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  1. I like the second question much better
  2. Version PDF


    This is my Mathematics SL Internal Assessment, which scored a 20/20 in the May 2014 exam session. It is a project centering on the modeling of the segment of a roller coaster. It was a real pain in the ass and it took a lot of time. Take into account it is way over the page recommendation IB imposes, but was not sanctioned. Please review!
  3. I took Maths SL and did the following: 1. Covered ALL topics, most in class, doing all the exercises throughout. 2. Took tests oneach chapter to make sure it stuck. 3. As Ib official exams grew close, I created this spreadhseets, the UNCONDITIONAL MATHS, which where the basic laws/formulas/methods of each chapter 4. PAST PAPERS. I did THOUSANDS OF PAST PAPERS. When I made a question wrong, I looked its chapter up individually in the book and worked through similar exercises. That was basically it, and I got a Level 7.
  4. Version PDF


    My TOK essay, which scored a 32/40 (grade A) in the March 2014 session. The essay develops the following prescribed title: ethical judgement limit the methods available in the production of knowledge in both the arts and the natural sciences. Discuss. TOK presentation also available (20/20) under personal request.
  5. Version PDF


    My psychology extended essay focusing on a nature vs nurture debate on suicidal behavior. Scored a 32 of 36 (grade A). Good Luck, and please review if you download the file!
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