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  1. Hah, ya seriously we're so lucky to be the last in in the next 10 years to have such an awesome graduation date! And pshh the TOK essay is a joke, just spend a few hours one boring night and you'll be done with it for good But if your aiming for a high IB grade never mind that, (one night essays don't usually get good grades) aha
  2. Thank God, I'm an 09'er! I doubt I'd get an E, but the overall uselessness of it reassures me I just had read on a site that with an E on either EE or the TOK essay , that you need a 28 or above "d) an elementary grade for both iii. Theory of Knowledge iv. Extended Essay Candidates with only one failing condition, but with a total score of at least 28 points, will be awarded the Diploma." I'm guessing that they mean that for the 10'ers (Dam that doesnt roll off the tongue, and neither does "class of '10")
  3. I'm not looking to achieve an extraordinary score in the IB, but would also like the achieve the diploma If I get an elementary grade on the extended Essay and a C or B on the theory of knowledge essay am I still clear for a diploma? The IB grid shows that an E on both assignments eliminates eligibility, but I'm still worried that an E on the extended essay will extricate me from the opportunity
  4. universities in the US will never see your IB scores.. (apps are due in November.. and IB tests are in May)
  5. I'm thinking of doing my extended essay on something that is related to plant growth Things i fell upon were the effects of various fertilizers and the effect of ph (Acid rain) on plant growth. But i'm not sure they work.. I don't see how i could do more than one experiment with these and manage to write 4000 words (plz tell me if I'm wrong) So ya, what's the next step? Any help is very much appreciated
  6. mashya

    Biology EE topic

    My bio teacher said she could order a bunch of dead or alive dorsophilia which are bred to have certain alleles So i would know exactly what the alleles of their characteristics are, and could have them breed.. I don't know.. counting flies for ur extended essay sounds awesome !
  7. mashya

    Biology EE topic

    I've just decided to do the wretched EE in biology and was thinking of doing it on something related to dorsophilia and genetics.. mutations.. breeding capacity whatever.. Would that work out? would it be hard to write so many words on? Thanks
  8. My school seems to be MUCH more lenient than all the ones described above I've gotten 10 hours for playing tennis with my cousins, and my cas teacher said that i could get hours for going snowboarding/skiing Some people in my class are getting hours for programming and for stuff as simple as making a poster gets you 3 hours

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