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  1. Hey! I would also like to help but I don't really understand what you mean by "Accord du pronom".
  2. Youss

    One mark away from a 6 in chemistry HL

    Same here! In english, spanish and ToK sighhh
  3. Youss

    May the 6th be with you

    Same I passed like 3 hours already now finally 25 minutes to go :3 GOOD LUUUUUUUUUCCKKKK!!!!!
  4. Youss

    May the 6th be with you

    Me tooo and congratulations! I got 33 total French A lit HL: 6 English A lit SL: 4 (glad it's not worse ) Spanish B HL: 5 Maths studies: 6 Biology SL: 5 Economics: 5 (Very pissed) EE+TOK: 2pts Good luck to everyone!!!!! I FEEL the anxiety!
  5. Youss

    Economics Extended Essay- Occupy Central

    Hey Rahul, I feel you. From my opinion, my RQ could be easily answered as well. That doesn't mean that you can't write a 4000 words economics paper on it . Here are some things to consider while writing your EE. First of all, the major thing you should keep in mind is that throughout your EE you should try to answer the question HOW. So if you hypothesize that "it has negatively affected them" try to show how. You did by saying that the stores were closed, now ask yourself how again. How did the Occupy Central movement make the jewelry and watch companies close their doors? Just keep asking how. Secondly, if you haven't yet, try to define what you mean by "negatively affected". It seems like it's the "command term" of your RQ. 6 people could read it and have 6 different interpretations of it. So I would suggest you to explicitly state how you think the Occupy Central movement has negatively affected the markets that you are studying because it will constitute the backbone of your EE and will help you formulate a strong thesis. Thirdly, don't forget to use diagrams. I have no idea what is the Occupy Central movement but let's say that they sell cheap jewels and watches. So due to the increase of competition in the market, the demand for jewels and watches of the firms of the central district decreased. You would show that on a diagram that displays the shift of D to the left. Then you would analyze the impacts that are visible on the diagram like decrease of profits, etc. In order to relevantly use the diagrams you would maybe have to determine the market structure of the jewels and watches industry in the central district. Given that your RQ is not directly about the market structure, you should not spend too much time one that. Last but not least don't forget to effectively collect relevant data. For example you would make survey that would help you illustrate the decrease of the number of firms in the central district, etc. Hope it helped. I am so stressed out that I'm not even sure if it makes sense to you Best, Youss
  6. Youss

    Less than two weeks to results..

    Mehhhh I have this weird feeling of fear mixed with excitement and apprehension Ugh IB...
  7. Youss

    "Easiest" IB subjects?

    Hey I would first like to say that the degree of difficulty of a subject is Very relative. From my opinion however, the easiest subjects are the following: -Maths studies -Econ SL -Spanish B SL -French A lit HL
  8. Youss

    Things I wish I had know when I started IB

    1. EVERYTHING you need to know is in the guides... They are your friends so Never neglect them! 2. Command terms (especially in biology) are crucial if you want to do well on a test. 3. Be positive! You might not get the grades you'd want to but it's normal, everyone does. Just work harder for the next test and you'll be fine. 4. Last but obviously not least: PRACTICE. ENTRAINE-TOI. iPRACTICA! Good luck!
  9. Youss

    English Literature Paper 2 Discussion

    Same! I used The awakening and the guide. Man that was crap! I mean, I've already seen much easier prompts than those. May the grade boundaries help us! I hoped the same too! Physical description is such an empty subject in terms of the books we studied in that part of the program... I read Things fall part (in my french class though) and I'm sure you did a good job because Achebe actually uses physical descriptions throughout his novel. Narayan on the other hand... Mehh
  10. Youss

    Help needed for Economics EE!

    Hey Some people might argue that government intervention is the best way to increase society's well being and to maximize the efficiency of the allocation of the resources in a given economy. You could maybe test that hypothesis. For example if we assume that the Swedish government decided to monopolize the market of alcohol in Sweden in order to reduce the negative externalities caused by the consumption of alcohol, you could try to analyze the extent to which the policy was efficient by examining its effects on the different stakeholders before and after its application. If you include market failures and some theory of the firm, you could find a very interesting RQ. Make sure that you're going to be able to find relevant data though. Good luck. Best, Youss
  11. Youss

    Math Studies Paper 1

    Ehh I don't think that it was hard. I lost about 6minutes sketching the curve and it destabilized me so much ugh... Overall, it wasn't that bad. I'm the opposite and yeah that profit thing was Paper 2 but thank God it's already been 24 hours haha. I couldn't do that one. But the mango, kiwi thing I was able to do it except for like e) and f) I think. Paper 1 was meh.. wish I had more time. Yeah that was weird! Btw, what did you guys find for the equation of the profit? Oh and the probability question with the apples and the percentages <=> crap It might be the same as last year. Yeah it was not hard (even though I took too much time sketching the curve) but there were other questions which were not easy at all
  12. Youss

    Has anyone gotten physical pains from stress?

    CriCri, your ee title got me intrigued!!!!
  13. Youss

    Has anyone gotten physical pains from stress?

    My muscle cells in my legs and my back have been producing C2H5COOH these past days ugh... My body hurts constantly :/
  14. Youss

    Extended essays

    How was it in chemistry? What did you enjoy the most about it? tbh I enjoyed every bit of it I love chemistry as a subject so I really enjoyed it by using it in like a real life practical thing. Because in books its all just theoretical but once you get to do experiments and fit a hypothesis and mine didnt work for some while and then coming with explanations. I think it was pretty fun and enjoyable. But I can imagine if someone does chem and they dont like chem (some people did that in my school) then it can be quite boring. I feel you x) What was your rq btw? The last time i did chemistry was 2 years ago so I might not fully understand
  15. Youss

    Does anyone get the feeling...

    You shall be fine my dear "Seul le travail paye" --> Only hard work pays off But now I'm worried I'm not working hard enough I have faith in you! Trojans are always prepared for war Hardy har har Thanks for the faith. Chemistry is still going to be the death of me. Keep work efficiently and I'm sure you'll be alright

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