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  1. Hello folks I need some help with writing my English Written Task (part 3). I decided to write a 'letter of reccomendation' from a director to a producer in which the director promotes a play (originally written by Dario Fo). For my first draft I picked the name of an actual producer and director who have worked together before. The names are Valentine and Shayne Edwards. No offence, but they sound a bit silly. I would like to use some different names, but I can't think of anything. Can anyone maybe help me with this? Thanks.
  2. Alright, I guess I will just include it. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone, So this is my first topic here. I am sorry if someone already asked the same question, but I couldn't find it anywere on this forum. Alright, I am writing my History IA now and I am working on an introduction in the analysis part (D). Is it alright if I include the title in the introduction? (My title is: To what extent was the Second Balkan War of 1913 a disaster for Austria?) Thanks!
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