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  1. Royster Zhang

    Question about scope of history EE

    So we just got our EE talk a week ago, and we have to choose mentors soon. I want to do a history EE on the role of agriculture in Chinese history, however I fear that the scope will be way too large (centuries and centuries and centuries and centuries....). All the exemplary history EEs I have seen pertain to topics with a very small scope, such as a particular WW2 operation, a particular revolution/uprising/revolt in year 19xx, etc etc. Is my topic problematic?
  2. Royster Zhang

    Question about scope of history EE

    So we just got our EE talk a week ago, and we have to choose mentors soon. I want to do a history EE on the role of agriculture in Chinese history, however I fear that the scope will be way too large (centuries and centuries and centuries and centuries....). All the exemplary history EEs I have seen pertain to topics with a very small scope, such as a WW2 operation, uprisings in year 19xx, etc etc. Is my topic problematic?
  3. Royster Zhang

    Handing in IA double-sided?

    So I just handed in my math IA, which was all double-sided. I promptly remembered, though, my English teacher who said that when the papers get scanned for IB, they only scan one side, so half the pages won't get read if my IA gets sent to IB. Did you guys receive instruction like this when you were handing in your papers? Should I reprint my IA?
  4. So, my supervised draft only has 2 subtopics, while my actual WIT essay has 3 (+ a new one that I wasn't able to talk about during the supervised draft). I pretty much also revamped the way that I present the 2 old subtopics too so.....Is this okay? Because my draft is absolute crap lol
  5. I am writing my WIT essay on "Family Ties" by Clarice Lispector, and the essay question is about how Lispector is able to show the challenges women face in her work My thesis is: Lispector is able to highlight the social bigotry that faces women, particularly against men. My subtopics are: Symbolism, characterization (the perspectives of the characters who perceive women to be inferior), and points of view of female characters. I feel, however, that my second and third subtopic may overlap. My second subtopic is focused on how other characters perceive women, and my third subtopic is focused on how the female characters perceive themselves and their societal expectations. I also feel that my first subtopic does not go along with the other subtopics, given how it is a "technique" subtopic, while the others are "ideas". What do you guys think?
  6. So we just did our first critique. Mine was a standard "I don't like it here are my 3 reasons to conclude I don't like it because 3 reasons [shortened down to a sentence each]". My teacher said that it was not following her exemplars, which were real French critiques on films/books pulled from some magazine. I am confused: on the IB exam, are we supposed to be like real-life critiques and sound as pompous and obnoxious as possible? EDIT: didn't mean to spam post...realized I couldn't delete the post after I posted all 3 of em. Oh well.
  7. Royster Zhang

    IB + Extended french

    You will be fine. Pre-IB is easy. I am at 2nd sem of gr.10 Pre-IB and apart from 40 minutes of math homework everyday, I have pretty much nothing else to do from school.
  8. Royster Zhang

    Pre-IB Spanish I or French I?

    Since you already are learning Spanish, I would suggest continuing with it in IB as it will just be easier for you to learn.
  9. Royster Zhang

    How do you get into Pre-IB grade 9

    Practice French. The English and Math sections are easy. If you are a person who does extracurricular math - such as the CEMC - you will find the Math section a breeze. The English part - for me, at least - was just some no-brainer questions on making inferences. The French part, however, really killed. I find it unfair how hard the French section was. There was content from the French section that would not be taught until gr.10 Pre-IB French. This really does not fit the "well-rounded" standard IB has of its students. You are still gr.7 though and there is plenty of time. However, if you are someone who wishes to achieve, you can start preparing for pre-IB itself - not just the test - now. The school board doesn't do that good of a job to prepare gr.8 students for IB. In my gr.9 year a lot of people started the year with 70s because the math and French became hard very quickly. As for the report card, you don't need to worry. I don't think they care about it.
  10. Royster Zhang

    Chem or Bio HL?

    As the title would suggest. A little background info: I am a languages kind of guy. I am bad at math. Not that I don't get good marks in math - well, my marks aren't exactly the best - but I am bad in that I don't learn math. I really just memorize the theorems and the ways to solve a specific type of question. Right now with course selection for grade 11 IB coming up - I am grade 10 - I know with a fixed mind that I want to take Chem and Bio for my 2 sciences. However, I don't know which one I should take as the HL course. I hear that Bio HL is pretty much memorization, which is up my avenue, but Chem HL is easier in that you actually learn in class so there is not much of tedious reviewing. Sooooo any experienced and weathered forerunners of IB wish to bestow upon me their honest opinion? P.S If I am not clear, I am not just bad at math, I also hate math. I really considered Bio HL for a long time just for that there is pretty much 0 math invovled.
  11. Royster Zhang

    What counts as good extracurricular activities?

    I am not sure if this can count as an extracurricular activity. A few years ago I have started a Chinese forum that has accumulated much popularity and has over 3000 members as of today. However I haven't attended to it in quite a bit and I am actually thinking of closing down the site. Would the mere existence of that forum look good on the extracurricular portfolio? Would the universities care to look at a forum that has been long deserted for years ?
  12. Royster Zhang

    What counts as good extracurricular activities?

    Unfortunately I am thinking of applying to American colleges .
  13. Hi, I am just confused at what counts as good extracurricular activities. Being grade 9, I feel that this is the time for me to not only finish my volunteer hours, but also to start doing good extracurricular activities. I am confused at what would count as such, though. Would finishing NaNoWriMo and learning new languages count as good extracurricular activities?
  14. Royster Zhang

    Can communism ever work?

    I would think culture to be the most important factor in this problem. Different government systems really depend on its peoples. The situation in Northern Europe seems pretty scary to me, but I think for those who live there they feel it a very satisfying system. This would definitely not work for most other cultures and countries, however, the prime example being the individualistic USA, or for China - which is probably the most capitalistic country in the world to be honest - because most of the denizens will just go on welfare and abuse the benefits of socialism. This is not to say some cultures are worse than others, and even democracy in fact doesn't work for many countries in Asia.
  15. It was exams a few weeks ago, and on Facebook all I could see was grade 12 IBers posting rage posts saying "Still not finished studying" at 2, 3 am in the morning...I also have read some blogs of students in Ivy League schools who claim that "it's prevalent to see people literate in five or six languages" at their schools. At the position of being in grade 9, I know this is all very far away from me, but I want to prepare for grade 11&12 and later on as best as I could. I maintain a schedule of reading French (Currently the original version of The Three Musketeers) and English literature two hours everyday, memorizing famous speeches and SAT vocab, and watch open Yale&Stanford courses on subjects like Game Theory and Computer Programming. I would love to enrich my schedule and prepare better for the years to come, having SO much free time to kill, but there seems to be very little I could do - at least from my view - right now. What else should I be doing?

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