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  1. I do SL and I thought all three papers were ok.
  2. I do HL, drama. Paper 1 was fine, but I must admit, the questions in paper 2 were quite tough - though pretty interesting all the same. Hey by the way, is it rare for the grade boundaries to decrease for Eng A1 HL, if the paper is tough? If you compare our questions to earlier papers years like 2003, 2005 and 2006 were definitely easier.
  3. I thought paper 1 was ok except for that last question, plus I didn't have time to actually read it through properly and try work it out so I had to leave it completely blank. As for the Ao question, I got o.3 for the first one as well - and I'm pretty sure I didn't round off the numbers, but then I mgiht have used the wrong method or something, dont know. Nearly everyone I know said the paper was hard, and the fact that I didn't find it that hard really worries me - I hope I haven't messed up that much... Oh and after I did paper 2 I felt like kicking my own ***...the paper wasn't bad at all, but I somehow messed up my time management badly and ended up missing out a lot of part questions...most of them were things I had skipped so that i could come back to them afterwards, but I never got the time. I was so bloody pissed.
  4. Mine was catastrophic sometime back, couldn't focus on anything at all. It's pretty much back on track now, but hey! I'm not destined to have any sort of easy life so guess what...I'm sick... Sorry, I'm feeling a bit cranky today.
  5. I now that TSR will be chock full of such discussions, and I'll be checking them out for sure but do you guys want to do small discussions here as well? Or just stick to TSR?
  6. Hey guys, I tried downloading the Maths methods data booklet from the first topic but for some reason it's just not working (don't worry, it's probably got somethin to do with my own internet connection/acrobate reader). Is it possible for anyone to email it to me, or if the admins have it could one of you attach it to a PM and send it to me please? A friend of mine needs it urgently.
  7. Ahem....who started this thread? Who came up with the title??
  8. I'm on study leave right now but I'll be going to school sometime this week to hand in some practice essays and stuff, so I can scan the papers then...but is it safe even if I email them? We borrowed some cds from our IBC sometime back, and were going to email the papers to one another but when we told this to our IBC she went mad, apparently you can get caught if you email stuff like this. Don't know about you but I don't want them to have an excuse to rob my diploma...
  9. A belated happy birthday AmeHoshi!
  10. I have the Biology HL papers and the Maths Methods paper 1 for may 07, but like Bandev I've only got hard copies.
  11. Am I the only one not counting hours? My friends keep asking me how many hours of revision I do ever day, it's starting to piss me off now. For me it's the amount of work that gets done, which counts...as long as I do the amount of work I had initially planned to do, I'm cool.
  12. Yeah well there are times when my brain functionability = zero. Happened a lot today, I couldn't get a lot of work done. So I watched a movie instead. I know, my dedication to IB is awe-inspiring...

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