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  1. hi, does anyone remember the exact questions for short stories/novels?
  2. My classmates and I are planning to write an official complaint to the IBO about our school after final exams. Thigs like not completing the full curriculum, doing works in Language A that are in the wrong category, not providing teachers with IB qualifications, and so on. But, one group didn't do the Group 4 Project, the teacher just gave them marks based on how much he likes the students. This is a huge thing and the teacher would definitely face consequences if the IBO found out, but what about the students? Would their diplomas be revoked or something? We really want this ****ty, ****ty school to face serious consequences, but we wouldn't want tp harm ourselves along the way.
  3. I have the same problem! Teacher gave me nearly maximum points on my geo IA, so I guess it was done right, but now I'm literally struggling with the EE! Someone told me once that the main difference between a fieldwork and the EE is that in fieldwork you put more emphasis on the mappings, countings, surveys or whatever you do to gather your data, while in the EE you focus more on the analysis of the data someone else has gathered rather than collecting your own. But I have no idea to what extent this can be true
  4. Hi guys, i'm doing my EE in Geography. I'm basically done with the writing, but I have just started wondering... does an EE need to have a specific structure? Like, when you write a laboratory report, it has to be divided into introduction, data presentation, data evaluation, and conclusion. That's clear. But what about the extended essay? Are there any specific criteria for dividing your essay into sections, etc? Mine is pretty chaotic, I must admit Thanks for your help!
  5. Version DRAFT


    Mathematics HL and Further HL Formula booklet First Examinations 2014 DRAFT
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