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  1. Hi guys, so I feel that IB and the IB diploma isn't worth it anymore because for my university I don't get college credits for SL courses and I don't get credit for HL Bio (which I need for my major). All I get is credit in History and English but I don't need them for my major. Can I just write my name on the IB exams and take a nap? I don't want to go through all this work of taking pointless exams, so I should get more sleep. Also I didn't do pretty well on my IAs so I doubt I'd get a passing score. Any thoughts?
  2. I was going to use something along the lines of "By looking at these AoKs, I will consider..." or "By looking at these AoKs, we will consider..." Are any of these pronouns acceptable to use in a TOK essay?
  3. Any fellow Boy Scouts out there? I'm wondering if being in Boy Scouts counts for CAS as it is a youth service organization. Or do only service projects in Boy Scouts count for CAS? I attend Boy Scout meetings each week, so can those add up to CAS hours? Also, what would Boy Scouts go under? Creativity, Action, Service, or any combination of the three?
  4. Which one is simpler to understand and will be the most helpful on my IB Biology Exam? Pearson Baccalaureate or the IB Course Companion from Oxford?
  5. I have to write a TOK journal on this question: How would you go about trying to prove that a species has become extinct? How does this relate to the discussion in the text about reasonable knowledge? I use the book: "Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma" by Richard van de Lagemaat. Help me on my journal! I don't know what to write!!!