouWei and other reform minded people I want to write about how those reformists' actions were enlightening the society, and how they were beneficial, and had greater effects on the society (such as Kang's idea of constitutional democracy, public schools, his book that denied old Confucian learning of three bonds) The research question I came up with is: To what extend can the reformations in 1890s China be considered an enlightenment era? I have A LOT of troubles to word it right... first off, i kinda want to include events and reformists other than the hundred days reform movement of Kang, but he would be a major part of it, if not all.. but im not sure as my research was really poorly done, thats why i did not want to say "to what extend can the Hundred days movement be called..." as im afraid that i might not have enough material to write about Anyone have suggestions about that? should i keep it broad like i have it in red? Or if this looks too broad, the examiner will penalize me for not taking into consideration of ALL the things that might've happened if my major focus is on Kang YouWei but put the whole decade on my question? and the last part, after enlightenment, i donno if i should call it a movement, an era, time? .. like how should i describe it? an enlightenment outburst? ( ) Thank you so much for people who can help me! I appreciate it a lot! I am really terrible at wording stuff...
  7. Haha i did mine on the plain and simple "abortion", and i got 18/20 for my legit TOK presentation One thing i always tell people when it comes to the presentation, remember it is a TOK presentation, not a moral debate, a science investigation, blah blah blah... It is the theory of knowledge, so like above said, its about AOK and WOKs. The tip my teacher gave me, is that the topic of "designer baby" or "abortion", are all just real life situation, your knowledge claim cannot be "designer baby is bad, go to hell with semen" it is about how this real life situation leads you to a broader, general knowledge claim, which can spread across multiple AOKs For example, my abortion topic, it is a matter of ethics, science, and religion. it can be examined through reason (WOK WOK) with ethics, since it is unethical to kill a human (an assumption, but universally agreed, and not the center of this topic, so im okay), then to reason it out, at what stage of baby development is fetus a human? for science, you can look through perception, so on and so for. I use abortion as a concrete real life situation to give out example, but i demonstrate mainly how do i get to my knowledge claim to varies ways of knowing DO NOT juz talk about "designer baby is bad because it alters what is natural" relate this to ethics perhaps? "DO NOT juz talk about "designer baby is good because it eliminate three eyes mutations" relate this to science perhaps? see what i mean?.. or i wasted all the typing..??
  8. remember the AOK WOK ? TOK is very different for each teacher, but for mine, he is very satisfied when we use AOK and WOK to answer the question. So, since the question is asking "how", why don you look at the WOKs? How do you know? Perhaps "reason"? reason can help you to determine if education is important for you! plz elaborate on your own... or "language" since your parents communicated the importance of education to you, how does language help you to figure out this question? TOK is theory of knowledge, remember to think of this when comes to answer questions,IT ISN'T about the answer to the question "is education important", it is about how do you find out?
  9. maybe is because you are "scanning" the writing instead? i do that ALL the time when it comes to boring, dry readings. a simple solution is to recognize when you "drifted off" by only scanning the words on the page, and take the hard way by going back to read it again and again until the words sink into you, this way, you will refocus yourself back into the reading. also, take a highlighter with you highlight the things that you think will matter for what you are learning, not only will it force you to focus, it can also be a great reminder when you finished a 500 page writing on Washington's horse.. highlight the main events, people, dates, concept of each paragraph, so when you go back, just by looking at the highlighted, perhaps the word "saddle", will remind you the paragraph was about how Washington painted the horse's saddle pink, and how it was soooo significant. like above, i love to study with one other person, and we take turn retelling the story we read, but that is only for before test last minute study for me I try not to burden myself with unnecessary time consuming writings like summary when i need to read 20 pages of pain each day, something i do is to use sticky notes to remind me what ive read, because when it comes to a black and white print book that has a font of 0.3, it is really hard to go back and find the important sentence i need, so i sticky note it and write a five word simple reminder like "Washington's fetish with pink unicorn" What this does is to help you pinpoint the important things when after reading, before class, or before test, to go back and study ever tried to RECORD your oral summary? can be awkward at first, but as you progress with organizing, and finding the best way to summarize orally, you will feel like you are studying with another self! NO WRITING NO TIME CONSUMING, read a paragraph, start the recorder, simply say "on page 36 paragraph 5 to 9 of book XXX, Washington in 1774, went to NYC, started the "Horse on unicorn club".
  10. The topic i want to do is the hundred days' reform of the late qing dynasty of china (donno if u guys know this, it was a radical reform in the 1890s involving Kang Yu Wei, and the Kuang Su emperor. it is called the hundred days reform cuz it only lasted for a hundred days.) i was looking into writing an essay about the falling of Qing, and narrowed my topic to something that is small, like an event, which is easier to concentrate on. Im researching right now, but need help on the actual research question forming, and the direction i want to go. The research question i can think of right now is "Why did the Hundred Days' Reform failed so quickly" (which is very poorly worded, and seem quite plain) Im not sure why i don like this question, even though it is the direction im going about. I find my question to be too simple (not investigation wise, but the question itself, it does not seem to connect to the fall of qing dynasty, or any big picture tbh) Cuz when i looked at other people s question, is often "to what extend did XXX's xxx impact the XXX". Those questions investigate from a small angle, but lend itself to a bigger event. So i guess im asking for help to refine my research question and my way of going about the topic to make it EE worthy PS im not learning my history HL in Asian history, my topic came to me purely out of personal interest, and i gotta say, i have no idea about the history of China whatsoever, NONE, everything i know is based on researches i did, which is not much.. so anyone who studied this time period in China, i would greatly appreciate ANY TIPS AND ADVICES!!!
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